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Publication Order of John Corey Books

Plum Island (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lion's Game (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Fall (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Fire (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lion (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Panther (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book Case (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Radiant Angel / A Quiet End (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Maze (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of John Corey Books

The Book Case is a prequel novella to the John Corey series.

An American author of action, adventure and suspense fueled novels, the writer Nelson DeMille has been writing for a number of years now. Producing books under a variety of different pen-names, such as Kurt Ladner, Brad Matthews, Ellen Kay and Jack Cannon, he is a highly versatile and gifted writer. Creating many different series as well throughout the years, he’s widely regarded as one of the best within his particular field too. One series that he’s particularly well known for is that of his ongoing and highly popular ‘John Corey’ franchise of novels. Previously a homicide detective who retired from his position at the NYPD following three gunshot wounds, is now serving as a member of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force for the FBI. Focusing largely on him, there are also a number of other characters that come into contact with him over the course of the series.

Running for over seven books so far it is John Corey that leads the action, with the series being seen through his perspective. Featuring a number of recurring characters as well, it manages to create a whole universe in of itself, allowing the readers to gain a sense of familiarity with the franchise in the process. Filled with action and suspense they carry along at a fast and exciting pace, something which will definitely keep his fans entertained for years to come.

Plum Island

Initially published in 1997 on the 1st of April, this title was first brought out through the ‘Grand Central Publishing’ label. Setting up the ongoing ‘John Corey’ series overall, it manages to create an exciting and action packed first adventure in the process. Establishing both the style and the tone, it works at creating the ground-rules of the world it’s set within, along with building many of the characters as well.

Following many of the conventions of the genre, DeMille manages to make it his own over the course of the book. Creating a style and a tone that is all of his very own, it manages to shape itself around the personality of John Corey. With values of intelligence and integrity, the series builds upon its initial premise, whilst ensuring that it remains light and entertaining so as not to get bogged down in its own rhetoric. Based around the very real location of Plum Island, which is based in the town of Southold, which is in Suffolk County, New York, it manages to evoke the feeling of the place extremely well. Conveying a very vivid portrait of Long Island it manages to allow the reader to feel like they’ve actually been there, even if they haven’t. It’s clear that DeMille has a deep affinity with the place and another level of understanding surrounding it as well. The characters themselves are also great at reinforcing these ideas, as DeMille manages them all deftly with ease. Each with backstories of their own they are well developed over the course of the series, giving some further insight into the mind of Corey. John Corey himself, though, is a brilliantly realized character and leading central protagonist, as he’s both likable and intelligent, engaging the audience all the way.

Taking refuge in the rural eastern area of Long Island, the NYPD homicide cop John Corey is now convalescing. That’s when an attractive young couple are brutally shot to death on their patio, as their found dead in their family home. It is now up to John Corey to put the pieces together, as he learns that they were biologists working at Plum Island where they’re apparently conducting research in an incubator for germ warfare. Will he find the killer? Can he stay out harm’s way himself? What is really going on at Plum Island?

The Lion’s Game

Once again released through the ‘Grand Central Publishing’ label, this was set to be the follow up to the first in the ongoing series of ‘John Corey’ novels. Originally published on the 6th of January in 2000, this worked at establishing the world of John Corey, as well as developing his character. Not only that, but it also provided a mystery all of its own, allowing first time readers a gateway into the series too.

Moving along similar lines as before, this goes at an easy pace whilst still retaining the original’s sense of excitement and action along the way. Keeping the readers on the edges-of-their-seats, it provides thrills and tension, maintaining a fun and engaging style throughout. The big ideas DeMille has on politics as well are also intact here too, giving his undercurrent of commentary once again. Set on a wider scale to before it takes its action and gives it more scope this time too, allowing it to become larger in the process. Still using his locations well, though, DeMille continues to ground his action in a sense of reality, as he brings the story and the world to life for the reader. Detective John Corey himself is also well realized here, as he has come forwards since the first novel, whilst being developed further too.

Seen last on Plum Island John Corey now has to face his toughest most grueling challenge yet, as he aims to take down a potential terrorist. Evading all counter-terrorist task forces so far, a young Arab man known only as ‘The Lion’ is out for revenge against the killing of his family. Following the attack on Libya by some American pilots, he’s all set to wreak vengeance, something which Corey aims to put a stop to. Will he stop the terrorist? Where will they strike next? Can he win the lion’s game?

The John Corey Series

Engaging and thrilling in equal measure, this particular series manages to capture the essence of the genre well. Holding the readers on the edges-of-their-seats it manages to draw them in in an easy and accessible manner, allowing them to gain a full understanding of the world and how it works. With more and more fans continuing to discover this work everyday, there’s still a lot more life left in the franchise, as it will carry on being popular for many years to come.

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  1. Morris Moody: 9 months ago

    I have every John Corey book you’ve written, in fact, I have a copy of every book you’ve written I think. When will the next John Corey book come out. Don’t stop writing. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment from all your books. Morris.

  2. Eve: 3 years ago

    I absolutely love John Corey.Love the sarcastic humor…I was however disappointed with the Super Short collaboration with Lisa scottoline..I was so upset..there was no ending.just left you hanging..
    I live hear the Island..Plum Island was very specific loved it..
    Ms. Eve

  3. pipesmoker: 4 years ago

    Brilliant detective stories in fact best I’ve read from a great author


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