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Nevertheless, She Persisted (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Known for his technical dexterity, Jon Walter is indeed a master of his creation and is currently one of the most recognized authors of this generation. As an author, Jon Walter has the aptitude of bringing to life, stories that are not only gripping but also very moving to the reader, hence must not be missed by any serious reader. As a former photo journalist, Jon Walter currently resides in East Sussex though he was born in the suburban of east London.

During his early life, Jon Walter lived in New Malden, which happens to be one of the peaceful parts of London city. As a teenager, Walter did not read much though he really enjoyed books when he decided to look at a few. At primary level Jon Walter really enjoyed writing his own stories and at secondary level Walter developed a passion for poems. Most of the poems Jon Walter wrote about were about death and dentistry which later on came to be published in the school magazine. It was during his high school years that a local reporter noticed his talent and decided to feature one of his poems in the local newspaper. But unknown to Jon Walters, his poem that featured in the local newspaper was going to make him complacent because he had to wait for another 30 years before writing again.

After completing his high school education Jon Walter attended Warwick University where he majored in English and Theater. After completing his university education, Jon Walters was not fortunate enough to secure a stable job, hence he began selling T-Shirt’s at Brighton Pier. Apart from selling T-Shirt’s Jon Walters also had to sell doughnuts. After a series of odd jobs, Jon Walters became a volunteer at a scheme for kids. While working as a volunteer Jon Walter had to teach the kids photography which he himself knew very little about. But while teaching the kids photography, Jon Walter was able to pick a few things about photography which proved to be beneficial later on in his life.

Jon Walter worked as a volunteer for a limited duration of time. After contemplating as to whether social work was the way to go, Jon Walter decided to look for another job but this time as a professional photographer. It did not take long for Jon Walter to land a job at a photography agency in the heart of London. As a professional photographer Jon Walter was selling photographic images to magazines and newspaper agencies in London. From there onwards, Jon Walter became a freelance photojournalist, sometimes working for some of the local newspapers while sometimes working for some trade press and various organizations that were mainly involved in public service delivery .i.e. education, healthcare and policing.

While working as a freelance journalist, Jon Walter was fortunate enough to shake the hands of two prime ministers, Jimmy Prescott and Tony Blair. During his time as a journalist, the art of photography mainly relied on the use of films hence Walter spent most of his time around the laboratory in Clerkenwell waiting for the films to be processed so that he can go edit their transparencies then release them to his clients. At this period in his life, Walter lived in Hackney and used to rely on a scooter as his main means of transport. But after photography went digital, Walter decided to create his own business by setting up an online image library.

During his early life and the years that followed, Walter still believed that he was going to be a writer. So, a few years after he moved from London, Walter decided it was high time to put his many ideas into writing. One day he sat down and wrote about a teenager who was imprisoned after Britain’s referendum. After going through the story a couple of times, Jon Walters decided to send the story to agents who upon receiving the book told him that the story wasn’t good enough. Hence Jon Walter decided to take a writing course which taught him a few things about writing and what he could have done differently in the novel. After completing the course, Jon Walter went back to the drawing board and redrafted the novel. Despite the fact that the novel did not sell as much as he had hoped for, it still played a bigger role in his life as he was able to find an agent who assisted in him in placing his next book, Close To the Wind.

Currently, Close to the Wind has been nominated for the prestigious Canergie Medal Awards. In this book, Jon Walter is able to reveal the rare ability of creating settings and characters that are almost believable in just a few words and without much effort. In this creation, Jon Walter’s prose is close to invisible as nothing is able to come between the actions in the book and the reader’s emotion. During the initial stages of the book, we are introduced to Malik who is the main character and Papa his grandfather. Malik and his grandfather have arrived at the port of a country that has been engulfed in war and are currently under the protection of the peace keeping militaries. They are hoping to spend the night at the port then board a ship by the name Samaritan.

Malik has been informed by his grandfather that his mother will come to meet them at the dock. While hiding at an abandoned house Malik and his grandfather meet a group of people like them who have been trying to purchase a place on the Samaritan. But should Malik and Papa trust this group of people. The atmosphere created in this book is one that is very tense especially when Malik is forced to hide in a wardrobe when they hear people talking downstairs from where they were. In addition there is a scene in the book where a tooth has to be pulled out without the use of any anesthetic or medical equipment. The reader can only feel sorry for the characters in the book.

As an author, Jon Walter has the aptitude of creating powerful stories through which the reader is not only able to relate with the characters in the book but also in the process be moved.

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