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John Hardin is the name of the central character in the series of suspense novels written by the popular American author Phil Bowie. The John Hardin series features Hardin as a young and dynamic hotshot pilot, who has a dark past. The novels of the series also feature Hardin’s Cherokee girlfriend known by the name Kitty Birdsong. Author Phil Bowie began writing the suspense series in the year 2006 and also published the first novel in the same year. In all, there are four novels in the series published between the years 2006 and 2015. Author Phil Bowie became famous as a suspense novelist after the novels of this series successfully sold a number of copies all over the world. Along with his short stories, the series helped author Phil Bowie to have a well established career as an author. This allowed him to gain huge motivation and after the success of the initial novels of the series, Phil went on to write a few more successful novels.

The first novel of the John Hardin series was published under the title ‘Guns’. It was published in the year 2006 by the Medallion Press and features the main character in the form of a hotshot pilot named Sam Bass, who later goes on to become the main protagonist of the series, John Hardin. The plot of the novel revolves around the life and activities of Sam Bass as well as with the secrets from his past. . In the opening sequence of the plot of the first novel, Sam Bass is depicted as making a dangerous and daring attempt to rescue a couple, who were lost in a storm in the sea. Due to this valiant effort, Sam Bass begins to receive a lot of publicity, but he does not feel the need to have such a wide publicity. He is often called as The Cowboy in his common circles because of his distinct looks and a cowboy personality. After a short while, Sam Bass gets targeted by a hit team, which has been appointed to kill him. The hit team had also targeted him on a few previous occasions, but this time he has been located within the reach of the hit team and they are dispatched to make him pay for his interruptions in their business. It seemed that the hit team was determined to take care of the unfinished business with Sam Bass.

The overall personality of Sam Bass is described as a tall and lanky hotshot pilot, who loves to watch old western movies and wear long cowboy boots. He travels mostly in his beat-up Jeep Wrangler and runs a charter business of shoestring on the remote Ocracoke Island. Sam Bass also possesses a gorgeous and beautiful girlfriend named Valerie, who is a Cherokee widow and is the mother of a young son of his dead husband. And after Sam Bass saves a couple from drowning and begins receiving publicity for his efforts, the enemies hire a team hitmen to kill him. Due to this, Sam along with Valerie and her son, become the focus of the evil powers, who are determined to finish them. Suddenly, their world gets filled with violence. The only option left with Sam Bass to save himself as well as Valerie and her son, lies in a vengeance trail which is believed to be as ancient as the ghosts surrounding the smoky Mountain Cherokees. The novel was very well appreciated by the readers as well as the critics for its intriguing plot and exciting characters. It was the debut novel of the John Hardin series, which was followed by a few other exciting novels, which also become successful because of the unique writing style of author Phil Bowie.

One of the other novels of the John Hardin series written by author Phil Bowie was published in the year 2015. It was titled ‘Deathsman’ and continues to depict the life of John Hardin as a hotshot pilot. The plot of the novel shows John Hardin as WITSEC pilot. The plot of the novel opens up with the depiction of John Hardin as running an aerial business on a small scale as he flies his Cessna out of the town of Asheville in North Carolina. He also tries to restore a log house that overlooks the Great Smokies village of the Maggie Valley, on a ridge. In order to bolster a considerable income, John also starts doing house repairs. His income is also supported from the money that he gets by sharing his place with the octogenarians named Hank and Hattie Gaskill. John Hardin even possesses his own girlfriend named Kitty Birdsong, who hails from Cherokee and rides a motorcycle of lipstick red color. One of their biker friends named Brandon Doyle gets indulged in a battle with a drug lord, who is known to sell synthetic drugs equivalent to heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. Seeing that the drug lord is extremely powerful, John and Kitty try to protect Doyle from getting beaten to death at the hands of the thugs of the drug lord.

Suddenly, all three of them find themselves in the middle of a deadly struggle against the legendary hit men of the drug kingpin. The fearsome drug lord also hires his famous hit man, who is named notoriously after the executioners of the past centuries, as well as the professional travelers who are known for beheading their targets after chasing and locating them where they seem to hide. John, Brandon and Kitty also seem to be chased by the henchmen of the drug lord who are known as the deathsmen. The novel became an instant success after its publication and author Phil Bowie was once again allowed to add more stars to his name by gaining more name and fame as an established author of suspense novels. The notable and bestselling authors lie Lee Child, Stephen Coonts, Ridley Pearson, as well as a few others gave very good reviews for the novel and praised author Phil Bowie for his hardworking efforts for writing down the interesting plot and excellent characters of the novel. They acclaimed the novel and recommended it as a must read for all those readers who have the hobby of reading good suspenseful novels.

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