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The Traveler (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark River (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Golden City (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Against Authority (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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John Twelve Hawks is an anonymous published author. He also goes by the handles of J12H or JXIIH.

The true identity of this author remains unknown. He does communicate by way of the Internet as well as an untraceable phone. Even though he does work with an editor, he and the editor have never met. His book The Traveler is in development to be made into a media feature, as is Spark.

John Twelve Hawks is the creator and author of the Fourth Realm series. This series started in 2005 with The Traveler. The sequel to came out two years later and is titled The Dark River. The Golden City was released in 2009 and made the series a trilogy.

The Traveler is the first book in the Fourth Realm series by author John Twelve Hawks. In this exciting fantasy debut, readers get the chance to meet the main character of The Traveler for the first time.

Most of us think that the world that we live in is set. However, there may be many parallel world lines that run along our own timeline that we aren’t aware of. For someone like The Traveler, exploring a world that runs parallel to ours is natural.

This is a world that lives in full, hidden in the shadow. Any conflicts that happen in this world will never be glimpsed by those who belong to another. As it turns out, only one woman may be the deciding factor in this conflict and the one thing standing between the people that want to control the path of history and the individuals that are willing to risk their very lives in order to obtain freedom.

Maya is just 26 years old, a young woman hiding out in London. She has had to abandon her father’s dangerous obligations and the things that were put upon her. She gave it all up to have the chance to pursue a regular life.

The truth is that Maya has a history in her family and is the descendant from a line of those that are known as Harlequins. Her family have belonged to an ancient group of fierce warriors that have been ready and willing to lay down their lives as the sacrificial price for protecting the individuals that go by the name of Travelers.

They may be only a few, but these select individuals have been protected by the Harlequins going back for years. At the same time, two brothers in Los Angeles may be an unlikely link to this story. Michael and Gabriel Corrigan have heard the same stories together ever since they were young. The tales that they have been told have shaped their entire view of who they are.

The stories that Michael and Gabriel were told were that their father was one of a special few known as Travelers. Their father has since passed away, but the stories about belonging to a small group of special prophets that have influenced the way that history has gone has always captured their imagination.

The Corrigan brothers were always fascinated by the idea that these individuals were able to reach the highest levels of enlightenment and throughout the centuries have worked to bring change to their world. The two brothers even might have inherited the same gift that their father had. As a result, they have always tried to give themselves a measure of protection by keeping to themselves and doing their best to stay off of the grid and remaining invisible to the surveillance networks keeping an eye on everyone in society.

When Maya is given the call from her father, who is not doing well, she finds out about the brothers for the first time. Not only does she now know that they exist, but she is informed that the Corrigan siblings are currently in great danger. They’re being stalked by the Tabula, a group of powerful mercenaries and men that have been hunting down the Travelers through the generations.

The Tabula wants to impose their sense of order into the world and take it over with full control. They see the Travelers as being a threat that they cannot tolerate. Maya knows her mission and is on her way to California as quickly as possible in order to try and get to the brothers first so she can protect them.

The brothers likely have no idea that they are even a target. Just like that, Maya is being pulled into the world of a Harlequin once more. She knows it to be a solitary existence, and its return is not necessarily one that she is looking forward to. She can even sense that a huge battle is coming. This conflict may end up revealing the identities of the brothers as well as some secrets along the way.

From Los Angeles to the streets of Prague, the deserts in Arizona and the structures of New York, pick up this book and travel along with Maya on the adventure of a lifetime as she attempts to fulfill her destiny. Check out The Traveler and read to the end to find out what happens in this debut that is full of action and intrigue!

The Dark River is the exciting sequel to the best selling debut novel, The Traveler. Readers get to pick up once more with the characters of Gabriel and Maya on another action packed adventure.

This time the two are looking for Gabriel’s father. The Traveler is doing everything that he can to try and track him down with the assistance of Maya, who comes from a long line of warriors that have promised to protect any of the Travelers with their life.

They have just narrowly escaped from Gabriel’s brother, who has joined men in their pursuit. Hiding is difficult thanks to surveillance. They go to New York, where Gabriel finds out shocking information.

Gabriel hears that his father may be alive after twenty long years and trapped somewhere. He works with Maya and new friends Vicki and Hollis to play how to escape from the city and find his father. But with mercenaries and his brother on his tail, can he get there first? Read this book to find out!

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