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Splash of Colors: The Self-Destruction of Braniff International (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blind Trust: The Revolution in Aviation Safety - Coming to Grips with Human Failure (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Shaky Ground (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Goes Up: The Global Assault on Our Atmosphere (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Golden Boy: The Harold Simmons Story (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charting the Course: Launching Patient-Centric Healthcare (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

John J. Nance was born in 5 July 1946 in Dallas, Texas. John is an Air Force pilot, consultant, world-class speaker and a best selling author. John has been a dynamic and highly dedicated member of the medical community for almost two decades. John J. Nance brings a rich diversity of training and professional background to the cause of patient safety and American healthcare.

John J. Nance is a founding member of the National Patient Safety Foundation. As a member of the Executive committee, he served for nine years on the foundation’s board. With his busy schedule of speaking and consulting dedicated to improving healthcare, John has emerged as a leading thinker on the matter of changing the healthcare system in America. As a vocal and dynamic advocate of removing the involvement of the tort system completely in routine medical mistakes and accidents, he recently hosted and convened an unprecedented conference of doctors and lawyers on the subject, which spawned several important and surprising realizations.

As one of the most effective and dynamic professional speakers of America, John J. Nance presents pivotal and entertaining programs on motivation, risk management, teamwork and various other topics. Because of his unprecedented background mix of aviation, safety, law and even broadcasting, John acquired an unique ability to reach out to every member of the healthcare community. His powerful messages about leadership and human propensity for making mistakes even by the most trained professionals, deeply resonates the physicians in particular. John and fellow author Kathleen Bartholomew present vital programs on Patient Safety and Quality to Hospital Management, Physicians, and Hospital Boards nationally and internationally.

Early Life

John J. Nance grew up in Dallas and is a native Texan. John served as a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force. After his pilot training, he served in Vietnam, the Air Force Reserves, and the Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. John retired from active duty in 1975 and joined as a commercial a pilot in the Barniff International Airlines, and later joined the Seattle-based Alaska Airlines. Nance has logged over 13,000 hours in his commercial and Air Force flying carriers.

While he was in college, John worked in the ABC affiliate WFAA-AM-FM-TV as a television and radio newsman in Dallas. In 1990, he joined the ABC World News and worked for Good Morning America as an Aviation Editor. Since 1995 and to the present, John has been working as an Aerospace Analyst in the ABC World News. John appeared on over 1300 television and radio shows, including the Oprah, MacNeil-Lehrer Report and Larry King Live, as a national aviation commentator. Moreover, his editorials have been published nationwide in newspapers, inclusive of the USA Today and Los Angeles Times.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts from SMU (Southern Methodist University), and a Juris Doctor degree from the SMU Dedman School of Law. He was named a Distinguished Alumni of SMU in 2002, and in 2010, he was named a Distinguished Alumni of the SMU Dedman School of Law.

John J. Nance currently resides in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Writing Carrier

John.J Nance is an award winning, New York Times bestselling author. In his writing carrier, he is an internationally-known author of 19 major books, where 5 of them are non-fiction and 13 of them are international fictional bestsellers. His book on fictional thriller, Orbit ( Simon and Schuster) released in 2006, is under development of a major motion picture by Fox Studios. Two of his bestsellers, Medusa’s Child and Pandora’s Clock, aired as a successful and major two-part mini-series for ABC and NBC respectively.

His highly-acclaimed book, Why Hospitals Should Fly won the “Book of the Year” award in 2009 from the Healthcare Executive College of America. His book Blind Trust, published internationally in 1986, about safety in human systems, is highly credited for helping in the acceptance of principles of CRM in aviation.

Pandora’s Clock

The story begins with a wildlife documentarian, Ernest Helms, who was filming local wildlife in Bavaria, Germany. While filming, he finds a man trying to break into his car. Helms tries to drive away as the man smashed the driver’s window. Helms somehow succeeds in getting away, but receives a small cut on his hand.

A few days later, Captain James Holland in Frankfurt , Germany, was preparing for his transatlantic flight as the Captain of Quantum Flight 66. Helms, who was already feeling unwell, boards the flight 66, Boeing 747. Sometime after takeoff, Helms falls into a cardiac arrest, as flight attendant Brenda Hopkins gives him CPR. As it becomes an emergency case, the Captain and his check pilot sets a course for Heathrow Airport in London.

However, the flight is turned away as the British Air Traffic Control informs that one of the flight’s passengers (Helms) may be be infected with a deadly influenza virus. As it may be great risk of the deadly virus to spread, none of the governments will let the flight 66 to land on their airports.


Kip Dawson, a Pharmaceutical salesman, is whipped by his dominating wife and is estranged from his kids. He wins a commercial spaceflight passenger seat in one of the American Space Adventures to orbit around the earth. For him, it is a dream come true. His family is terror struck because of his acceptance of the prize. However, Kip was determined to set off for this new adventure. The spacecraft had a successful launch, but it quickly morphed into chaos when a micro-meteor punched through the spacecraft walls. The pilot gets killed in the event and the radios were all dead.

Kip knows that there won’t be any rescue. He had no option but to wait for his death. Knowing that he would die is just a few days, he decides to keep record of his last thoughts on the ship’s laptop. Little does he know, that his cries would soon be discovered by an audience of millions, he shares the most intimate thoughts of his past and present life. Many of his thoughts are quite funny while he was still dealing with several psychological questions such as, what his life meant and many more

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  1. Name (required): 8 months ago

    Wendy I recently had a traffic accident and broke my leg. It’s healed now and I’m starting PT. (Physical Torture). I discovered your books on my Kindle , and I just finished Turbulence. I’ve read 4 of your books since then. Great books!

  2. Susie Carter: 12 months ago

    Hi John I sure have enjoyed your books over the years. I would love to be able to say which one is the best, but I can’t they are all awesome. The one I loved to read several times though is Orbit. Wow! Each has touched me in their own way, but Orbit had me on one of my reading binges. It held me entranced and made me appreciate life so much more. Let me know if you ever get to Alaska for a book signing. Yep, I am back in Alaska. Going to be getting out to do an event in Japan. Thanks again for sharing your talents with the world. Susie

  3. Jack stein: 1 year ago

    I would like to see more Kay ronksy book but I really enjoy everything you have written that I have read. Keep up the excellent work.


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