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J.B. Turner is the writer of the crime series Jon Reznick. He began his career as a journalist with crime thriller books such as Dark Waters and Miami Requiem. Turner’s love for international politics compelled him to write this book series. We shall review the four part-Jon Reznick Series books

Hard Road

Jon Reznick is a special agent who works with secret government handlers from the US government. Despite the loss of his wife in the 9/11 attacks, he must carry on with his duties, this time a covert high-level assassination. Reznick understands that he must make it look like a suicide. However, there is a problem, the whole set up is botched, and he got the wrong target. He knows the target. Instead of shooting Luntz, Reznick flees with him, and becomes a hot pursuit of the FBI, together with his acquainted crony. FBI ass. Director Martha Meyerstein must catch him and accomplish Reznick’s failed mission. There is another impending danger on Reznick’s already troubled life. His daughter is entangled in the game. She is kidnapped, and used as a pawn by the FBI, to force Reznick to turn in the scientist in exchange for his daughter. The FBI claims that Luntz, a government scientist, has secrets that could prove a threat to national security if he mingles with civilians.

They must get him back. With the secrets, they declare critical to national security, and they don’t care what they have to do to get him. Jon Reznick is an ex- Delta warrior, currently a “ghost” working for the US government as an assassin. He has no direct link to any government official. Reznick represents a fascinating persona with an excellent talent as a hit man. Overall, Hard Road provides wild action with a witty guy who never runs out of ideas whenever he finds himself fixated.

Hard Kill

A diplomat has mysteriously disappeared. Assistant FBI Director Meyerstein asks Jon to team up with a task force to help find him. Jon Reznick cancels his visiting appointment with his daughter and joins the FBI team to find the missing ambassador. As the task force looks for the missing envoy, Reznick discovers yet another terrorist faction. The trace appears false, and every futile effort turns in more vapor than their targeted outcome. The alleged terrorist seems a harmless doctor, and nothing looks off with his house or his whereabouts. The FBI wants to quickly conclude this case to avoid using unnecessary resources on the wrong target. But, Reznick is not convinced about this doctor. There is something awkwardly off about him. He can feel it in his gut.

Turner gives his antagonists sophisticated inspiration. He throws in clues here and there but never offers any substantive solutions. He makes his reader hang on until the end of the book to reveal the entire conspiracy. Turner does not disappoint. It is always good. In fact, too good, you want to re-read the novel with a clear picture in your head. Just marvelous!

Hard Wired

Reznick receives a call from an old military friend; they have not been in touch for a long time. The man, in a near-death car-wreck, has called to warn Reznick that “they” intend on killing all of them.

“They’re here. And they’re going to kill us all.”

Reznick does not understand whom the caller refers to. The mysterious caller dies anyway, and the police call it a fatal accident. Reznick approaches another military acquaintance, and together, they both uncover a revenge plan unearthed from his Delta days. Other ex-military folks from that team also die mysteriously, Jon must decide whether to find the hunter, or he becomes the hunted. Jon, like all other hero characters, represents a rough, arrogant sod that is impatient and rude. But, he’s quite intelligent and intuitive. This part of the script seemed a bit obvious, leaving the reader with the knowledge of the exact intentions Jon was going to make. A little suspense would have sufficed here; just to make the fictitious story- believable. Iran’s hard-nosed militia daringly hunts down Jon on US soil, with the help of a dominant Mexican drug syndicate interested in penetrating the US drug market. Reznick’s in deep trouble. His existence threatens national security.

FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein does not agree with her colleagues on their intentions to kill Jon since he knows too much. The mercenaries do not care; they must obliterate him, by any means necessary.

Hard Way

The heat begins quite fast in book four. FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein goes missing. Her husband’s wisdom leads him to Jon Reznick to ask for help with finding her. Jon and Martha know each other from past ghost jobs that Martha anonymously asked Jon to perform. With his trained combat skills, Reznick works alone, contracted to do complex jobs for the FBI. Reznick maneuvers his way into the investigation team looking for the assistant FBI director. A first, the search proves futile, but they finally get a tip on where to look. The CIA is h also hooked on searching for Martha, but not with the best intentions. They get devious and corny as and as spooky as spies can get. Reznick presses on with the search. Hard Way comes just as the title suggests. Hard. The plot is an easy read, no mysteries at all and Turner understands what makes a good thriller in its last stages. High adrenaline doses, mad rush to get to the truth, action packed scenes, raging guns, and suspense. Reznick and the Bureau hard on the enemy’s trail, it is an okay read.

Well worth every detail. The amazing description of New York’s streets and buildings worked perfectly as the storyline’s setting. Every chapter had a moving moment. The quick connections discovered by Reznick from little pieces of facts made the plot blend well. We also see numerous betrayals, counter intelligence spying on each other and the involvement of covert military ops to help solve the crime. All characters played their roles well to bring out the impression of a treacherous world where self-indulgence is the leading motive of power, and that fidelity is rare.

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