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Publication Order of National Geographic Field Guide to Birds Books

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National Geographic Complete Birds of North America (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
National Geographic Birding Essentials (With: Jon L. Dunn) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Illustrated Birds of North America (With: Jon L. Dunn) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America (With: Paul Hess) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jonathan K. Alderfer is a bird artist and art consultant who is also known for his illustrations. Over the years, his bird illustrations have been featured in all manner of field guides by “National Geographic” on birds.
Working for “National Geographic,” he has penned more than two dozen works on birds complete with some very amazing illustrations.

He is the author of Complete Birds of North America, Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Birding Essentials, Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America, Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America, and Illustrated Birds.

Just like many of his contemporaries, he did not achieve his success overnight. It was in the 1980s that he began his career as a painter when he began illustrating articles for the Los Angeles Audubon Society newsletter and “The Western Tanager.”
With a ton of works and illustrated guides to his name writing for some very prestigious publications out there, he is now one of the most sought-after illustrators and authors.

He is very popular in the birding community for his extensive knowledge of birds from North America and as a field ornithologist.

Jonathan has been an art consultant and general consultant for the “Field Guide to the Birds of North America” by National Geographic. He also works for the American Birding Association where he is “Birding” magazine’s Associate Editor.

Despite achieving the distinction of being one of the foremost experts on North American birds, he hardly gives any interviews and very little is known about Jonathan K. Alderfer.

However, he once gave an interview in which he was asked what was the future of illustrated guides as compared to the more modern photographic guides that are all the rage.

In the interview, Alderfer sang his praises for the amazing bird photography done in the modern age, even though he still believes that a great illustration will always be superior.

According to Jonathan, there is nothing better than a lifetime of experience in an illustration as compared to a snapshot of a specific bird’s life as taken in an instant photograph.

Jonathan believes that what makes his work so unique is that he attempts to paint each field guide image to reflect all he knows and has internalized about each bird over many years, rather than just a photo of the bird.
He also believes that his illustrations make for a more organized and coherent page as compared to a series of small images from a photograph with different shadows and lighting.

Jonathan Alderfer’s work “National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America” comes with more than 100 species of birds from America in this amazing guide that wil help kids understand and identify birds.

It is a fun and accessible work that lays out fifty of the most colorful birds in stunning spreads. The author includes information such as the food the birds like to eat, the sounds they make, and their range.

Every profile also includes a weird or cool fun fact and a feature innovatively titled “A Closer Look.” This feature is one in which we dig deeper into each bird’s life including things such as birdsongs, habits, and other things.

Every profile also comes with a fact box with the wingspan, length, weight, and scientific name of the bird. You will also find a lot of fun facts, full-color photographs, bold and bright colors, and a lot of information that jumps off the page.
The birds are organized according to habitat and show how each bird makes their home in their preferred environment. The guide also explains the basics you need to know as a bird-spotting enthusiast.

Jonathan also includes activities such as range maps, how to build a birdhouse, fascinating lists on the sidebar, and even how to build a bird feeder.

You also get an index, conservation information, glossary, and a find out more section to round out everything.

Jonathan Alderfer’s “National Geographic Complete Birds of North America” is a fascinating guide by one of the best in the business.

It is a comprehensive and up-to-date source of knowledge on North American bird habitat, identification, behavior, distribution, and conservation concerns in the modern world.
This is less of a field guide and more of an encyclopedia as it comes with a ton of facts that you can easily browse through.

It is a comprehensive volume profiling every bird that may be found in Canada and the United States. It features species accounts that detail songs and calls, molting patterns, breeding behaviors, and the vast extent of neotropical and polar migrations.
The work also comes with illuminating photographs, precision maps, and more than 400 illustrated art pieces that make this one of the best and biggest bird books ever.

With information about more than 1000 species and subspecies, it offers an overview of the different families and taxonomies, 850 range maps, and sidebars on how to identify different but closely related birds.
At 752 pages, this will provide a lifetime of learning to bird lovers. It provides everything for all kinds of devoted birders from those who have been bird-watching for decades to beginner devotees.

“National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America” is an essential text for millions of bird watchers across the United States who feed and watch birds in their backyards, whether they are new birding enthusiasts or experienced birders.
No matter where you may happen to live in the United States whether it is a house, high rise, city, or in the country, this is a handy guide to quench a birder’s curiosity about the many birds in the US.

It comes with more than 150 of the most interesting and common birds that you may observe migrating through, nesting nearly by, or at backyard feeders.

On the inside of the book is a visual index of 150 species which makes identification very easy. Opening with “Backyard Basics” it is a richly illustrated and easy-to-follow presentation on identifying and observing birds.
It provides tips on feeding and attracting your favorite birds, bird-friendly landscapes, and birdhouses to entice nesting.

What is good is that it also includes common species such as chickadees, robins, bluebirds, and woodpeckers featured in two-page spreads.

It also comes with practical tips with a lot of imagery and sidebars that will captivate you with little-known and interesting facts.

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