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The Fifth Freedom (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon

John Templeton Smith is a bestselling thriller fiction author that is best known for the “John Winter” series of novels.

He was born in 1943 and aged just 16, he joined the Royal Air Force in 1959 where he was an Aircraft Apprentice working in the 92nd Entry at RAF Halton.
While working in the Royal Air Force, he was active in different theaters in the Far East, the United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, and Canada.
After he got out of the RAF, he briefly worked as a commercial airplane pilot before he turned to aircraft delivery and journalism.

During this time, he worked picking up light aircraft from American manufacturers which he would then deliver to Europe.

In 1978, he got into the Guinness Book of Records after he flew the fastest solar trans-Atlantic Crossing between the United Kingdom and New Found Land.

Templeton Smith credits his success as an author to the motivation and guidance he got from his author friend Desmond Bagley. Bagley and Smith had met while they were both living on the island of Guernsey.
It was from his friend that he learned that it was important to conduct deep research before beginning to write a novel.

Once he had done his research, Templeton locked himself away from the world and all its distractions to write the manuscript for his debut novel. The author published “Skytrap” his debut novel in 1983 and this was the time his career began to take off.

During the mid-1980s, he moved to Oklahoma City and got a job at Oklahoma City University where he lectured on creative writing. While he was on his vacation, he used to travel around the Pacific Rim and South America and also to Viet Nam.
It was from these travels that he found much of the inspiration that he used to pen the “John Winter” trilogy.

As for his writing, John Templeton Smith has asserted that he gets much of his routine apart from the research from Bagley his mentor. From his very early days, he has always locked himself in a room where he will not get distracted.
He will usually dedicate much of his days to writing, writing until he is done. After publishing his debut novel “Skytrap,” he would then pen the “John Winter Trilogy” in addition to several single-standing titles.
In addition to his very successful fiction works, he has also written for the likes of “Pilot Magazine” and has also written screenplays for a TV series.
The author currently makes his home in Gibraltar in the United Kingdom.

“White Lie” by John Templeton Smith is an interesting fiction work that introduces a man named John Winter. He believed his flying days were over only for things to take a turn for the worse.
His new life becomes entangled in a distant and dirty war and the unique skills which he gained over many years in the military may just come in handy.

The black ops wing of the CIA is happy to let an ex-British SAS man, combat pilot, and mercenary come in and do some dirty work for them.

They sent him on a deniable and covert mission to South America where he has to deal with a powerful and ruthless enemy. But failure or success will come down to his ability to lead a rag-tag team of former airmen.
They are heading to their destination aboard a battle-worn but lethal British jet fighter named the English Electric Lightning F6.

It is a brilliant work bristling with authority and authenticity that has been compared to the works of the likes of Stephen Coonts.

John Templeton Smith’s novel “Saigon Express” continues to follow John Winter who had spent decades fighting wars that had nothing to do with him and this had earned him an early and comfortable retirement.
But then his money had been seized by the CIA only for them to quickly realize that he is not the type of person you can push around without consequences.

He gives the CIA a deadline to return his money but they call his bluff as they believe they are holding all the cards.

But an F-4 Phantom fighter jet, a daring plan to fly across the globe, and a threat to do some explosive things in the Middle East say they have very few cards. He had asked them nicely but now he is not willing to be very polite.
Get ready for a fast-paced thriller of a novel that comes with a lot of action and literary suspense.

“Then a Soldier” by John Templeton Smith opens with John Winter finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, he has always done the right thing regardless of the circumstances. Still, when a covert mission goes wrong with fatal consequences following, the former British SAS man believes he has had enough.

He makes a new life for himself as a pilot for hire as he hopes to leave the past in the past. However, his enemies have found him as they came alongside the US army for a presidential visit.

With the president coming to town to visit, they had the perfect cover to come up with an elaborate and bold plan to exact vengeance. But John Winter their intended target has other ideas.
It all makes for an intriguing story with political intrigue, love, and war.

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