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John Etzil is an American author that writes mysteries and thrillers. Etzil is very passionate about photography and flying.

John Etzil’s life has been largely informed and molded by the great passions and interests that have swayed him over the years. When the author left college in the 1980s, he had every intention of joining the police force and serving the community of New York City.

And he proceeded to do just that. But after four years, Etzil concluded that he simply did not have the stomach to work for other people. So he decided to become a business owner.

Even though most of his fans know him more for his writing than anything, John Etzil’s first creative hobby was photography, not writing. Photography is the one activity he has been pursuing all his life.

As a teenager, while others would flock to high school football games to revel in the competition and spectacle of the sport, Etzil always stood out because he was typically bogged down with cameras and all he did was take pictures.

At the time, the author was still trying to refine his skills. Back then, he had to develop his pictures the old fashion way, so he spent a lot of time in the basement of his home which he had transformed into a darkroom of sorts.

His friends and family knew that photography wasn’t just a passing fad because the author spent every penny he got on photography tools, books, and supplies. Etzil read every book he could find on the subject, having decided to pursue photography as a career.

But as he grew older and wiser, things changed. He was forced to take a realistic analysis of his future. That happened in college. John Etzil realized that the economic realities of life in his country did not favor photography.

His parents were relieved when he finally came to the understanding that he needed to find a more practical pursuit in life, one that would enable him to earn a living. That was how law enforcement came into the picture.

Though, the author was nowhere near as passionate about law enforcement as he had been with photography. And it did not take him long to realize that he needed passion in his life to thrive and that he wouldn’t be content until he found another avenue through which he could channel his energy and excitement.

That might explain the obsession with aviation which he eventually nurtured. Etzil was already in his 20s when he flew for the first time. The author was on his way to Club Med in Martinique with a friend.

The experience was a frightening one. Etzil was too nervous to enjoy it, and when he finally arrived at his destination, the author was so angry with himself for having failed to bask in the miracle of the flight that he promised he wouldn’t rest until he understood the magic behind airplanes.

What started as an exercise in curiosity became a full-blown obsession. The more John Etzil learned about planes, the more enamored he became with the whole concept of aviation.

It was a little strange for Etzil to discover his love for flying so much later in life. His father had been a flight engineer in WWII and he had flown a lot of missions. However, he never passed any of his enthusiasm for planes on to his son because he never spoke about his experience in WWII, at least not when Etzil was a child.

Once Etzil’s love for aviation was sparked, he read everything about aviation in the First and Second World War that he could find. Once that was done, he dipped his toes into civil flying, eventually making the decision to learn to fly.

It is worth mentioning that while John Etzil had decided in college that he couldn’t possibly pursue Photography as a career, he never gave the activity up, not completely. For a while, the author chose to prioritize other activities, pursuits that were more likely to augment his ability to earn a living in the future.

But once he left Law Enforcement, Etzil dove back into the world of photography, opening a business specializing in Architectural Photography. Once he learned to fly, the author began to offer aerial photography.

+Literary Career
John Etzil nurtured a love for reading before he learned to write. Etzil loved Agatha Christie. Her books shaped his interest in mysteries and thrillers. As his desire to read grew and as he began to consume more mysteries and thrillers, he began to desire to write.

The talent for writing did not come automatically to Etzil. He didn’t enter writing contests as a child or win grammar competitions in high school. In fact, the notion of writing fiction only occurred to him when John Etzil began to contemplate retirement.

He wanted an activity that would allow him to remain productive and make money once he left his aviation and photography businesses behind. The author wanted a source of income that he would not only enjoy pursuing but which he could do from any part of the world.

He settled on writing.

+Fatal Justice
When big city mafia began creating trouble in a small town, they had no idea who Jack Lambert was. To his community, Lambert was just the Sheriff who was dating the bar mistress.

None of them knew of his dark past, not until he delivered swift and violent justice to those stirring up trouble. But then his actions compelled a crime syndicate to come searching for answers.

Now Lambert must use every weapon in his arsenal to outwit and outmaneuver the mob as he seeks to protect the innocent members of his community.

+Urban Justice
Jack Lambert doesn’t like drug dealers. So he does not hesitate to take drastic measures to get his girlfriend Debbie’s sister away from the gang leaders whose company she has been keeping.

But the hail of bullets that Lambert unleashes draws the attention of an FBI Agent who won’t rest until he catches the vigilante. This is as a drug lord enters the equation and makes it his mission to upend Lambert’s plans to spring Debbie’s sister from her predicament.

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