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Riddle was born in southern California, where he grew up. He says that as opposed to many of his favorite writers, he does not have a wife, nor does he have the standard ‘one and a half’ children waiting for him at home or the requisite cat and dog pet.

For higher education, Riddle attended San Diego State University before moving on to Pepperdine University as well as UCLA. He would go on to join the military, working as a naval aviator.

John would go on to learn more in a working education that consisted of him being involved in various entrepreneurial activities. These include securities, real estate as well as real estate development, education, banking, financial strategies, and medical technologies.

Ever since real estate and its market took a crash in 2008, John has been taking the opportunity to write. He did quite well and wrote a great number of novels within a short amount of time.

While he has joked that he does not have the standard domestic life that so many authors seem to inhabit, he does have a few sons that like to ski and surf.

Morals Clause is an action packed story that came out in 2018 from author John E. Riddle. If you’ve been looking for an exciting read with a plot that is virtually ripped from the headlines, then this is the book for you.

This story was inspired by a real life true story. In this book, Sam Barns is the main character. The tale follows him on a venture to southern California for entrepreneurial reasons. The company that he owns in California does really well and successful. Then it is bought by a company that belongs to the Fortune 500.

This new management team is shady at best. They consist of what appear to be overwhelmingly thugs and no executives. The company that bought his knows that Sam is owed multi-million dollar incentives that he earned. However, they consider that it would save them a lot more money to simply target Sam Barns and his family. After all, if they can kill and bury them, then they don’t have to pay out the cash. It’s simple economic sense.

The company does not seem to object to doing business illegally. They care about getting to their goals. If it takes kidnapping, murder, blackmail, or threats, they’re willing to take the risk. It appears that here the ends justify the means. They also have the ability to do it, too. Their bank account runs deep and the company’s worth is in the billions.

They have no problem spending a little cash if it’s going to end up saving them millions. In this case, they’d rather have a stronger bottom line than shell out the dough to someone that they don’t require to run the company. There’s no telling how far the company is willing to go, but one thing is for certain. They’re not going to just pay millions of dollars when they could save it by spending a little on the side.

How far will they go to get Sam? Can the business man bring a fight to this company, legal or otherwise? Read this compelling book to the end to find out what happens!

Red Ink is the second book in a true to life story series that started with Morals Clause. If you read the first story and liked the plot, then tune in to this sequel to find out what happens.

When last the reader left Sam Barns, he was in the middle of a tricky situation after having sold his company to a multi-billion dollar company. This story follows him and what happens for the next couple of years.

He’s won his fight against Southern Industries. Now the Fortune 500 company mammoth has had to concede defeat. At least he is out of the woods and his family is safe with that one.

However, the thugs and tactics of the old company may have seemed like a walk in the park when compared to another group. They’re out to try and part him from the money that he’s just come into as a result of winning his battle.

Even though he has money now, Sam is still a business man. So he decides that he’s going to start up something in the industry of medical technologies. He’s going to need some more money to do it, so he goes through with a reverse merger. As a result, the company goes public. But they might just pay for the move with some investors that have been brought on that may be a little suspicious.

He went through a lot in the past few years thanks to Southern Industries and their dubious approach to business. Now Sam has to deal with a new threat. One that potentially includes international terrorists and a group that wants to take out America’s security markets. Can he defeat these new enemies and keep his new business going? Read this book to find out!

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