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Jonathan Miles is an American author of fiction. He was born in Ohio and has written several novels, some of which have ended up being named Notable Books by the New York Times.

He first became a published author in 2007 with the publication of his book Medusa. It is a nonfiction novel also known by the alternate title The Wreck of the Medusa. It is the true account of the most famous ship sinking in history until it was outdone by the spectacle of the Titanic going down. He has written several other books in the nonfiction genre since then.

His first fictional novel would be Dear American Airlines. This book came out in 2008 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and is a fascinating and fictional novel that has been so popular that it has been translated into over five languages. It was also named to be one of the best books of 2008 by such presences as the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. The book was a finalist for quite a few awards as well.

Jonathan Miles used to work in journalism much more than fiction and nonfiction. He worked for the N.Y.T. as a columnist and has also worked as a contributing editor for many national magazines. His journalistic work has not only gotten him a check but ended up in anthologies as well. He used to live in Mississippi but not resides in rural New Jersey along the Delaware River.

The main character in Dear American Airlines is Bennie Ford. He is fifty-three years old and a former poet that is now working as a translator. He is on his way to his daughter’s wedding. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his daughter and the worst finally hits when his plane is canceled. The flight is done.

Bennie was relying on that flight to get him to his daughter’s wedding and now he is stuck at O’Hare International Airport. He and thousands of other people are going to miss their original destination and as he watches time pass Bennie realizes that he is not going to make the ceremony.

He is angry and frustrated but cannot do a single thing about it. So he does the only thing that he feels that he can do and starts writing a letter. It begins as a way to curse out the airlines for doing this to him and it is mostly an appeal of anger mixed with the desire for a refund. But what starts out as his venting at the airline begins to turn into a reflection on his life.

Now this father begins to lament his life that has gone awry and the things that he has done and has not done. The years have flown by and now he is stuck here with the wasted years and possible happiness that he could have had completely lost to him. Now he is facing a situation where he is regretful for all that he has done wrong.

Bennie voices his thoughts and it turns into an endless flow of emotion that is piqued with both deep sadness and grief but also sharp wit. He feels that if he just could make it to the wedding, it all would have been okay. But as hope fades, he realizes that for the first time in his life, he has a chance to do things the right way. It may not be enough to turn around an entire lifetime of actions, but it might make a difference to his little girl– and himself.

When it comes to debut novels, it doesn’t get much better than this touching debut from author Jonathan Miles. Full of humor and intelligence as well as regret and a sharp tongue, this book is a rollercoaster ride of emotion that you just can’t afford to miss. Check out this airport novel and see what fiction can be all about! Extra points if you read it on a plane!

Jonathan Miles returns with another book called Want Not. This second full length fiction novel is not only extremely readable but incredibly engaging as the book and author take on the most basic human emotion; that of want.

Miles already reached success with the release of his first book. Now find out what else he’s got to offer the reading world by picking up this second novel from this dynamic writer. Completely readable and critically acclaimed, Miles has been hailed by writers as a comic genius and an author of prose that is emotionally and philosophically rewarding.

Check out the hilarious and creative story that many readers can’t believe they’ve stumbled upon! This second novel was highly anticipated after the publication of Airlines– readers wanted more of Miles’ wit and written world. Now they’ve got it in this wonderfully woven story of human excess that takes us through the lives of different people.

This novel opens up on a holiday– Thanksgiving. Here readers are taken into three worlds that are all in different states of entropy. The New York City couple that survives totally off the grid, or the linguist that has lost his job and is seeing his marriage fall apart at the same time that his father is fighting Alzheimer’s disease and is forgetting everything. Peer into the lives of these people and a magnate who made his talent for collecting debt out of people and has made a lot of money doing it.

As the reader learns more about these individuals and what they do and what they have been through, they start to see that the things that we have been through shape us intimately. What we have heard and what we have been through have shaped our lives more than anything else. But what these people want most of all is to follow their hearts and find what they desire: fulfillment.

Can these individuals find fulfillment in their own lives or when their individual worlds come together and collide? What will happen when they meet? You’ve got to pick up this exciting novel from Miles to find out.

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