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John McMahon is a popular American writer of mystery, suspense, detective fiction, and thriller stories. He is particularly famous for writing the Detective P.T. Marsh novel series. Before becoming a writer, McMahon used to work as a creative director at an advertisement agency. In this role, he has written a spot for Superbowl for Alfa Romeo. Also, McMahon’s work in creative direction for Fiat has won him a Gold Clio. Author McMahon has obtained a degree in Creative Writing from The University of Arizona. After successfully writing and publishing two P.T. Marsh books, he is currently at work on his third novel. McMahon is happily married and resides in Southern California. His family comprises of his loving wife, kids, and a couple of rescue animals.

McMahon says that he is looking forward to making enough money to buy homes in Lake Lanier, Georgia and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and divide his time between the two places. The NY Times Book Review has labeled him as an author of a perfect debut novel and one of the rare authors who came out of nowhere and made his work speak for himself. McMahon has described Detective Marsh as a hardened, tough police detective hailing from Mason Falls, Georgia. He barely gets by and has a habit of drinking hard. A few years back from where the series begins, Marsh was known to be a highly dedicated police detective and a rising star in his department. But, the untimely, sudden, and tragic deaths of his son and wife left him deeply wounded and devastated. Now, he appears to be adrift and reckless. However, he still has a passion for his detective work and is quite good investigating cases and ensuring justice is served.

The first two books featuring P.T. Marsh have succeeded immensely. They have attracted readers in large numbers from different parts of the world. The books have also drawn the attention of some of the noted critics of the literary world. They have spoken greatly about them and have given rave reviews in numerous literary journals and magazines. As author McMahon did well in entertaining the fans of mystery/thriller novels, he succeeded in finding a good fan-following for himself. He is hopeful of increasing the number of fans with his subsequent books coming in the future.

The P.T. Marsh series written by author John McMahon began in 2019 and contained 2 books till 2020. Each book of the series shows P.T. Marsh in the role of a police detective, who is grieving following the death of his wife and son in an accident. He tries to keep himself busy with his cases in order to not think about his huge loss all the time. Marsh is assisted in the investigations by his partner named Remy. The debut book of this exciting series is entitled ‘The Good Detective’. It was released by the G.P. Putnam’s Sons publication in 2019. McMahon has set this novel in Mason Falls, Georgia, the hometown of P.T. Marsh. Initially, it is mentioned that Detective Marsh was a popular detective before he got caught in the spiral of booze and grief over the loss of his family in a tragic accident. This seems to have affected him too much. Marsh appears to have lost the ability to think smartly and make the right decisions. Every move of his leads him to disastrous outcomes. When he sees an exotic dancer getting beaten by her abusive lover late at night, he tries to save the woman by confronting the man and beating him up.

The next morning, Marsh is called in to investigate a new murder case. When he arrives at the crime scene, he is shocked to discover that the victim is the same man he had beaten on the previous night. Marsh tries to convince himself that the man was alive when he had left, but he is worried that his fingerprints are present all over the victim’s body. The trouble seems to have just begun for Marsh and his partner named Remy Morgan. They suspect that the murder might be linked to a local lynching and arson that happened a couple of days back. In that case, a black man was brutally killed in a nearby field. Marsh thinks that the man he beat up was involved in the killing of the black man and is worried that he might have murdered the prime suspect. As media scrutiny and racial tension continue to be on the rise, Marsh gets his hands on important evidence. A sinister conspiracy is uncovered that leads to the period of the Civil War. Morgan and Marsh risk everything to get to the bottom of this mystery. Marsh even fights his personal demons while trying to figure out if he has committed murder or done the right thing by mistake.

Another exciting book of this series is called ‘The Evil Men Do’. It also consists of the central characters in the form of Remy Morgan and P.T. Marsh. The book opens by depicting that a rich real estate dealer is found dead. Soon after, Marsh and Morgan are ordered to look into the case and find the culprit. They begin the investigation and come up with a long suspects’ list. It is learned that the victim, Ennis Fultz, had turned the small town of Mason Falls into a den of professional rivals. He had wronged his ex-wife and left his neighbors angry because of his actions. So, Marsh thinks that one of among rivals, neighbors, and wronged former wife could not take it anymore and decided to take the drastic step of murdering Ennis Fultz. When he realizes that this murder case is not too much to worry about, Marsh starts seeing the dangerous outcomes of ordinary people turning into evils.

As he and his partner dig deeper into Ennis Fultz’s murder case, they find that the killer did not kill him for revenge. Rather, the murder turns out to be part of a crime-filled dark web that is linked to the accident that upended the life of P.T. Marsh a few years ago. As the case becomes personal, Marsh takes the liberty of going off track and tread dangerous paths to find clues. His search lands him in a place where the good deeds of man are considered more dangerous than the worst crimes committed by him.

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