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Publication Order of March Books

with Nate Powell, Andrew Aydin
March: Book One (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
March: Book Two (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
March: Book Three (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Run Books

with Andrew Aydin

Publication Order of John Lewis Non-Fiction Books

Walking with the Wind (With: Michael D'Orso) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Across That Bridge (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Carry On (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

About John Lewis

An American statesman and key political figure, the representative John Lewis was a leading figure in the advancement of civil-rights during his lifetime. Marching in Selma alongside Martin Luther King, he would seek to make huge changes for the progress of African American civil rights in the United States. His work has been recognized not just nationally, but internationally around the world, with his name being a beacon of hope for many. Working in Washington later on, he would serve as a member of the Democratic Party, becoming a member of the US House of Representatives speaking out on numerous issues.

Highly regarded by many, his work continues to resonate to this day, with the positive changes he made continuing to inspire. Starting out as a student activist, he would tirelessly work to improve the lives of others and those around him, often at a detriment to himself. Seeking to overturn racist policies that were holding many back across America, he would make his voice heard for the better. This activism was difficult, as he’d push back against a system that was heavily biased, beginning during the fifties and sixties.

Much like he inspired others with his activism, John Lewis’s life would also inspire a number of books and articles. Often working alongside authors and artists, he was also a gifted writer himself, using his own life as inspiration for his books and novels. These would go on to reach an even wider audience, speaking directly to many all around the world, regardless of their background. Leaving behind a legacy that still reverberates nationally and internationally, his work continues to inspire, as more and more discover his books every day.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Troy, Alabama, in the United States in 1940 on the 21st of February, John Lewis would grow up in Pike County nearby. Raised by parents who were share-croppers, he would grow up in rural Alabama, where he was encouraged to read by his teachers from an early age. Reading many of the books at his school, he was denied membership to the public library on the grounds of being black, this being the time of segregation in America.

Persevering, he would later meet Rosa Parks at the age of seventeen, followed by Martin Luther King Jr., furthering his progression into the civil rights movement. Studying at the American Baptist Theological Seminary based in Nashville, Tennessee, he would go on to become ordained as a Baptist minister. Following this he would attend Fisk University, where he would gain a bachelor’s degree in religion and philosophy, before moving in to civil rights activism and a career in politics.

Writing Career

Often writing forewords for other writers, including such famous authors as James Baldwin, John Lewis would also contribute various different pieces and articles over the years. He would also go on to write the graphic novel series ‘March’ alongside the author Andrew Aydin, which would look at his own life and work as an activist. The books would also be illustrated by the artist Nate Powell, who would illustrate the detailed visuals throughout the books.

Later there would be the ‘Run’ graphic novel series as well, and this would also feature the same authors and artists, with it again being based on John Lewis’s life. Writing his own memoir in 1999 too, he would write the book ‘Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement’ alongside author and journalist Michael D’Orso. Speaking at various different events on his books, he engaged people from all over, keeping his message and ideals alive for generations to come.

March: Book One

Originally published in 2013 on the 13th of August, this would come out through the ‘Top Shelf Productions’ publishing imprint. Written alongside author Andrew Aydin it’s the first in the ‘March’ series of graphic novels charting the life of John Lewis and his activism as part of the civil rights movement. The books themselves are illustrated by the artist Nate Powell, who brings the story to life with bright and colorful visuals.

Beginning back in the Jim Crow days and a time of segregation in America, this sees John Lewis fighting back against this. Starting out in rural Alabama, the story follows his humble beginnings to his meeting with Martin Luther King Jr., and the formulation of the Nashville Student Movement. Following them, they fight against segregation, organizing student sit-ins, as their journey of activism takes them right to the City Hall steps. The first chapter in the journey of John Lewis, this sees him facing a changing world, as he does his part to fight against the injustices of his time and make a difference.

As a document of a time and era, this is a powerful book, making a real impact with the reader, with its compelling story and vivid images. The narrative is well paced and plotted, making for an extremely engaging and interesting story that really captures the attention of the reader. There’s a lot to enjoy here, as it’s a great opener to an exciting series that really grabs the audience from the outset.

Run: Book One

Setting up a new spin-off series from ‘March,’ this is the first in the ‘Run’ collection of graphic novels looking at the life of John Lewis. Brought out through the ‘Abrams ComicArts’ publishing label, John Lewis would write it alongside Andrew Aydin once again. Nate Powell and L. Fury would work together illustrating it, and it would initially be brought out on the 3rd of August in 2021.

Starting in 1965 with the signing of the Voting Rights Act, this sees John Lewis celebrating a victory after years of struggle to make a difference. This is only the beginning though, as he still has a long way to go, being a part of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee and one of the youngest speakers to attend the March on Washington. Looking at the events following the voting rights campaign in Selma, this charts the next stage in the ongoing fight for justice. Using the account of John Lewis and his experiences, it brings to life the period and how things progressed from there.

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