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The Body in the Hole (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Jonathan B. Zeitlin is an author of fiction novels. While relatively new on the scene, the novels that he has already put out have been critically acclaimed.

His first novel came out in paperback in June of 2017. It is titled Death and Repair. Jonathan B. Zeitlin followed that part romance and part science-fiction book with a second intriguing novel. The novel came out on December 17, 2017. It was published by Overkill Press.

Death and Repair is the first story published by author Jonathan B. Zeitlin. The main character in this story is named Michael Heart. He is a troubled man that is still haunted by what came to pass during his youth. Even though he is older now, Michael would still do anything to change what happened. He would do anything to bring her back and change the way that things went down, but that would require a time machine, and he doesn’t have one of those.

Michael isn’t sure if those events were fated to happen or they were simply a bad draw of the cards. Either way, she is now gone. It has been several years, and he now heads to the town of Malway. He used to work as a police officer but has since retired.

When Michael comes to this town, he has no idea that it may be harboring a secret. The retired cop can’t be sure, but he also thinks that he has stumbled onto a crime scene. That’s what it looks to be at first, but he soon finds out that the truth is that it is something much more than that. It might even be something that might be able to make his last wish come true.

Even though he would do anything to bring the woman that he loves so dearly back, Michael might find out that you have to be careful what you wish for. That’s the case since the thing he was found might just be the one thing in the world that is capable of granting him his very deepest and darkest desire. However, if he goes through with it, the cop just might find that he gets what he wants but has a very high price to pay for receiving it.

This engaging debut novel from Zeitlin proves the myths and creatures of past tales still has the power to capture our imagination. What will happen? You absolutely have to pick up Zeitlin’s first fictional novel to find out for yourself.

The Body in the Hole is a strong second novel from fiction author Jonathan B. Zeitlin. Zeitlin thrilled readers with his enchanting first novel, and now he’s back to do it again with a story that is different from the first but still just as engaging.

We start out at the cemetery and there is already trouble afoot. Someone has placed a body into one of the open graves, and now no one knows what to do. The undertaker isn’t thrilled at this recent turn of events, and he isn’t any more thrilled that the police have showed up and are trying to solve the case. The undertaker decides that he is going to be the one that is going to crack this case wide open, far before the cops ever stumble onto their first lead.

This is no ordinary undertaker. His name is Yvgeny. He is an employee of a mortuary and lives at home with his mother in Georgia. Not only is he rather unlikable, but Yvgeny is unusual in other areas of his life than his job choice. You have to admit that one has to be a little strange to want to make their money hanging out near graves all day. At the very least, one has to be indifferent to their surroundings.

He routinely wears outfits and styles himself from the Victorian era. He chooses to speak not with a Georgian accent, but a Polish one instead. He is also very interested in Sherlock Holmes and all of his adventures, getting caught up in the cases that Holmes takes on and always solves with a flair for the dramatic.

While he certainly has an unusual career, this undertaker is also uniquely equipped to take on the case at hand. One day he starts getting ready for his job, just like every other day that he goes to work. As is always the case, Yvgeny is getting ready for a funeral. He has taken the trouble to dig the grave and is anticipating that his labor will not be met in vain and someone will soon get to take their elegant descent into their final resting place.

The undertaker finds himself irritated when he goes to the cemetery and finds out that his perfectly-dug grave has been occupied by someone else. It is soon clear that an individual has put another body into a grave that does not belong to it. He is in a bad mood about it, but always finds a way to profit out of a situation. Yvgeny brings the body to his office to look at it and calls the police– that is, after taking a nice watch that was left off the body for himself.

He also doesn’t really like the police, so he decides that he’s going to try and solve this case too. Yvgeny decides to use his deep Sherlock Holmes knowledge to try and figure out who placed the body there and took advantage of his hard work. Buffed up by his ego, Yvgeny thinks that he can easily solve this crime before the detectives do.

Yvgeny decides to team up with some other people in the small town to solve it. He’s trying to always be one step in front of the detectives and be able to solve this case before they do. But when he develops feelings of love for a young woman, will he be distracted?

The young lady doesn’t like his clothing choice or his hobbies and interests, but the undertaker will do anything he can to get her to like him. Can he beat the detectives at their own game and get the young lady to give him a chance? Read this book to find out!

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