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Publication Order of 50 States of Murder Books

Lost Girls: The Maine Murders (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Games: The New York Murders (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Undisclosed Trilogy Books

Undisclosed (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Retribution / Decoded (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clandestine / One (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Debt Collector Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

True Connection (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jon Mills is an English author that primarily writes thrillers, though he has a tendency to experiment with a few curious sub-genres. Mills, who is from Hampshire in England, first arrived on the publishing scene in 2012 when he released the first title in the ‘Undisclosed Trilogy’.

The books made a few waves because of their young adult spin and the fact that they delved into conspiracy theories. Though, the author will admit that he had to deploy a far more rigorous marketing strategy with the ‘Undisclosed’ series than with his other works.

Things were a little easier with the ‘Debt Collector’ novels primarily because their plot of an assassin for the mafia who becomes a vigilante was a little more accessible. Jon Mills has an impressive work rate, having published more than a dozen books over a period of five years.

And while audiences primarily know him for the Undisclosed and Debt Collector line of novels, Jon Mills has a much wider array of works in publication. Though, the fact that the author loves to write under different pen names and is very protective about the identity of those pen names has made it difficult to determine just how expansive his bibliography has become or even when he actually began writing and publishing.

Jon Mills would like to think that he is a fairly modern author, deploying only the latest in publishing and marketing strategies. You won’t find him doing book signings or making personal appearances at events.
Mills appreciates the importance of engaging with readers. But he has found that the majority of his fans get his books online. As such, he doesn’t really believe that putting himself out there and engaging in physical interactions with his readers in the real world achieves much.

The author has experimented with social media but even then he isn’t particularly active. Mills has admitted to only following a select few individuals on Twitter and Facebook but largely ignoring everyone else.

In that regard, it might be an exaggeration to call Jon Mills a modern author because his counterparts rely heavily on online engagements with readers to generate sales. Mills would argue that his decision to avoid personal appearances in the real world and virtual appearances online has done little to impede his success.

It might come as an even bigger shock to learn that the author doesn’t even participate in writing groups and communities, neither online nor in the real world. Mills has admitted to visiting a few writing forums but only when he wants to laugh at whatever heated exchanges are playing out.

The idea of reaching out to other writers for help and possibly even sharing ideas does not appeal to him. But Jon Mills does not disparage anyone who takes that approach.

According to the author, succeeding as a writer starts with producing a decent novel. Once you have an entertaining product on your hands, you need to get a few good reviews to circulate online.

Mills does not support writers who use unscrupulous methods to get reviews. He also doesn’t believe that it is necessary to accrue large quantities of good reviews. From his experience, it only takes ten or so good reviews to get a book noticed online.

According to Mills, if you have a good book cover, a decent blurb, a well-written story and a few good reviews, you cannot fail. The author also encourages giving a few books out for free, especially the first book in a series that might be struggling. Mills likes to use Goodreads to engage readers using programs that provide free copies of his books.

Mills has written both full-length novels and short stories, though many of his short stories are under pseudonyms.

+The Debt Collector

Jack Winchester is finally out of prison and he cannot wait to live a simple, honest life. Four years ago, Jack was an assassin. He gained notoriety as a ruthless hitman working for a Crime Family in New Jersey.

Things went wrong on one particular job and Jack was forced to serve time for his mistakes. But that is all in the past. Jack is ready to move away from his life of crime. Unfortunately for the reformed gentleman, his boss has other plans.

The failure on Jack’s part that landed him in prison left his boss feeling less than amused. And now he wants Jack to make recompense by taking one more job.

Jack acquiesces and finds himself in a small town in Maine. He didn’t expect to encounter much of a challenge. But then things went wrong and Jack made them worse by falling in love with a damaged woman.

Now Jack has to make a choice, one that might land him on the wrong side of the law and his boss.
The first novel in the Debt Collector series has been praised for its fast-pacing and mystery element. The book actually combines the genres of suspense and romance. Jack takes center stage as a man who must do one last job for the mob.

Dana Grant is a woman in a small town that doesn’t know what to make of her son, a boy that has been skipping school and forging her name on permission slips.

Jack is supposed to go to a small town, kill a particular man and bring a specific sum of money back to his boss. But when he gets to the town, the man and the money are both gone.

So Jack turns his sights on the man’s wife and son. As he begins investigating them his perception of things changes.


Jack Winchester is back and he’s out for blood. Jack once worked for the mob. But after a job went wrong and he went to prison for four years, the former hitman decided to change his ways.

When Jack returns to New York, he is shocked to find that the Sicilian Mafia murdered his friend and took his sister. Despite the urgings of his new family, Jack cannot let the slight go. He cocks his gun and goes to war with the Mafia.

The sequel to The Debt Collector picks up with Jack trying to put his demons to bed. But his past won’t stop haunting him.

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