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with Diane Cummings
The Mystery of Julia Episcopa (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Anonymous Scribe (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Woman's Struggle in the Church (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Born to Be Different! (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who is the Most Important Person in the World? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

John Ignatius Rigoli otherwise known simply as John I Rigoli was brought up as a Catholic from the cradle.

He would then become a US Naval officer in adulthood and the experiences from his childhood and adulthood would inform much of his later writing.

They informed his writing as they opened his eyes and he began to believe that those who sought power should never be allowed to have it. John often comes out as an unabashed patriot, outspoken liberal, and social justice advocate.
As an inquisitive and talented amateur historian, John would develop an interest in the stories that involve the women of the early church and how writers of history had erased them.

John is now best known for “The Vatican Chronicles,” which are works of historical fiction that are inspired by women from history that worked as hard as the men beside them in the practice of their religion.

Growing up as a Catholic child, John I Rigoli often felt that there was something missing amidst the ceremony and pomp of the church that he used to attend every week.

When he was older, he felt the church rules weighing on him and began to study the earliest Christians hoping he could get insights into the teaching of Christ.

He felt that by studying the life of early Christians he would have a better picture of what was to be expected of Christians rather than what he was used to.

By studying these early Christians he found some mistruths, particularly with regard to the modern church’s stance on women. The Catholic church by and large denied women a decisive voice yet they were half of its membership.
It was from this that he got interested in the subject of women in the early church. As a student of biblical and historical archeology, he became interested in creating stories that would challenge the contemporary way of thinking
He wanted to come up with different thinking about the ancient world and how it was different from how the modern church did things.

Moreover, John Rigoli had always had a fascination with the happenings of the ancient world and how they resonate with the modern world.

In addition to being fascinated by the early church, John I Rigoli also held a fascination with ancient Rome. He has said that it is impossible for anyone who loves history not to be fascinated with how the Romans came to rule the world.
They used to assimilate the best knowledge from the nations they occupied. They would take their education, philosophy, systems of government, and some of the most advanced knowledge about medicine from the Greeks.
They also advanced their knowledge of mathematics and science as evidenced by their brilliant engineering of buildings, roadways, and cities.

Ultimately, she decided to combine her love for Roman history and her knowledge of religion in the publishing of her novels.

Things came to a head when she met two elderly women with degrees in theology while attending a conference. The women shared their insights of being rejected, and openly criticized for attempting to have a more active role in the church.

John I Rigoli’s “The Mystery of Julia Escoppa” is set in ancient Rome where a woman is running for her life. People she once called brothers are now her enemies.

Beneath her blue cloak, she carries some dark secrets that some powerful men from the Catholic Church will do anything including kill to get back.

They include some documents that show evidence that the self-appointed new bishops are pretenders that seized power and not followers of Christ. These are men that will do anything to shape Christianity to fit their own ends.
Julia who had once upon a time been a companion of Magdalene and had taught with Paul, needs to preserve the legacy of the church fathers while facing up to terrifying danger.

Two millennia later, Erika Simon and Valentina Vella are classical archeologists who provide much-needed advice to the newly elected pope. They are informing him of the contributions of women to the development of the Early Christian church.
They had found an old parchment in the archives of the Vatican which they believe had been significantly altered. They would then go on a quest to find the truth about a woman that may have been the first female bishop in the church.
But revealing the truth about the church may put them in the crosshairs of the Vatican.

“The Anonymous Scribe” by John I Rigoli is a work that follows a lie that is two millennia old.

It follows the secret search for a scroll from ancient times that was stolen. It is an important document that could change the religious beliefs of many people across the globe.
Susan Bauer is a graduate student that had been studying several pieces of parchment from the Dead Sea Scrolls in a dimly lit basement at the Israeli Museum.

She then pieced together a text that indicated that there was a Secret Temple Scroll that had been written many years before the gospels.

If the document is found, it could be the one thing that could free the Jews from hundreds of years of accusations of being responsible for the death of Jesus. But the revelation could also turn Christianity on its head.
On the other side of the world, Erika Simone and Valentina Vella are two blacklisted archeologists who work with Yigael Dorian a former agent with the Mossad.

From the ruins of Herculaneum to the small church in a beautiful French village, they go on a journey across continents dodging cardinals, kidnappers, thieves, and enlisting mobsters in trying to find the truth behind the stolen scroll.
Together with a team of experts, they set out to find the truth about the existence of the mysterious scroll and what it would mean for their world.
It is an interesting work set across two timelines that will mesmerize historical fiction authors from the first page to the last.

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