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Sniper: Black Ops (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sniper: Shadow Warrior (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

John Etterlee is an American crime fiction and thriller author that made his debut when he published “Sniper: Black Ops,” the first novel of the “Shadow Warrior” series of novels.

The former U.S. Army veteran was born in Augusta Georgia and soon after the September 11 attack in 2001, he joined the United States Army. Etterlee would go on three tours in the Middle East before he retired for medical reasons in 2013.

His longest deployment has to be the more than year-long trip to southeastern Baghda,d which had to be his toughest. John was involved in two IED blasts and his unit often came under RPG, mortar, and rocket fire in which he lost several friends.

It was while he was recovering from an injury from battle in Germany that he thought he needed to try his hand at writing.

His travels all over the world exposed him to many cultures and are the inspiration for many of his novels. As for literary inspirations that have influenced his writing, he cites the likes of Brad Thor, Jack Carr, Tom Clancy, and John Grisham.

John Etterlee currently makes his home in North Carolina, where he lives with Elizabeth his wife, and several furry kids. He loves traveling to Europe, learning German, and meeting new people.

Just like is the case with his contemporaries, John Etterlee desired to publish his novels under a traditional publishing house.

However, once he started investigating the publishing process, he found that it could be a hindrance to his journey toward publishing. He self-published “Sniper: Black Ops” his debut novel in 2018 and the work went on to become very popular.

Etterlee hopes that he will one day get traditionally published and has submitted manuscripts to agents but he is not holding his breath.
Once he became very popular in self-publishing his novels, he stopped putting too much energy and time into submitting to agents and publishing houses. Moreover, he has always loved having full control over his creative work.

Still, it took a lot of work before he was published. He had to research and read a lot of blogs before he became good at self-publishing.
Nonetheless, he has asserted that if a big traditional publisher approached him, he might just consider publishing several of his future works the old-fashioned way.

Even though John Etterlee loves writing he also has other hobbies. When he is not writing, he loves the outdoors and can usually be found shooting guns. John loves all manner of guns but is particular about long-range sniper weapons.

He is also a huge fan of rock music and loves the music of Def Leppard while his favorite has always been the band Breaking Benjamin.

John Etterlee’s novel “The Cold Storm” is an intriguing thriller that introduces former veteran of the Afghanistan War, former army ranger, and sergeant Roger O’Neil.

He believes that he would be having a good time heading to the vast Montana wilderness for a winter retreat alongside his family.
But he could not have been more wrong as there is something very sinister waiting for them in the wilderness. When they have been in Montana for a few days, he stumbled into a lone drifter hiding in the wooded area behind the mountain cabin.

He makes the decision of helping out the strange man but this backfires spectacularly and his family finds itself in the cross hairs of the Aryan Brotherhood. They are the target of an unseen criminal conspiracy and he has to do something fast.

Roger calls on a group of former special operators known for their gun-toting ways as they are his only hope. These are men who love waging war at the littlest excuse and no once could offer better protection.

They are in a race against time to save his family from some deranged killers. Will they be able to protect themselves or will they fall victims to the criminal underworld?

John Etterlee’s novel “Strike Point” opens with Roger O’Neil, the CIA operative living in retirement.

He had established himself on a ranch in Montana where he is raising a family and teaching them how to live a simple life. He believes his horrid past is well behind him and now intends to live and pursue the American dream.

But then he is recruited by a clandestine organization that believes he will be instrumental in fighting an important war against the Russians.
He is an undercover agent who pretends to be a Canadian tourist who teams up with several SAS soldiers to counter a growing nuclear threat. They also have to fight a ruthless assassin looking to take them out from the shadows.

Working undercover in the heart of Moscow, he starts to unearth one of the most intricate conspiracies on the global stage.

The rising tensions between the West and the Kremlin mean that Roger is in the middle of what could be thermonuclear warfare between some of the most powerful states on the planet.

“The Messenger” by John Etterlee introduces Rob Walker, a man that has been in all manner of combat operations all over the world. But in this outing, he has a more personal mission.

Upon returning from a tour in Afghanistan where he was a sniper for the Special Forces, he finds himself in a race against time trying to rescue his sister that was kidnapped by a drug cartel from Mexico.

His sister had seen too much during a drug deal gone wrong and as such, she had been kidnapped and taken to Mexico. Rob believes that if he does not act fast, she will be sold into sex slavery.

Deep inside Mexico, he goes into the criminal underworld but his sister is nowhere to be found. He teams up with his best friend who is also a spotter and head south to try to find information on her whereabouts.

The only thing they can do is punish everyone and commit horrific acts of violence against everyone that could have been involved in Marianne’s disappearance.

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