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John Sneeden is a bestselling mystery fiction author that is best known for the very popular “Delphi Group Thriller” series of novels.

The author was born on the North Carolina coast and thanks to his mother who was a voracious reader, he was introduced to books when he was still very young.
Growing up, he loved going out fishing with friends and playing basketball.

When he was not doing that, he would often be found on the couch reading an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. In fact, it was from Burroughs that he would first develop his love for escapist fiction.
After graduating from college, he would go on to have more than twenty-five years working in banking. He would then decide that it was time he made his lifelong dream of becoming an author.
John published “Betrayal,” his first novel of the “Delphi Group Thriller” series in 2017. He now has at least ten works to his name and has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Sneeden currently makes his home in the Southern portion of the US. He usually provides updates and information about his upcoming novels and bonus content through his website, newsletter, and social media.

While John Sneeden is now a full-time author, he finds that morning is the best time to write. The reason for this is that distractions tend to pile up as the day goes on.

As such, he usually finds that his mind is fresher in the early morning hours particularly after has had his cup of beloved Caribou coffee. Once he is done writing he will usually spend his afternoons doing his bookkeeping and marketing tasks.
About self-publishing, he has said that he went that way since he has always enjoyed having full control over everything about his novels.
Since he once worked in the business world, he has all the skills to market his books which he has done quite successfully.

When he is not penning his novels or doing his marketing he is someone who has a lot of interests and hobbies.

He enjoys reading the works of the likes of James Rollins, Daniel Silva, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Brad Thor who are some of his favorite writers.

Apart from reading he also likes traveling particularly to Europe, following National Hockey League hockey, dining out, and doing things with different groups at the local church.

“The Signal” by John Sneeden is a work set in December on a very snowy night.

This is where Ian Higgs a former engineer with NASA was shot in cold blood on the London streets. The man’s death had drawn the attention of governments in the United States and In Europe.
Further complicating things, Amanda his daughter has received an ominous letter that her father had written to her on the day he had been killed. Amanda is certain that the letter has clues that would lead her to find the man who killed her father.
The government of the United States is very interested in the matter and now turns to the famous Delphi Group for help.

Zane Watson is a senior operative who is summoned from a Colorado-based black site where he had been hiding and asked to look into the case given his considerable skills.
The team then finds several clues that lead them all across the European continent from an ancient Genevan cathedral to a luxury apartment in Vienna.
In the process, they unearth a sinister plot that seeks to control the power of modern technology to achieve paranormal ends.

With a blizzard raging and the clock ticking, the team needs to race against time to protect civilization from one of the most potent evil since recorded history.

John Sneeden’s novel “The Portal” is a stunning follow-up to the debut novel of the “Delphi Group” series.

NASA had been recording sound waves over the universe when they made across a shocking discovery. They had detected a strange audio transmission over Brazil whose source they could not find.
The signature of the audio transmission had only ever been recorded one other time from the Andromeda Galaxy. The United States government asks the Delphi Group to investigate to find out if the sound came from alien intelligence.
Zane Watson is a senior Delphi operative who is part of the team of locals, academics, and Special Forces units that head deep into the Amazon to try to unlock the mystery of the strange sound waves.
They soon find themselves facing up to a mysterious group that had its one agenda. The team had to face both modern and ancient terrors.

They are following a trail of clues to a horrifying place deep in the dark jungle where even the indigenous people fear to tread.

From the jungles of Brazil to the mountains of Idaho and to a high-rise apartment building in Taiwan, the Delphi team has never had to deal with such high stakes.
It makes for a very suspenseful work full of exciting locations and supernatural themes.

“The Hades Conspiracy” by John Sneeden is the story of Dr. Richard Pauling, an American archeologist who went missing while he was in Venice and is now presumed dead.

The US government is anxious to learn what happened to him and why and hence asks the Delphi Group to investigate. Zane Watson is a senior operative who is charged with leading a team to Italy where they find a startling discovery.
They learn that just before his death the man had acquired a map of unknown purpose and origin. To the underground vault on the southern part of the Secret Archives of the Vatican, a covert figure breaches the walls seeking a mysterious ancient relic.

The Delphi Group believes that the relic and the map are somehow related and soon learn that an ancient order is responsible for the intrigue But still, no one knows where the map leads and why the ancient order is very desperate to get its hands on it.

Following the trail of clues, Zane and the team find themselves moving toward a sinister and dark destination. For some it is a place of unspeakable horror and for others, a place of legend.

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