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Wrath of the Angel (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Prophecy of Ashes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy of Blood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy of Chaos (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy of Dust (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy of Eden (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

John R. Monteith is a name that is renowned for the great works when it comes to fiction action and adventure. He is the bestselling and award winning author of the Rogue Submarine series and Wraith Hunter Chronicles.

Monteith’s background in the military makes him have the better edge when it comes to the writing war based books. His writing is one that has received a lot of accolades from the style that he uses and also the settings that he bases the books. His creations have had high sales and awards and are seen on Amazon due to the creativity and innovativeness used. Serving as an instructor at the naval base gives him the best experience and skills to carry on with this work. Rogue Enforcer (2014) the 5th book in Rogue Submarine series was Amazon bestseller in different categories including War & Military, Action & Adventure and War.

John’s experiences in the navy which made him have the advantage of getting the creativity to deliver what exactly the reader wanted in Rogue Submarine series. Some of his well-known book series include Archangels’ Wrath, Rogue Submarine, and Wraith Hunter Chronicles. Balancing between the technology used and the understanding of the common person has enabled him to raise high in this line.

Rogue Avenger

Rogue Avenger is the first book in the rogue submarine series by John R. Monteith and which introduces the reader into the action world in the waters. It’s a book that is thrilling and also gets to give you the glimpse of the submarine warfare in such a way that is easily understood. His years in the area give him a better hand in writing this book and making it a masterpiece. The authenticity of John’s work is something that is shouting from the way events turn in this story to feed the curiosity of the reader.

Rogue Avenger introduces Monteith’s main character Lieutenant Jake Slate who works in a ballistic missile submarine known as the USS Colorado. The story gives the reader a good description of this character before moving on to provide an occurrence of events that accompany this person. An accident happens and changes everything all over, and this dramatically ruins his life. Rescuing the others involved turns out to be the reason that he has his career ruined and takes a dark turn in attempt to cover for the mistakes made by a senior officer as the sacrificial lamb. It makes him turn to the worst making his life even harder.

In the attempt to have his revenge, Jake is found in the effort to sell the nuclear arsenals belonging to Colorado after hijacking it. Hate and rage have blinded him by a great extent to the point that all that he cares about is getting back his revenge. His character is somehow changed by the incident and forces him to take the path that he has taken in this piece.

Monteith uses a language that is clear to understand despite the technicalities that are involved in the environment that the book is set. The reader is introduced to the scares and horrors plus the action that is involved. He has a good command of this genre keeping the reader alert and connects events in such a way that one can fully understand without really struggling.

Overall, lovers of action and fiction have a great opportunity when it comes to this one where they can follow all through. Being written in a well understandable manner makes it a great choice thus the huge contribution of persons that are interested in the works of this author. It is a novel that will leave you wanting for more upon starting on the journey of reading the publication.

Rogue Crusader

Rogue crusader is the second book in Rogue Submarine series by John R. Monteith. The main character Jake Slate is viewed as the last hope for the Americans for survival. Having been exiled as a result of military crimes that were supposed to land him for execution, taking him as a hero is the not the idea for a hero for many. The character is the right choice to turn the events that unfold in this storyline in a way that is systematic and breathtaking.
An Israeli submarine has been hijacked, and there is also an imminent attack on a U. S Navy destroyer which is a civil oil tanker that has secret nuclear weapons cargo. All this are aimed at penetrating the United States’ ballistic missile defense. The same Jake together with a couple of mercenaries who are submarine sailors is the only hope to the Americans.

The author places the scene in the oceans where he shows the readers the conditions and the situations that such people have to deal with in their line of work and the descriptions of the technicalities that are involved here in such a way that the average reader can move along smoothly without having the obstruction. Monteith turns the main character here that is perceived as a traitor into the hero of the death in this piece.

Rogue Crusader is filed with a lot of creativity and moves the story along with a precise line that has turns and twists that are exciting and also unexpected. The character that is given to Slate on different occasions in the book is fascinating and grabs the attention of the reader. Monteith has a unique way of turning the unexpected into play which mainly can be attributed to the position that he held in his years of working in the tactics sector for the navel.

Rogue Crusader creates suspense and turns unprecedented and unexpected to life. The story will transport you to where the action, fear, and horror can almost be felt as you read. As the events unfold, one has the yearning to know how each of them turns as the unrecognized and exiled naval officer together with the mercenaries come in to offer hope for the Americans.

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