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Coming from Canada, the long-time Canadian author John Moss has been well known for his engaging and exciting fast paced thrillers. Not only that, but he’s also highly regarded for his literary criticism that’s concise and in-depth, with him speaking at a number of events. A professor at the University of Ottawa, he has a keen insight into the mind of his characters, something that his many readers worldwide have come to appreciate.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 7th of February in 1940, John Errington Moss was born and raised in the area of Galt in Ontario, Canada. Growing up in the village of Blair, he would harness his passion for both reading and writing throughout his upbringing. Honing his skills and talent for the written word constantly, his family moved when he was eleven, whilst still staying in Canada.

Graduating from Huron College in 1961, he would go on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree, followed by a Master of Arts degree in 1969 from The University of Western Ontario. These qualifications would allow him to gain the necessary tools required to create his voice and style. Using these as foundations, he would also head towards a career in academia himself, constantly learning his craft throughout the years.

Working through an extensive array of jobs prior to becoming an academic and a full-time writer, John Moss has a wealth of experience behind him. Spending time being employed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, along with being an archivist too, he’s not without stories of his own. One such story is his time working as a stand-in for the actor Peter O’Toole whilst on the set of the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

Still writing to this present day, he’s still got a number of books set to come out in the near future as he continues to write. Now living in Peterborough in Ontario, he is happily married to his wife, as well as being a full-time writer. With a lot more to come yet, there’s plenty more titles set to be released on the horizon, as his writing career carries on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

It was in 2008 that he finally brought out his first fictional novel with the release of the book ‘Still Waters’. Setting up the first title in his ongoing ‘Quin and Morgan Mystery’ series of novels, it marked a major step away from the world of academic writing. He would then proceed to produce a great deal more fictional works following the publication of his first debut novel.

With his ‘Quin and Morgan Mystery’ franchise begun and well underway, he would also go on to produce a number of other novels too. This was to be the franchise that he has largely focused on, though, with a vast array of works published in the series. Highly regarded by his many readers, he has also produced a number of stand-alone titles too, as well as continuing to publish his non-fictional titles too.

Being awarded the Fellow of the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences of The Royal Society of Canada in 2005, he was making a strong name for himself as a key figure even before becoming an author. Appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, he was to become an extremely popular household name in the years to come. Reaching a worldwide level of acclaim, he would soon appeal beyond the borders of just Canada, reaching readers far and wide.

As a literary critic of great influence, he has helped shape the face of literary criticism over the years as well. For this he would gain his award from The Royal Society of Canada, setting him up as one of the foremost voices within his field. This background would also allow him to create his voice and style, giving him the much needed foundations with which to work up from.

Editing books in the past, Moss has always had a background in literary fiction, a practice that he takes into his own stories. Creating rich and vibrant mysteries, he’s able to keep the reader engaged right up until the very last page. Not only that, he’s also started working on titles in the young adult genre too, with his career growing from strength-to-strength.

The Dead Scholar

Initially published in 2013 on the 26th of May, this was first brought out through the Anne McDermid and Associates Limited publishing label. Set within the world of the Quin and Morgan Mystery franchise, it manages to stand-alone as its own specific case. Providing a historical mystery novel, it’s a fully realized world contained within, one which maintains a high degree of accuracy throughout.

Set deep within Toronto itself, a body turns up along the Philosopher’s Walk and, not only that, but he was an esteemed professor as well. With a whole host of potential enemies back at the Francis Bacon Society, it comes as no surprise that he was murdered. The question for both Detectives David Morgan and Miranda Quin is who committed this particular crime and why? Will they find the real killer? Who exactly are his enemies? What became of the dead scholar?

The Girl in a Coma

Originally brought out in 2016 on the 2nd of August through the Poisoned Pencil publishing label, this was a stand-alone from Moss. Heading into the Young Adult genre, this heralds a somewhat different turn for him as an author and writer of fiction. Featuring the character of Alison Briscoe, it was also the book to set-up her ongoing trilogy of novels starring her as the protagonist.

One day someone attempts to kill fifteen year old Allison Briscoe by shooting her through the back of the head. What happens instead, though, is that she is put into what everyone thinks is a coma, but she is completely paralysed all over with no way to communicate. Each night she sleeps and dreams, and in these dreams she travels through time and visits her ancestors learning as she goes. Can she ever hope to be able to break out of her paralysis? Will the killer succeed in finishing the job? What will happen to the girl in a coma?

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