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The Strategist (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Daniel (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Point (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Good Agent (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Rogue Element (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

John Hardy Bell is a thriller, mystery, and fiction author that is best known for writing the “Grisham & Sullivan” series of novels.
The author made his debut when he published his debut novel “The Strategist” in 2013. The work would go on to become a bestselling title on Amazon Kindle and garner a ton of critical reviews.

Bell now has more than four titles to his name in addition to a single standing title.

When John is not writing his novels, he can be found spending time with his son and wife and forcing himself into uncomfortable and new yoga poses.
He loves interacting with his fans in his newsletter, where he often gives information on upcoming releases.

“The Strategist” by John Hardy Bell introduces Camille Grisham.

She had once upon a time been a celebrated field agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
She had been tasked with resolving some of the most violent and complex crimes by working with just a profile of a perpetrator. There was no one better at it and hence her superiors are disappointed when she quit.

Full of guilt, she had left the FBI to go back home, hoping that being with friends and family could heal her painful wounds.

But she does not get the comfort she was hoping for as less than a day after she arrives she loses her best friend who is killed in what the police believe was a home invasion. For the local police, this is a simple case of robbery but Camille believes otherwise.

Desperately seeking answers, she soon finds herself in the middle of an investigation as she wades through political corruption and the dark corridors of power and wealth. But what she does not know is that there is a killer watching her every move from the shadows.

Working with a young but very talented homicide detective, Camille is on course to unearth some very dark motives behind the murder of her friend.
But by doing so, she sets herself on a collision course with the dark past she had fought so hard to leave behind.

John Hardy Bell’s novel “The Other Daniel” is the story of Daniel Sykes, a psychologically twisted man known for preying on innocent women.
For nearly five years, his activities and crime had been unpunished before Camille Grisham the FBI profiler brought him to book. For her actions, she would be called a hero even though she does not think of herself in such glowing terms.

She had been traumatized by the events of the day and even though she had gone on to resign from the Bureau, she is still in pain. But she takes comfort in the fact that she had managed to take out a man that brought so much pain to the world.

Things turn interesting when she meets Jacob Deaver, a true-crime reporter and her trauma, which she had kept hidden for years suddenly comes into the open.
The events that follow will send her back to the past where she had experienced so much pain. They will also bring to light a horrifying new menace that may destroy the quiet life she had worked so hard to build after leaving the FBI.

She believed the darkest chapter in her life was the arrest of the deranged killer Danel Sykes, but things are about to get even darker.

“The Darkest Point” by John Hardy Bell sees Sullivan and Grisham back but now working on a case with high personal stakes. Jacob Dever has been kidnapped and instructed to write the life story of a man that has taken him hostage.

The script he is writing will be employed as bait to catch Camille Grisham, a former federal agent. His captor believes she is responsible for the murder of his daughter and now wants to take his revenge.

In a nearby room very similar to that Jacob is being held in s Camille’s father Paul Grisham who is being held for some unclear reason. To save her father from the deranged man, Camille is forced to rejoin the FBI.

In the story Deaver is writing the abductor is fashioning his crimes after Daniel Sykes the infamous serial killer. Camille is very familiar with the case as it had been very personal to her.

She enlists the help of Chloe Sullivan a homicide detective and is hopeful that they will soon take down the criminal.

But this is a different kind of deranged criminal that will test her resolve as no one has ever done before. He is a killer with athirst for revenge and bling hatred that threatens everything she holds dear.

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