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Publication Order of Wednesday Tales Books

The Palace of Laughter (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tiger's Egg (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lightning Key (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Bell Hoot Books

The Hidden Boy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sleeper's Moon (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

A Little Book of Celtic Wisdom (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Little Book of Irish Sayings (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jon Berkeley
Jon Berkeley is a fantasy author known for his humor, vivid storytelling, and unique characters. Born at a time when airplanes came with propellers, The Dublin raised author has enjoyed a long and satisfying career as a freelance illustrator. His love for art is unquestionable, and Jon traveled from Hong Kong to Sydney in the course of duty. It is only after being an illustrator for 25 years that Jon thought of diving fully into the writing world. Currently, the author has over 20 published works to his name. Most of Jon’s writing targets young minds and includes a good number of beautifully illustrated books.
The Palace of Laughter
The Palace of Laughter is the first book in The Wednesday Tales series. The book features Miles Wednesday, a homeless young boy who is keen to meet his family. Miles escaped from the local orphanage to go live in a barrel with an orange teddy bear as his only company. Every day, Miles looks for odd jobs for his essentials. Thanks to his sweet spirit, Miles enjoys the kindness of many people he comes across. His life begins to change when he encounters a talking tiger one night. The tiger encourages him to visit the Circus. It is at the Circus that young Miles meets yet another friend. This time around, he meets an angel named Little. The young angel had been kidnapped and is forced to work as the circus freak.
Miles helps Little escape from her captures at the Circus. This marks the beginning of an adventure where the two friends will go in search of angel Silverpoint. Little followed her to earth, and if she finds Silverpoint, she can find her way home. All that Little and Miles know is that Silverpoint lives in a place known as the Palace of Laughter. Unfortunately, none of them know what part of the city this is. Slowly, the two friends start to get pointers in the direction. The adventure escalates to include more people in need of a savior. In the process of helping his angel friend, Miles, get to know about the family he lost, his new world, and the person he is.
This book is, at times, profoundly moving, while at other instances, it is quite hilarious. There are some scary bits, a little magic, and many things that we should all think about. Is it possible to steal someone’s existence? Is it true that people can be saved? What differentiates a good person from a bad one? Follow Miles and Little on adventure where the two will be forced to confront their demons. It is beautiful how Little becomes the golden light that illuminates Miles dismal life. Miles dedication to helping someone he just met is also commendable. Miles and Little’s natural friendship is admirable, and their hair-raising adventure nothing but intriguing.
Captivating heroes and exciting villains characterize the Palace of Laughter. The story is set in a well-developed world that is not so different from our own. With intriguing mystery and a pace that increases as the story continue, the author lets us into a world where angels and talking tigers exist. In the end, the story comes together so beautifully. While this series is made with young readers in mind, you will still enjoy it as an adult, especially if you love a sweet fantasy story. With delightful characters, a charming setting, and an enjoyable narrative, this book will wow you.
The Tiger’s Egg
The Tiger’s Egg is the second book in The Wednesday Tales series. After Little saves Miles in the last book, the two friends are glad to escape unhurt. Before long, they embark on yet another adventure but are careful to avoid past mistakes. This book, just like The Palace of Laughter, features a circus, but this time around, things are different. The Bolsillo Brothers are in charge of the Circus, and their main aim is to restore the towns whose joy was robbed by the Great Cortado.
The Bolsillo Brother enlist Little, whose role is to help in creating joyful and therapeutic music. While she can’t sing thanks to her selfless act in the previous book, Little can still help come with healing music. Miles also tags along, and together with other participants in the Circus, they work to bring joy where there was sadness.
Here, Little and Miles will be traveling with the Bolsillo Brothers Circus to different locations. Wherever the Circus goes, townships get healed, and peace is restored. The caravan soon encounters Doctor Ta-Tau, the bumbling and mysterious fortune-teller who claims that Miles’s father is still alive. Miles follows Doctor Tau-Tau secretly but is surprised when a search for his father turns into a hunt for the tiger egg. This egg comes in the form of a stone believed to contain a tiger’s soul. Unfortunately, no one knows where to find the egg.
Not one to shy away from a challenge, Miles embarks on a hunt for the tiger’s egg. With the ever-reliable Little by his side, it doesn’t take long to start puzzling the details together. What is the connection between Miles’s parents and the tiger’s egg? Could it be the key to unlock secrets on Miles’s past? Is it true that Miles’s father is alive, and there is a way to reach him? Following Miles and Little on yet another adventure is exciting. There are not many hair-raising moments in this one, but the two sure do have a lot of fun.
The Tiger’s Egg continues the fantastic and comical tale of Miles Wednesday. Miles is still on a quest to discover himself and trace his roots. Miles and Little’s vivid acts on the road lead to more mysteries involving ancient magic and strange eggs. The two friends will also know the price to be paid to get back home safely. With lighthearted humor, Berkeley delves deeper into the lives of these two unlikely friends while introducing other inventive characters. There will be many surprises and lessons to learn along the way. This is a perfect book if you are looking for a happy and light-spirited read.

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