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John Diary is a children’s fiction author from Ottawa best known for his “Choose Your Own Story” novels.

The author was brought up in the forests of Ontario and used to spend much of his time running through the woods, acting out wonderful stories, and conquering kingdoms he made in his mind. In the evenings, he used to read everything and anything as he had a huge stack of books he usually got from the city’s library.
The biggest turning point was when he was twelve and his class teacher asked him to send a letter to his twenty-two-year-old self. He promised his young adult self that he would be an astronaut or author.

But a decade later, he totally forgot about the letter as he graduated college and started teaching elementary school. Still, Diary always felt like he was missing something in his life and this is when he unearthed the letter.

Since he was too short to be an astronaut he decided to become an author.

Diary is now a very active author, even though he still works a day job as a school teacher teaching elementary learners in Ottawa, Canada. He usually takes some time off during the weekends to write the novels that he would have loved to read as twelve year old.

He lives with Jackie his dog who loves to distract him when he is not writing as he wants to run around with him and chase rabbits.

When he is not playing with his dog or writing, he loves to play board games, RPGs, console, and PC games. When he goes outdoors, some of his favorite hobbies include sleeping in caves and climbing mountains.

John Diary’s novel “The Minecraft Zombie Adventure” is set in the world of Minecraft, where the lead wakes up a zombie. He is holding his hands in front of his body and can only make weird growling noises. Will he try to get home or will he embark on a scaring spree.

Since it is a choose your own story it makes for an exciting romp as each section allows one to go in a couple of different directions. Coming with more than twenty-five different endings, you will have to make the right decision to proceed to the sequel.

You could also make things more interesting by making a series of bad decisions so that you can get into a lot of trouble which is often the case. You could terrorize other players, make friends with other actors, and discover all manner of secrets.

It is a great work that makes for a great game read.

“Journey to the Ender” opens with the lead waking up as a zombie on what is perhaps his most confusing day.
He is a zombie in a Minecraft game who is bossed around by a talking skeleton.

He also had to deal with creepers that are surprisingly not interested in harming other players. Still, these creepers were so dangerous given that they would get so excited while around other p0layers that they would spontaneously explode.

He is also informed that there had once been a character that had been stuck in Minecraft and was led to the place.
They were to get the help of a mysterious Golem that had all the information they needed to get home. The Golem calling him Chosen One was also very confusing to him.
Could he have made a mistake or maybe he just misheard the Golem. He could have said all manner of things but none of the things he thought of made any sense.

“Plunge into the Nether” takes its readers on one of the most dangerous journeys you could ever find in the world of Minecraft. The nether is filled with oceans of lava, floating islands, and fire that even heats up the stones on the ground.

Even the citizens that live in the real could not be more unfriendly. There is also a bizarre tribe of zombies that will not make up their minds on whether to sacrifice one to the volcano or make them their king.

In addition, a gang of very irritated and bored fire will turn one into a pile of ash with even the slightest move. Just when you thought it could not get any worse it usually does. The reader needs to babysit a villager kid that seems to be scared of his own shadow.

It is the hardest challenge yet but with two books to practice on, one is very well placed to blaze the trail and somehow get out alive if not thrive.

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