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with Paul Teague
Incursion (With: Paul Teague) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Armada (With: Paul Teague) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devastation (With: Paul Teague) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Chill (By: Jason Starr) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Filthy Rich (By: Brian Azzarello) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Executor (With: Andrea Mutti) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bronx Kill (By: Peter Milligan) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sickness in the Family (By: Denise Mina) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rat Catcher (By: Andy Diggle) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Area 10 (By: Christos Gage) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboys (By: Brian Hurtt) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jon Evans is a thriller, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction novelist from San Francisco. The author was born and brought up near the Canadian capital of Toronto but has also lived in New York City, London, Montreal, and Paris.
He made his fiction writing debut in 2004 with the publishing of “Dark Places” his first novel and the first of the “Dark Places Of the Earth” in the same year.

His first novel similar to many of his earlier novels is a technothriller set in remote locations in the third world. The novel was a huge success and was the winner of the Crime Writers of Canada Best First Novel.

He would also make quite a splash with the publishing of the epic dark fantasy “Beasts of New York” in 2011. Jon Evans is also the author of “The Executor,” the well-received graphic novel that was made into the “Vertigo Crime” series.

When Jon Evans was in his twenties, he was for the most part engaged in travel and engineering jobs during which time he traveled to more than 100 countries.

He was relieved of his belongings in La Paz, mugged in Mexico City, pursued by child soldiers in Bamako, and pickpocketed in St. Petersburg.

He has been to a Colombian jungle cocaine laboratory, slept under the stars in Namibia where he was woken by prowling hyenas, and worked for the “Travel Channel,” shooting footage in Montreal, Paris, Miami, and Seville.

While he was working as an embedded journalist during the insurgency in Iraq, he once flew on a Blackhawk to Baghdad, which he can only compare to his experience of getting hopelessly lost in the “Impenetrable Forest” in Bwindi Uganda.
Other things he has done on his travels include climbing the highest peak in Papua New Guinea, hiking Mt Elgon in Kenya, and visiting the source of the Ebola Virus believed to be the Kitum cave.

Jon Evans is now a middle-aged man who better enjoys relative boredom, even though he has compiled the best stories about his writing in “No Fixed Address,” which he published in 2015.

As for his education, Jon Evans went to the University of Waterloo in Canada,m where he got a degree in electrical engineering. But he never practiced his degree much, as he dumped it for software, narrowly surviving the dot com boom and its many excesses.
For a brief time, he worked at Imperial College London in the Infectious Disease Epidemiology department. Ultimately, he joined “HappyFunCorp,” a software consultancy, where he grew with the company to end up being its CTO.

He wrote the first code for and co-wrote the Apple TV app for Twitter, which earned him the App of the Year Award for Apple, as he made history by winning both App of the Year Award and Best First Novel.

During this time, he also worked as a weekly columnist for TechCrunch, where he penned more than 500 articles on the tech industry and technology, sometimes under the pseudonym Dr, Seuss pastiche.
Jon Evans has also written for The Times of India, Wired, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, The Walrus, and Quartz among many others.

He has also conducted interviews with prominent figures in tech such as KaiFu Lee and Vitalik Buterin in front of audiences in the thousands.

“Dark Places” by Jon Evans is a haunting suspense fiction work in which he takes you on a page-turning adventure over the five continents, as he searches for a vicious serial killer who had been going after travelers in the Third World nations.
This is the story of a San Francisco programmer who loved rugged backpacking. Paul Wood is on a hiking trip to the Himalayas when he finds a badly defaced dead body with each eye sporting a Swiss Army knife.

It is a bizarre coincidence since he had found the body of his ex-girlfriend murdered in eerily the same manner two years earlier, in the remote reaches of Africa.

He soon discovers there are far too many homicides with the same pattern and decides to investigate while working with Talena, a Bosnian love interest.

Ultimately, he is joined by his backpacking friends who had been with him in central Africa, and together, they take justice into his own hands.

It is an entertaining work of fiction with interesting plot twists to keep you guessing through the buildup that can be bone-chilling to the brutal climax.

Jon Evans’s “The Blood Price” is a beautiful transcontinental work of harebrained daring combined with self-preservation that is populated with Central American drug dealers, Bosnian guerillas, and Albanian smugglers.
The lead is a 29-year-old unemployed computer programmer named Paul Wood, a Canadian who makes his home in San Francisco alongside Talena his beautiful Eastern European girlfriend.

With their relationship in the doldrums, they head to Sarajevo where Paul becomes an inadvertent hero as he rescues a South Asian boy who he returns to his family.

In the process, he meets the ruthless head of a multimillion-dollar human trafficking ring that he seeks the help of when Saskia who is the childhood friend of his girlfriend needs to get to America.
The catch is that he needs to come up with a hacker program for the man if he is to provide his resources.

Paul works round the clock to complete the program as they work their way home through South America, where Sinisa forces them to smuggle his drugs too.

Three months later, Paul and his friend track down Sinisa and his crew who are in Nevada attending the Burning Man art festival.
Destruction and death ensue, resulting in an inventive and highly readable thriller.

“Invisible Armies” by Jon Evans is a work in which he makes a deep journey into corporate malfeasance.
The lead in the novel is Danielle Lead, an ex-Infosys project manager who calls Bangalore India home.

At the opening of the novel, he had agreed to deliver a package for a London-based hacker named Keiran Kell.

On the way there, he is grabbed by people working for a megacorporation known as “Kishkinda,” who activists blame for much of the pollution in Bangalore.
While he is being held captive he meets Frenchman Laurent an attractive activist in the same predicament.

They begin conspiring to make their escape, as Laurent informs Danielle that Jalytha who is supposed to get the package and who had been building a case against the corporation was recently murdered.
Using his martial arts skills, Laurent frees both of them and they go on wild and dangerous escapades, even though Danielle suspects her ally is not to be fully trusted.

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