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Publication Order of Old Guys Murder Mystery Books

Who's Killing the Fountain of Youth? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Killing All My Old Girlfriends? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Killing the Old Bank Robbers? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Killing the Old Movie Stars? (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Killing the OldMystery Writers? (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Killing the Alchemy Winery? (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Ice to the Eskimos (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Success Is Just One Wish Away (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marketing Outrageously (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting the Sale Handbook (With: Steve DeLay) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Making the Appointment (With: Steve DeLay) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Approved: Job Skill #1 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Football, Blind Luck & Other Phenomena: My Journey from the Chicken Coop (With: Mack Wiebe) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pigs That Fly Hack (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jon Spoelstra is a bestselling author of mystery and thriller fiction, even though he is best known as one of the most successful and innovative sports marketers.

Over the years, he has been a very committed sports marketer that has excelled in all his endeavors. Jon is currently working for the sports marketing firm “SRO Partners” in which he is a co-founder.

The business works with teams from the major leagues such as the MLB, NHL, and the NBA in addition to several teams from the minor leagues.

Earlier on, he was the managing director and president of Mandalay Baseball Properties, where he worked for more than a decade.

While working for Mandalay, he would become the operator and owner of seven teams and was responsible for the creation of one of the most profitable minor league baseball teams in history.

One of these teams was the Dayton Dragons, which set a record of selling out every ticket for every game for an entire season a feat that may never be equaled.

Before he was employed by Mandalay, He worked for several teams in the NBA. For the nearly dozen years he worked as General Manager and Senior Vice President of the Portland Trail Blazers, he made it the model for most other teams in the league.
At Portland just like with the Dayton Dragons, he never had a game that was not sold out. While he was in Portland, he was at the center of what has to be the strangest trade in franchise history.

His team then needed a guard since one of the regulars had an injury. The Blazers had always wanted Indiana Pacers point guard Don Buse.

However, while they expected to pay a significant amount of money to get their man, the Pacers asked for a week of Spoelstra’s time rather than monetary compensation.

Jon went to work for the Pacers for a week and during that time was instrumental in restructuring their front office.

As the Chief Operating Officer and President of the New Jersey Nets, he dramatically increased sponsorship and ticket sales. It was during his tenure that the Nets had their all-time record attendance.

The team which had never had sellouts before now has had more than two dozen since he started working there. Local sponsorships rose from a low of $400,00 to more than $7 million over just three years.

Over the years, Jon Spoelstra has penned numerous works in fiction and in sports marketing. Among his most popular includes the work he wrote with Steve DeLay titled “The Ultimate Toolkit-Sponsorships.”

Earlier on, he had coauthored “The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House,” with his author friend DeLay. The latter is a blueprint for the most effective ways to sell out any stadium or arena in only three years.

His works such as “Marketing Outrageously Redux” have gone on to become bestselling titles in the Wallstreet Journal. Jon Spoelstra’s seminal work “Ice to the Eskimos” which he published in 1997 was a huge and massive success.

In addition to his marketing books in sports marketing, he is also the author of the Deklstar Books published novel “Success is Just One Wish Away.”

This was a motivational work that put forth the idea that almost anyone can develop a passion for their life and job. However, he has had the most impact as a bestselling author writing works for the sports industry.

Jon’s sports marketing works that he for the most part penned in the late 1990s are still used all over the globe as Sports Management textbooks.

“Do Overs” by Jon Spoelstra introduces Roy Hobbs, a man that had received a sudden windfall following the massive success of his books.

But soon after getting the money, he squandered it. Things only get worse when his wife is killed and the culprit is never apprehended.

He made the decision to pick up the pieces and moved to a smaller market to start operating as a small-time crime reporter. But then he gets a freaky offer from a weird stranger.

He offers to pay Roy as much as he had made from his blockbuster as long as he agrees to open another bestseller for him. But he will not tell him what he will be writing about until he agrees to write.

Roy chooses to take the money only for his life to be thrown into strange and bizarre dimensions. It was in that dimension that he would have to deal with a savage doover that reinvented his life in ways he would never have imagined.

Will he be able to get a do-over that would undo some of the biggest mistakes in his life? Maybe a do-over would make it possible for him to rescue Rachel and finally do away with the killings.

Roy Hobbs would not only be writing the story he would be living it and there is a very real possibility that he could die.

Jon Spoelstra’s novel “Red Chaser” is a beautiful noir thriller set in the 1950s. Set during the Cold War, it is a story that tells of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Commies, and spies.

The lead is a man named Jake McHenry who spent half a decade in Germany following the Second World War and came back filthy rich from ill-gotten gains.

Back in the United States, he became a private detective, as he wanted to work a job and obscure the source of his wealth. Still, he spent much of his time drinking beet and going to Ebbets Field to watch the Brooklyn Dodgers.
In between games, he dabbled in private investigations. He specialized in finding candid photographs of husbands cheating on their wives.

Things changed when Joe McCarthy who was a childhood friend came into the picture. He introduced him to Tailgunner Joe, who said that they wanted him to steal some secret list from Arabella Van Dyk a rich high society commie nicknamed the Ice Queen.
The complication is that Arabella happens to be one of the most beautiful women McHenry has ever seen.

Jon Spoelstra’s work “Who’s Killing All My Old Girlfriends” is the story of Charlie North, a retired blogger who is facing three very pressing problems. The cops believe he was responsible for killing his old girlfriends and want him to pay for it.
It is now up to him to try to find the killer before they get to him. Cornered Charlie starts investigating the homicides and hires the services of a stunning private detective.

She happens to be the daughter of one of his friends from the LAPD who helps him find all manner of clues. Dutifully, Charlie writes about his findings in his blogs as he puts them down including names.

Soon enough, the blogs go viral making for a rousing and thrilling journey to find justice for Charlie and his three former girlfriends.

With a few twists and turns, this is an unputdownable book.

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