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About John Stack
Irish writer John Stack is well known for his historical fiction that really sets him apart as a writer with something to say. As a bestselling author, he’s extremely well regarded by both critics and the general public alike the world over. Focusing on historical eras and period settings, he writes about times such as the Roman era, transporting his readers back. Featuring a great deal of adventure, he really sets the mood, giving his readers an exciting and action packed world to lose themselves in.

The characters he creates are also extremely well done as, whilst the books are from a completely different period, they still resonate with readers today. This can be seen reflected in his huge sales, which have reached increasingly high numbers, attracting readers from all across the world. Leaving an impact on readers too, many of his series has people continually coming back for more, largely due to their addictive nature. It’s clearly a testament to his writing, as they really set the standard for the genre, as many of his peers and contemporaries aspire to his level.

His language is clear and accessible as well, with a no nonsense manner that is at once both evocative, whilst also being straight to the point. Caring for the protagonists, readers never feel lost at any single point, regardless of the labyrinthine narratives and political intrigues he infuses into his work. These series continue, as they’re finding more and more readers every day, with an ever growing audience both nationally and internationally. This is something that will carry on too, as he definitely has more to follow, and will always be an important writer to watch.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in County Cork, Ireland, the writer to be John Stack would grow up with a keen interest in both reading and writing. This would develop over the years, as he would gradually start to develop his own style and distinctive writing voice. Focusing on historical fiction, he’d also take his love and passion for history, putting it back into his work as his key source of inspiration.

Prior to working full-time as a writer who would spend some time working in IT, all the while continuing to work on his material. In time this would build, allowing him to become far more adept at his craft, letting him find his own unique approach. Still living in County Cork to this very day, he continues to write regularly, residing with his partner and their three children.

Writing Career:
For John Stack, his writing career would begin back in 2009 with the novel ‘Ship of Rome’, which would also be the first in his ‘Masters of the Sea’ series. Publishing his second novel later that year, he’d bring out the sequel ‘Captain of Rome’, followed by ‘Master of Rome’ in 2011. In 2018 he’d go on to release his next series ‘Mercenary of Rome’, the first of which was titled ‘Mutiny’, along with ‘Retribution’ in 2019.

He’d also release two stand-alone novels, one in 2012 titled ‘Armada’, and the other in 2016 going under the name ‘Aces Over Ypres’. All his novels would mainly focus on historical settings, a genre which Stack would clearly excel at as an author. Showing very close attention to detail, he’d become famous for his authenticity when replicating periods in time, something which he continues today.

Master of Rome
This was the last in the ‘Masters of the Sea’ series, bringing the franchise to a fulfilling conclusion for fans the world over. Working in an effective manner wrapping up the many arcs, it was originally published on the 20th of January in 2011 through the HarperCollins imprint. Coming a long way since the first book, it’s a successful development for the series overall, providing more of the quality readers and fans had come to expect from Stack.
It’s an exciting novel with all the action and adventure that a reader can hope for when it comes to such a title. Combining character and story, it uses its setting to great effect, making for an extremely exciting conclusion. The world is well developed, whilst the story is immersive, allowing the reader to really lose themselves within it.

The Carthaginian and Roman empires are coming to blows, as they clash for ultimate control of the Mediterranean region, along with Rome and north Africa. Focusing on Atticus, a young Greek captain, this sees him as acting commander of the Roman navy, manning a blockade just outside the port of Tunis. Escaping the Carthaginian forces his fleet are almost completely destroyed during a storm, he returns to Rome and is met with hostility over the news, especially given that he is Greek and may never be accepted. Does he want to be accepted by the Romans though? Can he find his own way? Who will be the true master of Rome?

Aces Over Ypres
Published through the Endeavour Media publishing house this time, this would first come out back in 2016 on the 18th of April. Working as a stand-alone novel, it would feature much of Stack’s passion for history, this time focusing on the First World War. Looking at the military efforts during that time, its an interesting and different direction for him as an author, whilst also retaining some of his now trademark authenticity and realism. With its reluctant heroes at the center of it too, it’s a relatable story that really connects the reader with ongoing action and excitement.

Taking place in August 1914, this sees the nations of Europe all engaged in war, with conflict everywhere, over both land and sea. After being injured upon the battlefield, the private second-class artilleryman Charlie Sexton is made an observer for the British Flying Corps. Working reconnaissance over northern France and the battlefields there, Charlie must work alongside Lieutenant James St. Leger who is reluctant after his last observer died. How will they face off against the German Flying Corps, and Lieutenant Kurt Manheim in his B466 biplane? Can they keep their wits about them and work together? What will become of the aces over Ypres?

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