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Prayer for the Dead (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Close to the Bone (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Edge of Sleep (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Fire (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bone Deep (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blown Away (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Wiltse is a playwright/screen writer. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1940. He graduated from Nebraska University and currently lives in Connecticut. David has won a Drama Desk award for playwrights for Suggs (first produced in 1972 at Lincoln Center). His notable books include the popular John Becker novels and the Falls City/Billy Tree Novels.

In this review, we shall look into some of the best of John Becker series by this author

Prayer for the Dead: A John Becker Series Novel

This psychosomatic thriller details the hunt for hardcore criminals by a retired FBI agent John Becker. A fast -paced novel guarantees thorough spooky entertainment that will leave you frantically turning pages out of curiosity and a thirst for the next plot. John Becker is asked to check into the recent murders of fifteen local men who have gone missing in a small town in Connecticut. Only John Becker can help solve these mystery killings and bring justice. Becker, who just recently retired and enjoying his quiet time away from the frenzy of intricate murders and highly psychotic criminal offenses reluctantly agrees to check in on the latest murder crimes. Becker retired from active service out of his fear of sympathizing with most of the mentally ill criminals. But the Dyce case is a special one. He needs to stop the maniac from his sadistic game. He must find the missing men’s murderer as it has proven such a difficult task for the local forces. The chase to track down Rodger Dyce unravels. We follow through the story about Dyce told earlier on, and how he somehow finds himself a lover. The new girl is oblivious to Dice’s habits and weird behavior it is odd how she gets ignorant on some of the things her boyfriend does. This is quite a psychotic behavior with the typical flashbacks from the psycho’s childhood memories which explain his unethical practices by the killer accompanied by the odd reminders to elucidate his current actions.

Agent Becker’s disposition depicts him as a dependable but complicated person to work with. He heavily relies on his instincts to solve complex murder cases all over the country. Becker has private reasons for taking up an early retirement. So, he isn’t interested in the latest bizarre case giving the FBI chaps sleepless nights. But the severity of this particular case draws him in. Becker quickly learns that most of the victims bear Scandinavian maiden names; he reckons someone with access to this database is directly linked to the murders. Becker soon discovers that an insurance salesman had seen all of the missing victims: all fingers point to Roger Dyce. Rodger Dyce is obsessed with human blood. He drains blood from his victims’ even likes to indulge in absurd rituals. The details will get you sleepless nights. Trust me on his one.

The Edge of Sleep- John Becker Series Novel

The Edge of Sleep edition is a provoking thriller detailing the encounters about a dangerous pairing of two psychos who get away from detection, in part since they don’t match the serial-killer traits. John Becker goes to Appalachia in pursuit of a weird pair of serial killers. Dee rummages through the closet, looking for a weapon to hit Ash with. The hangers prove weak and too thin to inflict any pain, so she demands his belt. He willingly hands it over to her and drops his head as Dee beats him senselessly. Her temper has grown worse since they started abducting young boys. Ash holds the pain quite strongly, but the kids can’t take it. It’s too much for them, Dee; on the other hand, thrashes through their flesh mercilessly as the boys writhe in pain and anguish from the unfathomable beatings. It hurts Ash to hear the boys cry out from the pain they have to endure since he loves those boys dearly—so much, that he would kill to stop Dee from her outrageous behavior. When one more boy disappears from an Appalachia mall, the FBI summons retired agent John Becker who understand more than anyone else how serial murderers think. But Dee and Ash do not fit into his profiling skills, and getting them will mean searching for darker places than he’s ever been to before.

David Wiltse is implacably skillful in capturing and holding the complete and gasping attention of his readers. Wiltse brings Becker back in a detective story that breaks all the boundaries and keeps readers in the deep end with tension and suspense. The Edge of Sleep reunites agent Becker with Karen Crist, an FBI agent and his ex-protégée and former lover. Crist is deadlocked in this case, and little boys are vanishing, and ending up murdered at a disturbing – and rising – rate. The killer is out of control, unchecked and desperate. Becker and Crist have not yet managed to profile the serial murderer. A fast-paced, hard book to come to terms with the twisting tale. The Edge of Sleep is an intelligent read of compelling characters who keep readers engrossed into the book until the end.

Blown Away -A John Becker Series Novel

This time, a deadly killer is on the rampage in Tennessee, and only former FBI agent John Becker can track him down. Every night, Coop likes to reach out for Swann, his dearly loved punk, and hold him in the awful squeeze of the prison cell. Afterward, Swann asks Coop about his misdeeds—a gory experience unleashed on every victim Coop has ever killed. Coop’s favorite murder story is one on the two poor girls that he killed in West Virginia. A slow, excruciating death that left them abandoned in a coal mine. He talks about that heinous crime every night, and when Swann gets out, he will narrate the tale to the only people who care: the FBI. Agent John Becker, who is famous for seeing through serial killers and understands how they think, but he still cannot comprehend what Coop and Swann are up to. When the two cellmates celebrate Coop’s, Swann offers to help Agent Becker catch him— but with a few demands of his own.

Wiltse displays great story telling with incredible accounts of real life experiences from sociopaths in the society. He also follows through with a compelling series detailing the career of a skilled and gifted sleuth.

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