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About Jonathan Escoffery
An American author, Jonathan Escoffery has fast become well-known for his unique and idiosyncratic brand of fiction. Writing from a distinctly personal perspective, he’s reached scores of readers worldwide, making a name for himself through his stories. Drawing heavily from his own background as well, his fiction comes from a very real place, making it more than authentic in the process. Hugely gifted as a storyteller and writer, he sets himself apart from other writers within his field by speaking his own truth.

Moving the format in fresh, new, and inventive directions, his writing is always pushing at the boundaries of what can be achieved. Enormously ambitious, he’s an imaginative writer with something to say, making a name for himself that’s quite unlike any other. Immersing his readers in his stories, he allows his books to come alive, providing a strong and powerful message in the process. Getting to the heart of what he wants to say almost immediately from the outset, he’s clear and articulate, writing in a more than accessible manner.

All of this goes some way towards explaining why his books have appealed to such a wide range of readers from across the world. Speaking from his own distinctive viewpoint, readers from all backgrounds have found meaning within his work and writing. Knowing his audience well at this point too, he always has the reader in mind, ensuring his work remains compelling and entertaining, while staying true to him. Keeping them reading, he perfectly understands how to create a sense of momentum in his stories, making sure his audience continue to turn the page.

Another notable aspect of Escoffery’s writing is that of his characterizations, as he really knows how to establish a compelling protagonist. Resonating with the audience, his characters essentially come alive off of the page, leaving a real impact upon them long after they’ve put the book down. Over time this has proven to be a hugely successful formula for him, as he’s not only commercially successful, but critically as well. With lots more planned for publication in the future, he’s not a writer who will be stopping any time soon, as there’s a lot more set for release in the pipeline.
Early and Personal Life

Growing up with Jamaican parents in America, this would be something that would come to shape Jonathan Escoffery’s fiction from an early age. A gifted storyteller from early on, he would write countless stories, constantly reading and writing, continuing to refine and hone his voice. Finding his own distinctive approach to writing over time, he would come to establish his own perspective and style of writing. Taking much of his inspiration from the world around him, he would put it all back into his writing, always on the lookout for his next big idea.

Attending the University of Minnesota he would gain an MFA, before going on to teach creative writing himself at Stanford University. He also went on to become a PhD fellow based in the University of Southern California, with a PhD on their Creative Writing and Literature Program. Working and writing for a number of different publications, he’s become a well-known name for many in the literary and publishing world. Currently living and writing in Oakland California, he continues to write to this present day, working as a Stegner Fellow based at Stanford University.

Writing Career
Starting out, Jonathan Escoffery would begin his literary career working for publications such as American Short Fiction, Electric Literature, Prairie Schooner to name just a few. Reaching a wide audience, he managed to establish himself as an author with something to say, becoming a household name for many. His fiction would prove to be hugely popular, as more and more readers would come to discover his work and what he had to say. Largely focusing on realistic fiction, many of his stories were regarded for the fact that they spoke to the immigrant experience in Florida.
In 2022 he would publish his first full novel titled ‘If I Survive You,’ and this would be a stand-alone work of fiction. He would also go on to win awards for his work, such at the Plimpton Prize for Fiction from ‘The Paris Review’ back in 2020. From here his writing career will carry on growing upwards and onwards, while he continues to maintain his presence both online and off.

If I Survive You
Originally coming out back in 2022 on the 6th of September, this would be the debut novel from Jonathan Escoffery. Prior to this he published short-stories, and this would be his first full novel, looking at the life of immigrants living in Miami, Florida. A stand-alone novel, it’s a series of short-stories interlinked by a single overarching narrative connecting them all together.

Fleeing from violence in their native Kingston during the 1970s, Sanya and Topper head to Miami to make a new life for themselves. Facing a life of obstacles in America as immigrants, they make their through the Hurricane Andrew and the 2008 recession, dealing with all manner of hardships. Connecting stories together, they must make sense of this world, from things falling apart, to doing what needs to be done to survive. With their younger son Trelawney, he brings their stories together, as he himself later attempts to break out of homelessness and hardship.

It’s a well-written story with a lot to offer, both in terms of character and plotting, making for an engaging debut novel. The narrative is laid out well, providing a fun and inventive reading experience, while also being honest and serious when it needs to be. There’s a strong underlying theme to this novel too, as it really brings its world fully to life for the reader, regardless of where they’re from.

The characters themselves stand out as well, with the protagonist Trelawney being an engaging presence upon the page. Rooting for them, they really resonate, as the audience is fully invested in their outcome, watching as they navigate the many hardships. Bringing everything together at the end too, Jonathan Escoffery really delivers on every level, making for a satisfying first novel.

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