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John Clarkson is an American author of crime, thriller and mystery novels. The author stayed long in New York working as a copywriter in the advertising industry, as a private consultant and managing his agency.

And Justice for One the first book Jack Delvin series narrates a dark and violent action set in New York a time when corruption and lawlessness were rampant in the city
He has also written James Beck series and other novels. According to the author’s official website, Among Thieves, the first book in James Beck series was inspired by the author’s fact-finding that the United States imprisons more people per capita than any other country in the world with the exception of Seychelles.

Among Thieves

Among Thieves is the debut novel in the John Beck series. A character named James beck is a bar owner and receives a message from his business partner and friend Manny Guzman’s cousin that he has a big problem that needs to be solved. Olivia Sanchez comes to her cousin who is a criminal after being assaulted then fired by a co-worker and also locked out of the work area after suspecting a financial fraud. She was a very hard working employee who adhered to all the rules of the industry. She has found out some dealings at her house which have become a threat to her.

Without having a source of income and facing the personal threat, Olivia seeks help from Manny Guzman a hot ex-con to get justice. Guzman’s group led by Beck who was in prison for some year just like Manny tries to seek financial compensation for Olivia, but things don’t work out well since the head of the firm where Olivia worked seeks for a favor from a dealer in the Russian arms. Beck and his group of ex-cons plan to intervene but find themselves entangled up in complex conflict and their enemies, but luckily James adopts new plans as time moves.

Many want to murder Olivia’s boss dead for revenge, but things don’t go as planned and they end up starting a big fight. Beck and his group are after a list of enemies from Bosnian, a ruthless Russian gang and Russian arms dealer who they doubt to have a connection with the U.S military.

James Beck is a very complex and interesting character. He is not afraid of starting fights and commits murder whenever he sees it’s necessary. Their actions are ruthless and are not concerned about the law of the country to the political correctness. He is very smart and can turn out to be very dangerous at times, but he is very likable as well. Beck and his group go after people who are more brutal and dangerous than Beck himself. He is the thinker of the crew and makes plans for them. The story is thrilling with well-developed and fascinating characters at all levels. The book is intense with a well-written thriller about cunning and tough group of men whose disagreements turn into a battlefield. Beck and his guys are really tough and have become more than a brother who cares about each other in a hostile world. They make money in different ways some of which are legal and other illegal and use the profits to adjust life of the parolees outside prison. They are bad men, but you can’t fail to like them as you flip pages.

And Justice for One

And Justice for One the debut novel in the Jack Delvin series is an action and crime thriller where Jack Delvin the leading character is seeking justice for his brother. He finds his brother missing during a night when they drank heavily in their father’s wake. His brother is nowhere to be found the next day which makes Devlin bring out his version of violent justice on anyone he suspects might have been involved in what happened to his brother. Although Devlin has all the resources, he does not get the suspects that easily until he starts getting the list of their names. He uses corruption, dirty cops and criminals to start a war on people who almost murdered his brother

When he gets the last name in the list, he does everything he can to get justice for his brother. The single man deals with the list of suspects one by one taking them down until he finds the one responsible for the crime. Devlin is ready to risk his life to bring down the man who has hurt not only his brother but also many other people. Another man comes up against Devlin and knocks him down, but he does not stay down for long. Jack’s sidekick made him get the justice that his brother deserved.

Though he wanted revenge, he feels guilty to leave his brother without anyone near since he had just lost his father a few days back and he does not wish to lose his brother. The thrilling story is packed with action while looking for justice in a way that can make an adult man shed tears. The story is touching not only for Delvin’s brother but also for other people who are not in a position to get justice for what happens to them.

The main question you keep on asking yourself while reading the book is how far could go if your loved one becomes a victim of crime. Jack though tough, he is kind loving and a true man who trusts justice and honor. The story is excellent and plausible with the carnage that is unstoppable. The narrator gives you an exciting listen that can take you away and hold your breath feeling the passion while reading the story. John Clarkson was inspired by his visit in an after-hours club in Manhattan in 1976 and Etan Patz, a six-year-old boy who disappeared on a spring in New York district causing fear to her parents and other parents in the area. This happened while he was walking to the bus stop. The author throws some romance but with some twists. Characters are very likable with the surprising spins with amazing twists and turns.

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