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He always considered himself a bit of a closeted writer however, John Gilstrap entered the world of writing when he was a young boy writing short stories. Later on, he assumed a role as an editor of his high school newspaper for a little while before he upped and quit it due to a rift regarding a first amendment law that was crucial at that time of the mid-70’s. What he really wanted to do the most was to become a journalist, as he found influence and admiration in the works of Bernstein and Woodward.

In 1979, Gilstrap had graduated college from the College of William and Mary and when he decided to look for work, he discovered that an American history degree simply wasn’t cutting it. He had finally discovered a job working at a miniscule trade journal that themed itself around the construction industry. During this era of his life, he found himself volunteering for the fire department, which he then grew to love and he continued doing it for the next 15 years.

In the 80’s he had grown tired of his job and decided to go back to school, this time to obtain a Master of Science degree in the subject of safety engineering from USC. He then assumed a completely new identity when he became employed as an expert in explosives safety and hazardous waste. The whole time though, he just couldn’t put the pen down as he continued his love of writing.

The writing had been the one that prevailed and he published his very first novel “Nathan’s Run”, which ended up becoming quite the big seller. This time in his life brought him good tidings and things were simply going as about as good as they can get for someone. He then became the president of a consulting firm and the rights to his novel, Nathan’s Run had been purchased by Warner Brothers. The acclaimed novel was translated into several various languages and published for 20 odd countries.

Nathan’s Run film adaptation had been completed and things were going pretty great but he decided to still maintain his so-called “dayjob”. He decided to do that after the release and rights were purchased for his second acclaimed novel “At All Cost”. He came to the conclusion that he if could have the same kind of luck the second time around he would write full time because you realize that it isn’t just luck, it’s a career. He began to live out the proverbial dream, with more releases and even some screenplays.

In 2006, he published the acclaimed novel, “Six Minutes to Freedom”, which had become his first and likely last dabbling into non-fictional territory. Later on he released “No Mercy” which made it’s way onto bookshelves in 2009. Next, came the sequel to No Mercy, “Hostage Zero” and following that in the series was 2011’s “Threat Warning” and then 2012’s “Damage Control”.

Later on he had released “End Game” and another political thriller, “High Treason”. Things have continued to go well for John Gilstrap, the man and his works just can’t seem to do wrong. Here is hoping for more, that is all one can hope for when you have such a great writer as this.

No Mercy

The beginning of a series which has become a pivotal entree into the world of private investigation. No Mercy revolves around PI Jonathan Grave and a man similar to the likes of Bruce Wayne, he is a bachelor who employs the most hi-tech gadgets and an alter ego, who is purely vigilante. He is a man who craves utter dominance and total destruction over terrorist but his interest change when an investigative reporter becomes missing, who happens to be the husband of his ex-wife.

The kidnapping of the reporter ends up swaying into the direction of interesting and much more pivotal than he had thought at the beginning. From that point on, so many twist and turns make their way into a white-knuckle, powerhouse of a book.

Things get completely turned around when Grave finds that he is the one being chased. This pursuit had begun soon after a hostage rescue that was under his direction and it transforms into a full-blown shootout. Always bet on Jonathan Grave to make things right, enough said.

Hostage Zero

He is back, just like we wanted. Jonathan Grave, everybodies favorite vigilante PI and this time he is ready for duty. Hostage Zero is a thriller that finds itself opening when an innocent man is shot and two young people end up on the missing list.

The novel is a thriller of a thriller and this time the usage of Grave is handled more intune with the guy we really wanted him to be. He is nothing short of cool and he is man whose personality is sometimes aloof and reserved but you know that he is perpetually inside his brain. This guy knows exactly what he wants and he always rises to the occasion to get it.

His partner Digger, becomes a more pivotal character of the story and these tight partners know how to pack a punch. When a kidnapping takes place at an orphanage, things begin to get even more intense and increasingly risky.

What Hostage Zero brings to the table is an almost poetic justice sense that is rarely incorporated into the typical premise of a detective story. There is a particular camp value to Gilstrap’s writing but then at that very same time, there is a steel grip of drama and melancholy that neutralize it. It really is a craft what the author is making, something so unique and tasteful that we have to stick Gilstrap at the top of his game. This is simply what he does with unrestrained brilliance.

The plot becomes intricate but wildly entertaining just the same and if any writer can pull of the PI theme, it’s certainly has to be Gilstrap. Grave simply grows on you with his over-the-top persona and his die hard attitude that never grows dull. It is his world and you are simply a resident. He is who he is and we Wouldn’t want him any other way.

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