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Publication Order of John Rockne Books

Dan Ames is an American author of fiction. He is an internationally best selling author. He is also the winner for Crime Fiction of the Independent Book Award. He is known for being the author of the fictional Jack Reacher Cases. Readers can learn more about him on his home site.

Dan Ames is the creator and author of the John Rockne series of fictional novels. The series kicked off in 2014 with the release of the debut book in the series. It was called Dead Wood. The sequel came out not very long after; it was titled Hard Rock. The third book in the series came out the next year and is called Cold Jade. Body Blow came out in 2017 and it is the sixth book in the series.

Dead Wood is the first novel in the John Rockne series by author Dan Ames. Check out this fast paced novel that others are calling a mystery that is ‘unpredictable’ (at least according to author Thomas Perry, who also noted the cast of supporting characters and presence of an ‘engaging narrator’).

Things start to really heat up in this book when a woman is murdered. The town is Grosse Pointe and the state is Michigan, in an enclave that really is quite exclusive. The woman is an artist that spends her time carefully crafting beautiful customized guitars that she builds herself. Who would have had the motive to kill her?

No one knows for sure, but the woman had family. Now that she is dead, her father has hired a private investigator to look into things. No one could blame him as the death certainly looks suspicious. As for the private eye, he used to be a cop and now he’s a detective that works cases on the side.

Even though the investigator is taking on a case where they are not personally invested, that doesn’t seem to matter to whoever is on the other end. John is immediately targeted by someone, and not just anyone– a former convict that is just too violent to really avoid going after him.

Meanwhile, this case is heating up, and the mystery is on. While the woman is almost certainly never coming back to life, those who are still alive and walking the face of the earth are now scrambling to cover their tracks. That’s what could be said to be happening when it comes to a mysterious musical star that is focused and intent on doing as much damage control as she can.

The star wants to reduce any visible links connecting her to the victim. Now a killer is out there, and it’s looking like this one might know what they are doing all too well. When this killer goes professional, is anyone going to be able to get out of their way?

As it turns out, these aren’t just any killers. This murderer has a thing about the rocker Keith Richards. Not every killer idolizes a celebrity rock star, but this also isn’t the average case either. When the killer is lured into the area thanks to an employer, things are really going to get interesting.

Can the people of the town stay safe when trouble comes walking into their town? Or are they simply going to be in for the ride of their lives– or deaths?

Along with Dani Amore, Dan Ames has put together a compelling mystery story that combines all the best aspects of what a murder case should be. Full of twists and turns all the way through, this novel introduces a main character in Rockne that readers might really enjoy! Gritty and satisfying, don’t forget to check out this book at a library or a book store near you.

Hard Rock is the exciting sequel in Dan Ames’ John Rockne series. If you loved the first book in this gripping series, then you may really enjoy the second installment!

When it comes to the past, not every skeleton stays in the closet. Some secrets stay hidden and buried deep down, while others rise to the surface when a flood comes into town. John Rockne has already had his share of perplexing cases, but he’s about to have a new case coming at him that really takes the cake.

He has been a private investigator for some time now, and just had a heck of a time solving the case he was hired to take on in the debut novel. Now he’s got a new case to worry about. He doesn’t mind the work, but the only thing is that the only time he ever gets hired to do anything, someone has to die or disappear or something crazy ends up happening.

This time it is murder again and it’s the same old story for this investigator. Rockne knows that the young man was brutally murdered. The question now is who did it and what was there motive? Grosse Pointe is not known for its crime, but it’s starting to get a certain reputation what with all of the action that it is constantly seeing.

When a killer that is called The Spook comes under contract, they know that they are going to do the utmost that they can to try and keep secrets where they originally are. The truth must be buried and stay there until the end of time– at least, that is their intention.

With John on the case, the criminals don’t stand a chance. But with a killer on the loose in Grosse Pointe, the investigator is feeling the pressure to get somewhere. You can’t just pull clues out of the thin air, but you can do your best to try and come up with places to start looking.

Once in a while, you might just get lucky and catch a break. But can this private eye go looking for answers and try to get somewhere with this case, or will his own baggage from a difficult past catch up with him? Can he catch a killer or will he fall into their trap? Read this second book in the John Rockne series to find out!

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