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John W. Mefford
John W. Mefford is a former journalist, veteran of the corporate wars, a true observer of social and human behavior. He’s been writing novels since he first entered the work force decades ago, however he never put words down on paper until late in 2009. John started this first novel during a so called “corporate timeout”.

John has been a voracious reader of mystery thrillers since before he was able to shave, and as a result he enjoys weaving a twisty story that keeps his readers riveted until the final page. And he’s also learned he’s rather good at embellishing, but don’t tell his fourth grade teacher that. He writes novels filled with suspense, intrigue, and thrills, yet they also evoke this emotional connection with his characters.

When John’s not busy writing, he chases three children around, reads, slaves away in his yard, takes in as many sports as time will allow, watches all kinds of movies, and continues to make his mental notes of societies and people all across the land.

“Fatal Greed” is the first novel in the “Greed” series and was released in 2014. Perverse alliances, a tortured soul, and a grisly murder. Images from that dark alley are haunting Michael Doyle. However the forces of evil have only begun destroying his life.

One corporate takeover bleeds into one private company. Behind the scenes, some deadly deals erupt out of the greed filled hearts of the power brokers. Can they even be stopped? For Michael, the thought of losing his own job to a bunch of arrogant assholes, layoffs, just feels like a kick right to the jewels. Until his life changes forever.

A spiraling string of events thrusts him into a life or death type fight to save one tortured soul and hunt a brutal killer down, one that lurks even closer than he’d ever imagined.

However while he gets closer to unraveling this deadly conspiracy, is he going to be too late to stop this madman from killing the single person he has ever cared about?

“Streets of Mayhem” is the first novel in the “Booker” series and was released in 2015. In just an instant they were all gone. Fifteen kids, all killed by white supremacists.

Booker’s known hate, and now he is forced to fight against it. He swore to protect the people of his city, even if the brass went and betrayed him, by taking away his badge. Who’s targeting him, and who’ll stand by his side? He has sacrificed so very much for the people, however he is willing to do anything to save his city from imploding. How much more can he have left at this point?

Somebody’s trying to ruin his career, and they are using Booker’s family as leverage. While panic is gripping the city, Booker is forced to make some major choices. Tough choices. Is it going to be enough to end this chaos? Or are the terrorists win?

“At Bay” is the first novel in the “Alex Troutt” series and was released in 2016. The murders are simply unspeakable. The sin unforgivable. Has the nightmare only just started for FBI Agent Alex Troutt?

Alex had been living the American dream. Until her violent crash. While Alex starts her daunting journey to uncover the black spots in her memory, a dead body is found in some murky Boston bay. What she finds does not make sense.

These ritualistic slayings start stacking up, and Alex is forced to plunge deeper into this investigation. Could she unwittingly be falling into some sort of trap? Right when she uncovers the twisted motive of the killer, she is gutted: her family and FBI worlds collide. And the resulting explosion rips her in two. Can she piece together all of the jagged fragments in order to save her family before it is too late?

“In Defiance” is the first novel in the “Ivy Nash” series and was released in 2017. One volatile hostage situation at this foster home reaches a rather bitter conclusion: some die, shots are fired, and some live to tell a pretty sordid story. In the middle of all this confusion and anguish is a child that will bear the scars of this unbelievable turmoil.

Ivy Nash, as a special investigator for Child Protective Services, lives by a single rule: she will do anything she must to fight for children’s well being. Anything at all. Something that was never done for her. As a “system” child, she spent time in a total of 17 foster homes. That’s seventeen.

Very soon, the facts of this case get blurred. Connections to drugs, and accusations of sibling abuse. Nothing is lining up how it should, and the authorities want all of it to just go away. Their target? This ten year old boy. Ivy, who is unrelenting in her pursuit to find the truth, and Cristina (her new friend) are able to uncover some alarming new information to pinpoint who exactly is at the root of this crime.

However evil knows no boundaries. Shock waves of her absolutely most horrific childhood memories erupt into the present and she knows that she’s in for the fight of her life.

“On Edge” is the first novel in the “Ozzie Novak” series and was released in 2017. A professional hit. One mystery client. A twisted psychopath. How long will Ozzie be able to dodge death?

In just the blink of an eye, Ozzie loses it all. A larger-than-life dad. A respected law career. And the love of his life. Ozzie, while being shaken to his core, refuses to even acknowledge that a mysterious death could be accidental. He just knows one way to move forward: he has to find this killer and their motive behind it.

Bullets begin flying and Ozzie’s life hangs in the balance. Why’re they coming after him? The hunt for this killer unearths some threats that Ozzie never even knew existed. Did he really even know his dad?

While the weight of the world converges into this fireball destined to ruin everything, Ozzie gets tested like never before. Can he uncover the root of evil before they’re able to bury him permanently?

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