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John Locke Action Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of John Locke Books

Honorable Revenge (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Body Broker (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Money (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nine Monkeys (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jungle Rules (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Tokyo (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The novels Jungle Rules and Little Tokyo are no longer available on Amazon.

Mike Pettit is a well-established author, who has been a professional author for more than thirty years. His experiences in the Far East, gives Mike Pettit, the voice of authority, when penning down books revolving around Asian businesses and crime and also how these two topics are considered one and the same. When Mike Pettit is not writing, he loves to spend his time Scuba diving around the Caribean, looking for eight pieces, and gold doubledoons. Currently, Mike Pettit resides in Florida’s emerald coast, where he spends most of his time working on the John Locke book series. Narratives of stolen money, lost honour and danger coming towards the reader like a tracer round. In the year 2010, Mike Pettit made his debut with Honourable Revenge, a self-published book, which eventually became the first instalment in the John Locke book series. Towards the end of the year 2011, Mike Pettit had already self-published book, seven books already.

John Locke Action Thriller Series

Honourable Revenge

Honourable Revenge is the first instalment in the John Locke thriller series. In this instalment, the author, Mike Pettit introduces the readers to John Locke. The book begins as John Locke sees danger coming towards him like a phantom from hell. John Locke comes out shooting. It does not take long before John Locke is caught at the centre of an adrenaline ride that is not going to stop any time soon until he becomes the last man standing. The world that Mike Pettit has created is filled with exceedingly ruthless and cruel people who will not only steal but also kill, just for the adrenaline that comes with it; dark places that normal individuals will never attempt to go, unless they are dragged in. Locke’s world is filled with drug cartels that will first mutilate and the freeze their competitors, secret Chinese triads that believe crime and business, are just but one and the same thing and that murder is used to close a business deal. When we meet John Locke, he lives in Los Angeles, where he works at the holding cells and the courthouse as well, trying to find clients who may need the services of a lawyer.

The ten years that John Locke spent in a bottle, in turn left him with a marriage that he barely remembers anything about and a promising legal career in the sewer. It is less than three months, since he returned to the human race, residing in a three-roomed apartment and surviving purely on Chinese takeout. To remain in the legal field, John Locke is forced to chase the bottom feeder cases. To bring in a few extra bucks, John Locke also doubles up as a part time sleuth for a bail bond friend. He not only makes his rent but he also clears his bills while looking for a way out. It does not take long before John finds his way out, when he witnesses a killing that ultimately sucks him into the exceedingly dark and black places. A place where a man’s soul is sold for only a kilo of coacaine. John Locke is also caught at the centre of a diabolical criminal plan orchestrated by the Chinese triads to bring to bay the world’s diamond stock market. Locke also stumbles upon a double cross, which eventually brought down a billion dollar Mexican-cartel.

The Nine Monkeys

The Nine Monkeys is the second instalment in the John Locke book series. The year is 1975, and the Americans were moving fast out of Vietnam and had no plan of leaving any man behind. Numerous secret operations were shut down, several alliances were shuttered, and, materials and people disappeared without a trace. A classified CIA operation, which ran one of the most successful operations in the history of the CIA, was also expected to disappear. During the night that the NVA, launched its final attack on Saigon, several members of the classified CIA operation double crossed their masters and vanished into thin air. Before they disappeared, they took millions in drugs and gold. After the end of the war, the team once again resurfaced in Thailand and took their operation into Burma, Golden Triangle of Laos, and Thailand, with the CIA master taking their share of the earnings.

When a man, whose records were missing, is killed, John Locke is called in to look into the case. The deeper John Locke delves into the case, the more he is pulled into a mystery that took place more than fifty years ago, which involves secret that was kept hidden by the CIA, with only ten men in the entire United States, new about it. The man who was killed had made plans of getting out of the secret operations but eventually turned up dead. Despite lives being at stake, a fortune in gold disappears and treachery is at every turn. However, all this will come to an end, when John Locke finally identifies the man who was behind nine monkeys.

Jungle rules

Jungle Rules is the fourth instalment on the John Locke book series. The book begins as an unexpected oil field is found within the Caribbean. With the United States and China starving for a sustainable energy source, the two nations form an alliance, which will finally bring control of the discovery under their scope of influence. When forming the cartel, the Caribbean Island nations are involved, which in turn affects the oil based economy of the world. It does not take long before the balance of power starts to shift, with the Central American countries begin to align behind the highest bidder. Chinese troops are also on the move while the oil companies begin fighting for drilling rights. The island criminal gangs begin to fight each other for the reaches that the oil fields is eventually going to bring into their country. They in turn begin to use every weapon at their disposal; an Ebola pandemic, voodoo spells, kidnappings, murder.

The fights begin in the Key West before eventually spreading all the way to Kingston, a city where the Cartel Summit is about to explode into an international power struggle. John Locke, the protagonist is pulled into the fighting after he agrees to help a friend who was caught in the cross-fires after being the person who discovered the oil reserves.

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