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Publication Order of The Phoenix Cycle Books

John G. Doyle is a successful author of science fiction and fantasy novels. He is famously known for his Phoenix Cycle series, which has received glowing 4.9-star ratings on Amazon. Originally from Southeast Texas, John and his wife Rochelle relocated to North Alabama in 2022, along with their three daughters.

Despite being relatively unknown for over ten years, John gained sudden fame in 2023 when fans discovered and eagerly devoured his books. Encouraged by his readers’ demands, he committed to completing the Phoenix Cycle series and venturing into dark fantasy for his future writing projects.

Besides writing, John enjoys playing music, gaming, and indulging in his love for movies. He’s a dedicated cinephile and enjoys watching different films during his spare time.

In Gauntlet: The Phoenix Cycle: Book One, we meet Jericho, a no ordinary warrior. As a Paladin, he must maintain the delicate balance of the universe, ensuring that time and space remain intact. He’s the first among a super-race with this sacred task.

But now, it seems Jericho’s role may also mark the end of time itself. Time travel, once a mere fantasy, becomes a reality for Jericho. He uses this power to amass wealth, predict major events, and indulge in leisurely expeditions through history.

However, Jericho’s newfound ability comes with unexpected challenges. He discovers two other time travelers, each with their agenda. One urges him to stop while he’s ahead, while the other seeks to disrupt time, risking global catastrophe.

Amidst these conflicting pressures, Jericho finds himself at the center of a dangerous battle to safeguard the essence of existence. With the universe’s fate hanging in the balance, Jericho must navigate treacherous waters and confront formidable adversaries to preserve the fabric of reality as we know it.

Icarus, an audacious Irish Paladin from the future, has wreaked havoc on Jericho’s mission. He’s caused chaos, taken countless lives, including that of Jericho’s dear friend, and pushed the world to the edge of ruin. Now, the only chance to restore order lies in a hidden secret throughout history, setting Jericho and Icarus on a relentless race against time.

Despite warnings from Sybil, his trusted ally, and the insightful Cortex, Jericho knows he must confront Icarus head-on. But there’s a catch: Paladins are forbidden from fatally harming each other. Jericho faces an impossible dilemma: if he fails to stop Icarus, the fabric of existence will crumble, leading to destruction.

The vivid imagination and immersive storytelling make this John Doyle’s story captivating. The author skillfully draws readers into the characters’ journeys, keeping them on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists and turns. Each character’s path unfolds surprisingly, leaving readers guessing until the end.

Wasteland is the second book in the Phoenix Cycle series. Jericho Johnson finds himself in the year 2344, waking up in Flagstaff, Arizona, after three years of memory loss. Dr. Cross, with mysterious intentions, has rebuilt him against his will.

Jericho discovers he has new abilities, both helpful and frightening. He escapes and unleashes his untamed powers, only to encounter someone with deep knowledge of his past. Driven by revenge, Jericho confronts the person responsible for his suffering in Anchorage, Alaska.
Jericho, accompanied by new allies, embarks on a treacherous journey across the remnants of North America, facing many challenges and adversaries in his quest for revenge. He grapples with his destiny and navigates through complex relationship issues along the way.
Thrown into a dire situation, Jericho is forced to adapt and mature rapidly to survive. Life demands a version of himself that he has yet to discover, leading to profound personal growth amidst turmoil. The author skillfully captures Jericho’s struggles and their impact on those around him, depicting the ripple effects of his decisions with clarity and depth.

Icarus is the third installment in the Phoenix Cycle series. Jericho has had a successful six months, restoring peace in Flagstaff and Anchorage, thwarting multiple war efforts, and uniting various factions in North America. Additionally, he’s found love with a vibrant girlfriend sporting blue hair.

Armed with his newfound powers, Jericho diligently pursues his Crusade, a mission ingrained in all Paladins to save the planet. However, when a more powerful entity intervenes, disrupting Jericho’s path and threatening the world’s fate, he must rally his allies for a desperate battle against this unknown enemy in the icy wilderness.

Each chapter provides insights from a different character’s perspective, adding depth to the narrative and showcasing various viewpoints on the unfolding events.

As Jericho and Icarus engage in a time-traveling race, their clash threatens the very fabric of existence. Despite warnings from allies, Jericho knows he must confront Icarus, even if it means breaking the Paladin code by killing him. Failure could lead to the collapse of reality itself.

The story captivates with its imaginative world-building and immersive storytelling. Each character’s journey, filled with unexpected twists, keeps readers engaged until the end. The conversational writing style draws readers into the narrative, making them feel personally involved in the unfolding events.

End of Times masterfully concludes the epic journey of the Phoenix Cycle series, offering readers a rich tapestry of adventure, romance, and gripping storytelling. In this thrilling finale, the stakes are higher than ever as Jericho faces off against the formidable Icarus in a battle that could determine the universe’s fate.

As the series climaxes, readers are treated to an intricately crafted narrative that delves deep into time, destiny, and sacrifice complexities. With each page turn, the tension mounts, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very last moment.

But End of Times is more than just a conclusion, it’s a testament to the power of resilience, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit. The novel explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the enduring bond between allies through heart-pounding action sequences and poignant character moments.

As readers bid farewell to Jericho and his companions, they are left satisfied by the resolution and filled with a sense of longing for more adventures in this captivating universe. End of Times is a testament to the author’s skill in crafting a compelling narrative that resonates long after turning the final page.

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