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Thirteen Storeys (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Family Business (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Great British Horror 7: Major Arcana(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darkness Visible: Explorations of Horror in the Postmodern(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jonathan Sims is a games designer, performer and author who has made a name for himself writing about the grotesque, macabre and the gentle touch of the walking dead. Jonathan Sims’ most popular novel was the 2020 published “Thirteen Storeys.”

In addition to writing the novel, he is also the author and narrator of the “Magnus Archives.” He usually plays Jonathan Sims, the eponymous character from his novel, which has been a name that has stuck.

In addition to writing and hosting his podcast, he also works for “MacGuffin,” the story game design company. Sims is also a performer with “The Mechanisms,” the space pirate myth singers.

He currently makes his home in Walthamstow, where he lives with a huge stack of books he is yet to finish reading with his two cats purring on his lap from time to time.

“The Magnus Archives” by Jonathan Sims has grown to be one of the author’s most popular works. The author takes the lead hosting and narrating the popular fiction podcast that has over the years amassed more than 2.5 million downloads and is still growing at an exponential rate.

In 2019 the fiction podcast won the Best Writing and Best Audioplay at the Audioverse Awards. Later in the same year, the Magnus Archives podcast was the winner of best fiction or best audio drama podcast at the Discover Podcast awards.

The podcast may be best described as a long from ongoing anthology podcast on horror fiction. It usually explores the supernatural cases that are being investigated by archivists and investigators at the Magnus Institute.

Since the first podcast was released in 2016, it became one of the most popular in the genre and now has more than 160 episodes. The show usually follows the life and times of Jonathan Sims, the chief archivist of the Magnus Archives.

Sims has said that his job is to try to bring order to a collection of supernatural statements. He usually converts these works into audio format and supplements his efforts with that of his dedicated even if small team.

Jonathan Sims’ novel “Thirteen Stories” is a thrilling story that opens to an invitation to dinner. The convener of the black tie event will provide penthouse access to visitors through the broken freight elevator. The venue is a multi million dollar building and going by the wishes of the host, all the guests are strangers to each other.

The host is none other than the billionaire landlord who owns the building and several others like it. None of the guests know why they had been chosen to attend the exclusive event as they are a bizarre mix of the deprived and privileged.

Besides being in the building at the same time the only thing they have in common is having experienced a shocking disturbance in the residence.
At the end of the night the host is discovered murdered and none of the invitees know what happened. His death remained a mystery for years until Jonathan Sims came forward and said he would resolve the mystery.

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