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Honeymoon in Paris (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl You Left Behind (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sheltering Rain (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foreign Fruit (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Windfallen (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Peacock Emporium (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ship of Brides (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silver Bay (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Music (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Letter from Your Lover (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Horse Dancer (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Plus One (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Giver of Stars (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Paris for One and Other Stories (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jojo Moyes Biography:

Growing up in London, Jojo Moyes is a British author who was born in 1969 and was named after a song written by the Beatles singing group. She worked an array of different writing jobs including writing braille for people who were blind and writing brochures. Jojo Moyes is now a novelist but was a writer and a journalist before becoming a novelist.

For ten years she worked for a newspaper called The Independent, during which time she also did some writing as an (assistant) editor and a correspondent covering the areas of art and media. After earning a degree at both the Bedford New College and Royal Holloway (London University) Moyes won a scholarship from the newspaper (The Independent) and was able to do graduate journalism work, which she did at City University.

Jojo Moyes published Sheltering Rain, her first novel, when she began writing novels full time in 2002. Moyes has amassed a total of eleven more since the first one in 2002, the most recent being The One Plus One.

The Writing

Jojo Moyes is technically consider to write romance, but she likes to add in some humor and lighten things up, even add another level of emotion or tension at times. Moyes describes her writing as a fairly organic process; with the different parts kind of naturally coming together to form a cohesive whole. She does note that her most recent work The One Plus One was done with less of this style writing than any of her other works.

Moyes uses people or conversations that she has encountered at as a starting point for developing characters, she also often uses many aspects of her own life and personality and adjust and develops and molds them until they form fully fledged characters and stories. Moyes has a full life with three children and lots of animals, so has much around her to draw inspiration thing.

She admits to being a very emotional writer and crying over every novel, even saying how if she wasn’t that emotional about a book that would probably mean that it was not that good.

Accolades and a Movie

The Romantic Novelists’ Association has awarded the yearly novel of the year award to Jojo Moyes twice. Moyes won in 2011 for writing her novel The Last Letter From Your Lover. In 2003 Jojo Moyes won the award again for her novel Foreign Fruit.

Most all of the novels that Moyes have written have been best sellers and critically acclaimed. Her novel Silver Bay was in the top of the running or a 2007 award for book of the year from Good Housekeeping. Silver Bay was also on the short list for an RNA award in ’07 and ’05, as was Moyes novel Ship of Brides also. One of Jojo Moyes best-selling novels Me Before You earned her an invitation to be a part of the American film writer’s guild (which she was very excited about).

MGM brought Moyes in to write the script to make a film out of her Me Before You book. Me Before You is a general story about the quality of life that one leads and all the decisions and consequences of one’s life. It is set in a small town on an estate where a castle is the central location, bringing in characters (Lou and Will) from two different sides of the tracks/different classes (Lou from the lower working class and Will from the upper class).

Jojo Moyes Early Works

Sheltering Rain

Sheltering Rain was Jojo Moyes first published novel and gained her a spot at the top of the bestselling authors list. It is a poignant and memorable tale spanning several generations. These include the characters Joy (grandmother), Kate (mother), and Sabine (daughter/granddaughter). They are all Irish, and of course all women and are inevitably forced to face their lives and their pasts. Sabine’s trip to see her grandmother quickly churns up old pain and secrets.

Kate who was determined not to be distant from her daughter finds herself in that very position and struggles to figure out how to change it. Sheltering Rain is a story of women, a story of mothers, a story of daughters, a story of pain, and most of all a story of love.

Peacock Emporium

In true Jojo Moyes fashion Peacock Emporium may make you cry but it will also make you laugh. The main character is a woman creeping up on the age of forty, Suzanna. And she finds herself unhappy with in her marriage and also with where her life is at in general. Suzanna decides to open an Emporium and has dreams of it helping with many areas of her life. Suzanna still struggles with a feeling of guilt about the death of her own mother (and other things as well). She is also still damaged from a step mother that left her. Suzanna meets a great friend in Jesse, and begins to find her own self once again. She finds the truth of her abandonment from her stepmother Vivi.

Moyes does a great job in this real life family drama and makes the characters as real as any person in a reader’s life. She balances reflection and looking back without just delving into a pool of self-pity. Moyes unravels many characters along the way, not revealing their true importance in the main characters life until they begin to come full circle. Moyes delves into big issues like being able to see someone else’s perspective, and the vast and enduring effect that people have on each other throughout life, usually without even realizing it, or the implications that result.


Jojo Moyes is married to a man (Charles Arthur) who is also a writer, a journalist. They have three children and live together in Saffron Walden, Essex. Moyes stays very busy on the family’s farm, with her three children, many other animals, and Border Terrier dog Alfie, and of course her writing. Moyes enjoys riding her thoroughbred ex racehorse as well.

Moyes has a website, she keeps up with a blog (which is also on the website), and she does tours and book signings, especially when releasing a new book like she has recently done with The One Plus One. You can check out her website anytime for any information on Jojo Moyes. Pauline Sara Jo Moyes is a renowned British romance novelist and journalist who has been active in the writing real since 2002.

Jojo Moyes is one of the highly rated authors and she has won romantic novel of the year twice. Moreover, one of her book has been translated into 11 different languages. Jojo Moyes was born on august 4, 1969 in London and was named after the song that was released by an all time band The Beatles’. Early life Jojo attended Bedford new college and royal Holloway at the University Of London and it is here that she was inspired to be a writer.

In the year 1992, she won bursary which was financed by The Independent newspaper. The bursary allowed her to undertake her postgraduate degree in journalism at the University of London. When she was attending the University of London, she worked on different roles such as writing brochures, and writing Braille for blind people. Her passion for writing began during this era.

Jojo worked for The Independent newspaper for 10 years and at some point, she relocated to Singapore and worked for a local newspaper the Sunday Morning Post. During her time at The Independent, she acted as an assistant editor and correspondent covering a wide array of niches in media and arts. After graduation, she began writing different scripts and concepts on her book.

She did not think of becoming a novelist however her love for romantic novels, brought a new concept to her mind and she began writing. Jojo Moyes published her first novel Sheltering Rain’ in the year 2002 and since then she has written many more books.

Jojo Moyes is considered as a romance novelist; however, in most of her books she likes to add some wit and humor into her writing. Moreover, some of her literary works have a high level of tension and emotions, which brings the readers to the exact situation and how the character depicted feels about a subject matter.

Jojo described her writing style as an organic one with different parts of the books coming together to form an entire story. According to the author, The One Plus One’ was done with less writing style when compared to her previous books. She uses conversations and people she encountered as a beginning to develop characters.

Coupled with this, she uses numerous aspects of her personality and life to mold and develop the characters until they sync fully to the storyline in the novel. Jojo Moyes is married and has three children; she has many animals around her. She denotes that the animals give her the inspiration to write.

This is mainly because it is unique to watch how natural surrounding unfolds. She is an emotional writer and in most cases, she says she cries whenever she has finished writing a novel. According to her, if she does not cry or is not emotional about a character or a novel then the work would probably be below par. Movie and awards Jojo Moyes has won the romantic novelist association award two times.

She won the award for the first time in the year 2003 with her novel Foreign Fruit’ and in 2011 again with her novel The Last Letter From Your Lover’. Research indicates that most of the novels written by Jojo Moyes have become the best sellers in the market .

Her novel Silver Bay’ was a top selling novel in the year 2007. Jojo Moyes novel Me Before You’ has earned an invitation to be among the American film writer’s guild. In addition, the association approached Moyes on the possibility of making her book a film.

The novel is about the quality of life that one lives, the decisions and how it impacts the general living condition of the individual. It is set in a small city and the characters intermingle. The characters come from different class of life, the upper, middle, and lower class.

In her fashion and elegance, Jojo Moyes covers numerous aspects in her book the Peacock Emporium’ . She traverses different factors that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. In the book, the main character is Suzanna who is struggling at her age.

She is forty years old and very unhappy with the quality of life she is living and her marriage as well. Suzanna decides to launch an emporium so that it will help her achieve her dreams. She is frustrated about the turn of events in her life such as death of her mother and other things that are not in sync in her life. Moreover, she has a damaged memory from her stepmother.

Suzanna meets a friend called Jesse, and things in her life begin to unravel once again. She is able to find a closure about why she was abandoned by her stepmother Vivi. Jojo Moyes depicts her characters in a dramatic yet eventful way in which the reader can feel integrated in the characters life and enjoy the novel. In her novel, she is able to balance a reflection of life before and alleviates the feeling of self-pity.

With a wide array of characters and all the characters eventually, bring about the overall aspect of the novel. Sheltering rain This is one of the initial novels that was published by Jojo Moyes and it improved her spot among the top selling authors worldwide.

It is memorable and poignant tale that spans across numerous generations. The characters include Kate, Joy, and Sabine, these are all Irish individual, and the secrets coupled with family dynamics makes life a struggle for all the three women.

It is a story of daughters, mothers and grandmothers and the type of bond that these women have. As indicated, earlier Jojo Moyes is married to Charles Arthur who is also a journalist and they live in saffron, Walden, Essex with their three children.

Moyes is involved greatly on their farm that has numerous animals and she likes riding thoroughbred horses. Jojo Moyes continues to write different novels and stories and she promises more work from her diary. She does regular tours around the globe and has a website where she updates her new works.

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    I love all of Jojo Moyes books! I feel as though they are educational as well as entertaining. At present I am reading Windfallen. I look forward to her next one.I haven’t read them in any order but have enjoyed each one.


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