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Jon Steele is a young adult fantasy fiction author from the United States that is best known for the “Angelus Trilogy.”

The author was born in the American West and for more than two decades, he worked as an editor and cameraman for ITN. During this time, he worked and traveled in nearly eighty countries across six continents.
He made his writing debut with the publishing of his autobiography “War Junkie.”

The work chronicled his life as a cameraman and reporter in some of the worst places in the world. The work which came out in 2002 has since become a war reportage cult classic.
In 2003, he was in Baghdad when the United States invaded Iraq and grew illusioned with reporting on TV and decided to quit. He went to southern France to hide in a village where he used to take long walks in quiet places and write during the evenings.
In 2008, he was back in Iraq where he spent at least three months recording the life of an American combat unit which would then be immortalized in “The Baker Boys,” the documentary film.
Steele currently makes his home in Switzerland where he lives with his wife and Zorro and Zeus their two cats.

As for how he became an author, he was first introduced to the craft through his grandfather. Jon Steele remembers how his grandfather used to sit in his study and provide firm instructions never to be disturbed as he was working.
Nonetheless, he still used to watch him through the open door as he wrote away on his Smith Corona and smoked on a meerschaum pipe. While it looked like a lonely endeavor, just like his mother, he wrote since he had no choice in the matter.
Jon Steele barely got through high school and never studied writing. Ultimately, he qualified as a television cameraman and while traveling the world he learned to write.

Working at a time when not everyone with an iPhone could pretend to be a news cameraman, the only way to get the important bits of a story was to be on the ground yourself.

Steele then used to be dropped in faraway places and be charged with coming up with an interesting story that he would then send to London.

During that time, it was all about finding the opening shot and the closing shot and then finding shots to fill the middle of the story. It was this format that he would then use in the penning of his debut work War Junkie.

Jon Steele made his fiction writing debut with the publishing of “The Watchers” in 2011 which was years after he published his autobiography “War Junkie.”

After working for many years on several war fronts, he felt it was time for a change. When he quit his job in TV just as the second Iraw War was beginning to kick off, he found that he had a lot of time for introspection.
Thinking about his Roman Catholic upbringing, he remembers the priests and nuns teaching that there had been an epic battle in heaven between the bad angels and the good angels in which the good guys were the ultimate winners.
For Jon who was working behind the camera, things were not that black and white as he had seen beasts all over the world.

“The Angelus Trilogy” is thus Jon Steele drawing from myths, legends, and religions, which he then adapts to write a tale of what he believes is a constant battle between evil and good.

“The Watchers” by John Steele is a work that introduces a man-child named Marc Rochat. All his life he has been the man who rings the bell at one of the most magnificent architectural structures in the world the Gothic Lausanne Cathedral.
Around the church have been reported eerie things including the discovery of gruesomely killed bodies and tremblings in the crypt underneath the church.

Meanwhile, a beautiful young woman named Katherine Taylor lives across the street from the cathedral and has been making a lot of money as a high-priced call girl. She is often too observant and introspective according to her clients’ peccadilloes.

Taylor and Rochat’s lives collide with that of British private detective Jay Harper who is in town to investigate the mysterious happenings and deaths. The strange thing is that he does not remember why he was selected for the job and who hired him.

The few clues he has found point to fallen angels that residents of the city believe have been haunting Lausanne for centuries.
It makes for a chilling and atmospheric fantasy novel with some fantastic gothic overtones set in Lausanne, Switzerland.

John Steele’s novel “Angel City” is set three years following the events of the previous work. In the previous outing, Katherine Taylor and Detective Jay Harper had been left battered and bruised following a biblical-scale showdown with the Nephilim.

Katherine has now retreated to Washington State and is living in a small town with Max her son under the protection of elite and heavily armed Swiss Guards. Meanwhile, Harper makes his home in Paris and deals with tiredness and voices in his head.
Even though Harper and Katherine have had their memories of each other wiped, baby Max unknowingly attracted the interest of vengeful spirits and only a cosmic effort across the globe to save his life will bring Katherine and Harper together again.

But then from out of the shadows steps out Astruc, a banished priest who looks like he had been clawed by a monster and now hides his eyes behind dark glasses.
Alongside Goose his young and brilliant ward, they have found something unimaginable in the Parisian Catacombs.

It is an electrifying work that culminates in a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

“The Way of Sorrows” by John Steele is another interesting work that is set during the countdown before the apocalypse.
The author set the stage for a massive battle with a setting in Switzerland, Russia, Alaska, and finally in Jerusalem, where the eternal angels who are the protectors of paradise fight against the forces of timeless evil.
When the two forces engage, Katherine Taylor who somehow survived the horrific attacks on her home in the Pacific Northwest emerges onto the scene.

But she is suffering from amnesia and she does not realize that it is Max her toddler who will guide creation in the next stage of evolution. However, the child of prophecy has gone missing and is believed to be either captured or killed.
Back at the Lausanne Cathedral, Detective Jay Harper is back and is taking orders from heaven central. He has been charged with rescuing Max and Katherine which makes for an action-filled and thrilling journey that spans the heavens and the globe.

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