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Jonathan Moore is an American published author of fiction novels. He is known for writing in the genre of dark thrillers and horror stories. He has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, notably for his debut novel, Redheads.

Moore was born in Stanford, California. He went to the city of New Orleans for the purposes of attending law school. He would graduate and then move on to live in Taiwan for a total of three years. The quest for adventure did not end there; he would work as an investigator in Washington, D.C., for an attorney that specialized in criminal defense. He also would work as a guide for white water rafting for thrill seekers on the Rio Grande.

Besides all of this and being a published writer as well, Moore has also held a variety of other jobs. He has been the owner of a bar, an English teacher, a textbook writer, and even a counselor working at a camp in the wilderness designed to help juvenile delinquents. He is married and resides with Maria, his wife, in the state of Hawaii.

He enjoys writing but when he is not doing that, Moore can usually be found fixing up his boat or working. He holds down a job at a firm in Honolulu as an attorney. His first fictional novel was released in 2013 and is titled Redheads. He followed that up with Close Reach in 2014. 2016 would see the release of his book The Poison Artist and he has come out with several popular thrillers since then!

Redheads is the exciting first book to come out from Jonathan Moore. If you are a big fan of stories that are suspenseful and will give you the chills, then check out this debut novel for yourself!

The main character in this tale is Chris Wilcox. This adult man has found himself in a situation that most people would hope that they never find themselves in. He is alone after losing his wife to murder. Some would grieve and move on, but in this case, Chris is about to do anything but that.

He’s determined to do whatever he can to track down the killer of his wife and bring him (or her) to justice. It’s quite possible that this killer is so deranged that they have passed the point of being insane. Chris has been looking into this for years on end in an attempt to try and get the answers he seeks.

By this time, he has found out some things about the person that killed his wife. Cheryl was so near and dear to his heart, but he has had to accept that she is gone forever. By investigating the case independently, now Chris has also discovered that his spouse was not the first female victim to fall prey to this disturbed individual.

Perhaps even worse still, Chris knows that all of the victims of this killer had red hair. These redheads shared the same fate– they had been eaten, alive, and then all dropped to be found not more than a mile from the ocean. The murders are not all close up together either. Some of them have been occurring over multiple decades. Likewise, they are not constrained to the region either. These events have been happening all over the globe.

Chris has been able to find all of this out, yet still has been following a trail that has been relatively cold. Things pick up and start to get interesting, however, when a new piece of evidence is found. Two survivors of the attacks and Chris find what they believe could be traces of the DNA of this killer. They decide to pursue the lead and hire a lab on the cutting edge of technology to attempt and sequence the DNA.

That is when they make a discovery that freezes them in their tracks cold. Whoever this killer is, they appear to be even more dangerous than they believed them to be. But the last thing that they thought to think of was whether the murderer was onto their sleuthing actions as well. Chris and associates have been doing whatever they can to track down a killer. Now it appears that the killer has been doing the same thing with them.

Does Chris have cause to worry? Is death and danger closer than he ever estimated? Can he evade this individual long enough to try and beat them at their own game? Find out whether he can catch his wife’s killer or will fall victim instead by picking up your own copy of Redheads and reading to the very end!

Close Reach is the second fictional novel to be released by author Jonathan Moore. If you enjoy horror or suspenseful stories and anything related to boats and the sea, you will want to check this story out! It’s nature against human beings as people do their best to survive. But there may just be something deadlier lurking out there in plain view in the form of each other.

Readers will meet the main character in this story, Kelly Pratihari-Reid. Along with her husband, she has decided that they are going sailing. They have concerns about sailing with their yacht straight into the waters of the Antarctic. However, they assume that the largest difficulties will be the storms and the ice on the water.

Never mind that the two are also contending with a marriage that has hit a rough spot. But when an English girl’s voice comes over the short range frequency, they have bigger problems to contend with. The girl is screaming that ‘it’ is coming and it saw them. Then the static grows and the voice is completely drowned out.

Then Kelly notices that the radar screen is showing a target. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but a ship is definitely headed their way. Kelly and her husband are now entered into a unique situation while irrevocably set on the polar seas. Caught in a game of cat and mouse, they must escape or find help in some way. The ship following them is a pirate ship, and they cannot be caught. What will happen? Pick up this book to find out!

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