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About John Parrish

With a penchant for action and adventure, the writer John Parrish has always been heavily invested in fast-paced stories, immersing himself in them from an early age. This is a love and passion that he has transferred to an audience worldwide, taking his stories international, with readers from all across the globe finding something within his adrenaline fueled narratives. His use of characters is also something to be admired too, as he creates iconic personalities that really do stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. Over time he has managed to build upon this, allowing his stories to come alive, creating hear-pounding excitement that never fails to entertain on a truly visceral level. Grabbing the attention of the reader almost instantly, John Parrish really makes the most of his material, constantly taking it to a whole new level throughout.

Knowing and having fun with his subject matter too, he is always self-aware as a writer about what he is writing about. This then provides his readers with a sense of enjoyment too, letting them in on the escapist fun as well, whilst not letting up at any one point. It also goes above and beyond when it comes to world building, as the action itself takes place on an international stage, giving it an almost exotic appeal.

All of this has led to Parrish becoming a highly sought after voice within the industry overall, creating a style that is very much his own. It is because of this that his work has resonated with so many, getting a huge audience on a worldwide scale, with scores of readers from across the globe. Achieving a huge amount of success, his career is sure to only grow from strength-to-strength, with plenty more titles set to be released in the near future.

Early and Personal Life

Born the youngest of three children in total, the future author to be John Parrish would always be keenly fascinated in adventure novels. These would be numerous throughout his upbringing, with titles such as ‘John Carter of Mars’ and ‘Tarzan’ being novels he would read. Sneaking into his brother’s room at a young age, he would quickly grab the books, before losing himself in them and their worlds.

Over the years this passion would grow, building into Parrish wanting to nurture his own creative pursuits in time. History would always be a keen interest of his too, learning about the past, whilst inserting elements of this into his work as well. Giving his work a sense of immediacy in the years to come, he find that this would allow him to build upon both his material and his style.

Typically reading more than two books at the same time, he continues to nurture this love of the craft to this present day. Sometimes this will also consist of both a history book, as well as a fictional book too, allowing them to be read in unison, inspiring different and exciting ideas. With a lot more to come on the horizon, this will be something that John Parrish continues to do for many years to come yet.

Writing Career

Starting out with an action adventure novel, John Parrish would begin his writing career with the release of ‘Free Fall’. This would be an action adventure novel, thus establishing him as a writer capable of building a sense of both tension and suspense in the reader. Taking the reader on a journey, this definitely managed to set him apart from the rest, marking him out as one to watch in the years to follow.

Coming a long way from the first book that he wrote in elementary school and then once more in junior high, he would prove himself to be an extremely competent writer. Whilst his debut wouldn’t be a part of any series as such, it would provide a quality stand-alone title that would offer a clear idea of what was to come. Largely continuing to focus on thrillers to this day, his sense of mystery and intrigue persists, with his writing career growing from strength-to-strength.

Free Fall

Published on the 5th of October in 2017, this would establish John Parrish as a writer of thriller novels for the first time. Setting him up it would allow him to come alive as novelist, really finding himself as an author, as well as showing readers what he was all about. Released on the Kindle, it would definitely set him apart from the rest of the writers currently working within his field as well.

Combining elements of science-fiction and the action thriller, this is a fast paced novel that really sets the tone for Parrish as a writer. With a strong leading protagonist in the main role, it sees Mathew McKenna taking charge and carrying the story forwards. This then gives it all a sense of weight and heft that really allows it to come alive in the process, giving it a definite feeling of immediacy. Some of the story takes place in space, whilst some of it happens down on Earth, which makes it a truly exciting novel.

Small town Sheriff Mathew McKenna is visiting his niece when suddenly he finds himself within one of the worst terrorist attacks in history. Washington is in a state of complete crisis, as they consider invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, thus ensuring that the Vice President becomes the Acting President. With the president and his family attending the ten year anniversary of the city of Liberty, the world’s first orbital city, the rest of the world can only look on in horror as the attacks unfold. Leading a group of survivors, including his niece and the First Lady, a former Navy SEAL, he attempts to save the city and themselves. Can he do it though, and save the day? Who carried out the attacks and will they strike again? Will they all find themselves in a state of free fall?

Future Projects

Showing himself to be a highly adept writer of thriller novels, the future holds plenty of opportunities for a writer such as John Parrish. Accomplished as he is versatile, he has managed to create his idiosyncratic style that is both fun and engaging in equal measure. Whether it’s heading off on an adventure or saving the world, that youthful passion for the form is something that will continue to enthrall countless readers every day.

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