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Jack's Planet (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle Stations (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Don't Know Jack (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
No End In Sight (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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John Hindmarsh is a technothriller, urban fantasy, and science fiction author who sometimes pens some crossovers.

The author can always be depended upon to provide the occasional touch of science in his thrillers with a little thrill in her science fiction.

Just like the 17th-century former governor of Australia after whom he was named, he is also an Australian but he moved from there and now makes his home in California where he usually writes whenever he has the energy.
The author now has at least twenty novels to his name and has said that it is only a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and old age which have slowed him down.

He is a full-time author unless he gets an IT consulting gig which can sometimes distract him from his writing. When he is not writing his fiction novels, he can usually be found sea kayaking, hiking, and skiing in the winter.

As for his influences, John Hindmarsh has said that some of the most inspirational authors in his writing include the likes of Lowell, Wells, Buroker, Larson, Heinlein, Larson, Herbert, Asimov, Lee Childs, and Agatha Christie.
These and many other authors and books he read while still very young have provided him with insights into how to write fiction. Consequently, his journey toward becoming a published author began when he was just 12 with hardly any experience.
He believes the worst advice he ever received while he was on his journey was that the only legitimate way to become a published author was through the traditional way.

However, he ignored all that advice and he decided to become a self-published author on Amazon where he has achieved a lot of success with his bestselling titles.

He loved self-publishing for the fact that he did not have to chase down an agent, and publisher and wait for years to get his novel in the bookshop.

Hindmarsh published “Broken Glass,” his debut work of fiction in 2011, and has since then written several other works that have been just as successful.

His debut fiction novel would become a bestselling title on Amazon in the United States and also in the United Kingdom.

John Hindmarsh’s novel “Violent Graduation” is a work set at the Royal Space Navy Academy that introduces the lead character of the series Jack.

While it can be easy to relegate danger to the backburner while studying at the college, things become really complicated for Jack when a sniper tries to take him out.
He is left with a scar across the side of the head but the hidden price is that his friends at the academy are also at risk.

The final stage of his training at the academy is a shakedown cruise aboard an old minesweeper which he barely survives.

Halfway through the cruise, the craft had been involved in a collision with an ancient alien wreck and this had ripped the sides of the spaceship. The good thing is that Jack has a team of bots that help seal up the two wrecks to prevent any loss of air.

The most advanced of these is a nano life known as “Ghost.” Jack and Sofia his girlfriend are the only survivors in a wreck in which food and air are critically low.
As soon as they had gotten shipwrecked, the countdown to the day they would run out of supplies, air, and food began.

It is an entertaining work only made even more so by the dangerous situation the lead and his girlfriend find themselves in.

In John Hindmarsh’s” Rescue the Princess,” the Navy remains determined to sideline Jack Foster and hence he makes the drastic decision of resigning his commission as he has enough money from his inventions to not need to work again.
But the first challenge is dealing with the impact of a mid-space collision which left him and his girlfriend the only survivors of the wreck.

While they are stuck, she told him that her family had always disapproved of their mutual attraction. Since she is a princess, they would have preferred that she marry someone that was also of noble blood.
Jack does not know what to make of these new revelations and decides that he will deal with them once they get out of their dire predicament. Using his vast knowledge of systems, Jack finally manages to get them out.
While Jack is a driven man who is brilliant and rich to boot, he has to deal with all manner of challenges in his professional and personal life.

Still, he is always the solutions man, and no matter what sticky situation he finds himself in, you can always bet that he will try if not outright get out of it.
It makes for an interesting sequel that will leave you salivating for the next in the series.

John Hindmarsh’s novel “Jack’s Planet” is another rocket-fueled space opera fiction work. In this outing, Jack has taken the contract to rescue a hitherto unknown species known as Tirarge which he will then take back to their home planet.
But the first problem he has to deal with is that the Tirarge are telepathic but they are unable to speak. The other problem is that they have no idea where their home is in the universe.

The third problem is that they are being followed by another spaceship which is most likely on a quest for revenge. The last problem is that there are two other species on the unknown planet that also lack the power of speech.
Jack is sympathetic to what the people of the planet are facing but he has no standing among them. The best things he has is a warrior squad of an AI or two, some Tirarge, a squad of Black Company marines, SAC scouts, the Eagles, and three bots.
The planet’s rulers keep on ignoring the conventions of civilized society but ultimately come up with an elegant even if simple solution.

They nominate Jack as the new leader of their renamed world and engrave his title as a leader on a massive diamond that would cost more than he can ever imagine.
However, there is no time to take it all in as enemies are on the way and he needs to find a way to defeat or repulse them.

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