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An American author, the writer John Conroe has been writing his unique brand of exciting and highly engaging edge-of-the-seat supernatural thrillers for quite some time now, as he combines the urban fantasy genres for a somewhat different take on the medium. Looking to take the thriller into another realm, he’s managed to invent a new and interesting style, having been inspired by other similar titles in the field. This approach has helped gain him a whole host of readers worldwide, as he’s built his audience through his own work and determination, ultimately carving himself a niche in an otherwise highly competitive industry.

Early and Personal Life

Born with a keen interest in the written word, he was always reading from a very early age, taking in inspiration from his surrounding environment. This would allow him to later embark on his career as an author, ultimately giving him the basis for many of his ideas. Whether it was an interest in the supernatural or the occult, he would always end up putting elements of his own life into his work making it much easier to relate to.

Whilst he didn’t go straight into writing, he always had an extremely active imagination, one that really needed an outlet. Throughout his education, this was something that became more and more prominent for him, up until he fully became a writer. Building the foundations necessary, he gained the tools required during his education as well, something which also enabled him to find his voice later on.

Working prior to becoming a writer, he was always a keen and voracious reader, something which he always carried with him. Using people from his life, both professional and at home, he would extensively research any subject before embarking on any novel. With his home-life and working life as inspiration, he’d have all he needed in creating the stories he wanted to write.

Still working to this very day, he continues to write at a regular and consistent pace, keeping his fans always eager for more. Living happily married with his wife and their two daughters, he continues to write full-time, as well as keeping himself active daily. With a lore more to come from him as an author, there’s still plenty of titles ready on the horizon for some time yet.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel in 2010, he made his way onto the literary scene with ‘God Touched’, which was the first in the ongoing ‘Demon Accords’ series. Not only marking the start of his most popular franchise to date, it also helped establish him as a force to be reckoned with on the publishing scene. Setting up his style and his tone, this was the novel that allowed to John Conroe’s readers to really know what he was all about.

The ‘Demon Accords’ series itself has been running for eleven titles so far and counting, with it being his main output. Keeping it consistent and regular, he’s not one to leave his fans waiting for long, as he brings out each installment at a fast and rapid pace. Combining urban inner city night life with dangerous predators such as werewolves and witches, he has managed to create something different with this particular franchise.

Gaining a large number of followers in a relatively short amount of time, John Conroe has managed to amass himself some considerable interest. With many returning to his books on a regular basis, the world he’s created in his ‘Demon Accords’ franchise has definitely proven itself to be a success. The characters have also played a key part in him gaining popularity as well, with many finding that they resonate well.

With a global audience that’s grown both nationally and internationally, he’s achieved success on a global scale. Not only that, but he’s also managed to create a name for himself online, having much of his work on his own. Looking to create his own specific niche within the genre, he came to the work having read the books of Twilight to his daughter and, subsequently, harnessed his own style in the process.

The ‘Demon Accords’ series shows a lot of life still, as he will continue to expand on the world and its many inhabitants. With his promotion of wilderness skills as well, he continues to keep himself active, along with his practicing of martial-arts too. There’s plenty more titles to come from Conroe in near future, as his writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength.


First published on the 19th of March in 2016, this title was originally brought out on the Kindle, as it made up the tenth installment in the ongoing ‘Demon Accords’ series. Continuing on with the themes and ideas of the many previous novels, it picks up from where the last title left off. Giving a different character their own perspective for the duration of the book, it manages to offer further insight into this intriguing and mysterious world.

In the north of Maine a hunter has ended up getting brutally mauled by what everyone considers to be a bear. Believing otherwise, though, a local deputy seems to think it might be something else, something more of the supernatural variety. Calling in help from outside, the supernatural community come to his aide, as they look to capture a werewolf. Will they be able to find the killer? Can they find them before they strike again? What will become of the rogues?


Initially published in 2014 in January, this to be the sixth title in the long-running ‘Demon Accords’ franchise. Continuing on from where the last novel left off, it provides another mystery set inside Conroe’s rich and vibrant world. Following in a similar vein to the other books, it manages to build upon the premise giving the readers more of what they want, whilst also providing some twists and turns along the way.

Stuck in a small-town just waiting for his moment to escape it all, Declan O’ Carroll has been hoping to make it out of Castlebury. Situated in upstate Vermont, that chance one day appears to come as a mysterious new girl enters the town, giving him a chance to experience some of the great beyond. That’s when he finds that his life might be in danger from unseen forces and, not only that, but the world might be under threat too. Will he be able to learn the truth behind the girl? Can he keep himself safe? Is he really executable?

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