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John Rector is currently a best selling author with several awards to his name. He is commonly known for his short-fiction/novella title Lost things which won several awards including an international thriller award to his name.John Rector basically bases is genre on Mystery and thriller stories, suspense filled writings and crime books. Just recently his book the cold kiss has been nominated by readers for a film due to its suspense filled characteristics and the film is currently in progress.John Rector happens to be one of the very few authors with a very wide fan base spreading from North America to the UK and even countries like Germany and other countries.His first novel was published in 2009 titled “The Grove” and since then he has published thriller books, with the last one was published in the “Suspense Magazine” in 2013.

Little is known about his childhood, as he is yet to publish a well written biography dating as far back as his early childhood, he currently stays at Omaha in Nebraska, United States of America and he is a citizen of the U.S.His First book “The Grove” which shot him to limelight featured the character of a man named Dexter who wakes up with no memory of previous happenings in his life, and stumbles on a corpse in which he decides he would not report that to the sheriff who was with him but chose to investigate the issue, the book explains that he contemplated if he had killed her or maybe had a hand in her death, though he tried to shove away from his mind what he was contemplating. The story went on as he formed an unusual close relationship with the girl’s ghost even though she never told him how she died or the actions that resulted in her death.The book was entirely suspense filled and made sales into countries as far as Holland due to its popularity.Even with the success of the first book, John Rector didn’t seem to show any early signs of relent with his release of his second book in July 1st 2010, titled “The Cold Kiss”.

The book was entirely a thriller novel with so much suspense as though it was a motion picture, the book featured two young ladies named Sara and Nate, the two young girls with the intention of running away from some activities of their past and are desperate for cash, stumble upon a man who needed a lift and was willing to pay, enticed by the amount and due to their cashless state, they accepted and made a stop at a motel, the book later explains that the man was mysteriously shot and when Nate searched him, she found a waste belt containing some cash. Led by greed and frustration, she takes the money and carries him out of the car. This action in turn angered another character named Syl who also started devising means to get the money Nate had taken. The book is suspense filled and once again was widely accepted by readers both in North America and the UK, this new masterpiece therefore elevated John Rector’s reputation of delivering quality fiction materials and exponentially increased is fan base.

With so much expectations on his neck to release another quality fiction material, John Rector released a 360-page masterpiece, December the following year titled “Already Gone” and proved he was not an accidentally famous writer and that he became better as the years went by. “Already Gone” pictured the life of a character called Jake who has made a decision to forget his past and forge ahead with his new wife called Diane, however when events begin to unfold, Jake reconsiders the decision he had earlier taken, he first encountered some at a car park who harassed him and had his ring finger cut off, although this angered him, he still tried to keep to his decision about revisiting his ugly past. This decision however puts him in a dilemma when he had to choose from either going back to his former life or risked having his wife killed by kidnappers who had already kidnapped her. The book exponentially increased Rector’s fame and was likened to masterpiece motion pictures like the 24 series, Prison Break series among several others.

With the release of Fictional Thriller books, John Rector had set himself on a standard he always had to meet up, and he never failed the standard. He waited and developed his next masterpiece and then proved to the world that his talent was indeed an exceptional one with his 259-page novel release of thriller “Out of the Black” in 2013 which continued to hang its readers in continues suspense like the other books written by John Rector. The book was filled with mysteries that kept unfolding as the story kept on progressing, rather than the previous civilian characters featured in his previous books, this one featured an ex-Marine who is also a single parent to his daughter Anna, due to joblessness, lack of funds and pressure from his in-laws to sue him with regards Anna, he joins his friend Jay who is a drug addict to plan and execute a kidnap of the spouse of a philanthropist.

After the successful execution of the plan, events start unfolding in an unexpected manner as a result of Jay’s miscalculation with regards the identity of the philanthropist, this turn of events is now on the breach of reaching Anna, his most prized daughter. He then starts making his correcting his wrongs and making them right all in the limits of a deadline. The book really showed Hector’s talent as a rare one, and helped him widen his fan base to a world wide scope.He currently has 11 eleven books to his name including his award winning novella “Lost Things”.He currently has a blogspot “” where he shares his ideas and receives reviews of his works from fans all over the world. The name John Rector is now synonymous with a writer with a good reputation of fictional thriller books that always captivates the minds of its readers.

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