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A Man Called Justice (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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John Deacon
John Deacon was born six months before man landed on the moon. He was blessed to grow up in the country, where his family primarily lived off the land.

When he was not busy exploring the woods, fishing, or weeding the garden, he devoured comics like “The Rawhide Kid” and “Two Gun Kid” before he moved on to the exciting adventure stories of Louis L’Amour and Jack London.

Their black and white TV only got three channels, but you could lose one and pick another one up if you went outside and fiddled with the antenna. On its grainy screen, they’d watch “Bonanza” and “Gunsmoke”, and movies that starred Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.

John is now a dad and a husband, and loves exploring the West and reading fiction and history alike. His favorite authors include R. O. Lane, Elmore Leonard, Louis L’Amour, and C. J. Petit.

In his stories, he hopes to entertain his readers with fun stories of the old West. His bad guys are bad, his good guys are good, and you will always find a touch of romance to sweeten the grit.

“A Man Called Justice” is the first novel in the “Silent Justice” series and was released in 2022. They left him for dead, however she needed his help.

Justice is a drifter without a memory and no fear, being trailed by his violent past. Nora is a gorgeous widow bravely raising her young son on this isolated New Mexican ranch.

This ruthless cattle baron pushes longhorns into the valley, Justice vows to keep Nora and her boy safe. However can he really succeed against thirty hired guns, including the four outlaws who left him for dead?

“Justice Returns” is the second novel in the “Silent Justice” series and was released in 2022. In order to reach the future he desires, he has to unlock a past he cannot recall.

Justice heads off to this wild Colorado boomtown so that he can uncover his forgotten life and track down Ruble Cochran, the powerful crime boss.

However nothing is simple, in Leadville. Every answer he gets leads him to new questions, and Justice faces off against Cochran’s gang, which includes The Dragon, a mysterious killer. Can Justice take this crime syndicate down, learn more about his past, and find some way to marry Nora Eckert?

“Heck’s Journey” is the first novel in the “Heck and Hope” series and was released in 2022. An epic story of compassion, strength, and adventure on the western frontier. Hector “Heck” Martin, orphaned at fourteen, goes west, with a determination to see the far country and make a man of himself. Along the way, he falls in love with beautiful and bold Hope Mullen. However he’s too young and too poor to marry, so he goes west again.

During a three year long journey, he crosses thousands of miles, becomes a mountain man, a bare knuckle boxer, and an Indian fighter, and winds up meeting the likes of Jim Bridger and Kit Carson while exploring the deadly and beautiful frontier.

Then, while stopping at Fort Bent, he gets a letter that changes it all. Hope’s family is daring the Oregon Trail. Heck vows to intercept and help them out. However the Mullen family faces some serious troubles, both within the wagon train and outside of it. Can Heck rescue Hope before it is too late?

“Heck’s Valley” is the second novel in the “Heck and Hope” series and was released in 2023. Explore a valley of peril, mystery, and wonder. Heck Martin, as a cavalry scout and a mountain man, handled every challenge on the Western frontier. Now, though, he’s got to care not just for himself but also his beloved Hope, her whole family, and Seeker (his adopted brother), in an isolated wilderness populated by bandits, hostile Indians, and predators.

Most men would crumble under such circumstances, however Heck’s got enough courage and love to forge this new destiny in a mighty land. Filled with pioneering and optimism, he vows to master this wilderness.

There’s so much to do. Game to hunt. Cabins to build, timber to cut. Caves to explore. Land to plow and plant. A claim to stake. A trading post to build. And hopefully, a happy wedding to share with the young woman that he loves.

However Indians have been moving through the land, and one gigantic grizzly is out on the prowl. Meanwhile, 1850 brings record numbers of emigrants across the Oregon Trail. Not all of them are prepared, and while travel season is coming to an end, one group of straggling emigrants comes limping into the valley, looking for sanctuary. Hope and Heck agree to help, however not everybody is to be trusted.

“Heck’s Gold” is the third novel in the “Heck and Hope” series and was released in 2023. A heartwarming story of young love and bravery on a rugged frontier. After finishing their fort, the residents of Heck’s Valley brace for winter. Many are speaking of spring, and the potential of staying her and working together to build their town in such a breathtaking wilderness. Hope and Heck do not know what the future holds, however just as long as they’re together, they’ll face it with confidence.

Life on the frontier, however, is never easy. They must guard their stock, prepare defenses for spring, and keep the peace, as the Sioux warriors who murdered Seeker’s parents are going to come again raiding.

Meanwhile, Heck has to figure out what to do about his amazing discovery. Is Heck’s gold going to bless this valley, or rip it apart?

“Destitution” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Elijah Rable rides into Destitution looking to have some fun however winds up with a badge pinned on his chest, two women vying for his heart, and a price on his head.

Destitution is only a miserable little frontier town in the middle of nowhere. So why’s the air thick with greed and fear? And why are some of is most powerful citizens hiring gunslingers?

Joined by one female sharpshooter with more grit to her than a sandstorm, Rable busies himself trying to solve this mystery. However he had better be quick if he wants to stop this coming war, save the folks that are counting on him, and get himself out of Destitution alive.

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