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Brian Freeman was born on 28th March 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. He is one of the most famous American psychological suspense writers. He has written novels featuring Serena Dials and Jonathan Stride. He has also done a series featuring Cab Bolton. He graduated from Carleton College in 1984 with Magma Cum Laude in English. He does psychological suspense and crime fiction novels. Prior to becoming a writer, Brian Freeman was a director of public relations and marketing at the international law firm of Faegre & Benson. In 2005, he debuted with his novel Immoral, which became the winner of the Macavity Awards for best pioneer novel. The same book was a finalist in the Edgar Awards. His books have secured markets in 46 countries, making good sales. What has mostly enhanced this, is the fact that his books are available in 17 different languages. This shows that he is and always has been a great marketer. His great work made him secure the International Thriller Writers Awards and the Macavity Awards. Brian Freeman is married to a great lady known as Marcia Freeman. He attributes his success to his 8th grade composition teacher and his grandmother. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota together with his lovely wife.

Jonathan Stride series is a psychological suspense novel that features Jonathan Stride, he is a homicide lieutenant. It also features Maggie Bei, who is Jonathan’s partner. Serena Dial is also a featured character in this book, and she is Stride’s lover and a homicide detective. Stride comes from the cost of Lake Superior, which is found in Duluth Minnesota. The Jonathan Stride series has 7 books, having the first book published in the year 2005, while the last book published in the year 2015. The genesis book of the series is known Immoral’ while the second is known as Stripped’. This is an amazing series and it always leaves you wanting more of it. Therefore, you even never realized when you are done with the last book of the series. It always leaves you with suspense and for this reason, you can’t stop reading until you are done. If you are, therefore, a reader, look for this series and start going through it right away. All the books in the series are accessible easily and you can find them in 46 countries around the globe. This implies that, anyone interested in any of the books can get it anytime. Therefore, visit your libraries and bookshops. They are also available online without any hassle and so you have no excuse to experience the great and most talented works of Brian Freeman. A brief review of the first two books in this series is given below to at least help you understand them prior to buying. You will definitely see that they are worth every penny of your hard earned money.


This is the pioneer book of the Jonathan Stride series. It has 743 pages and has 37 editions. It was published by St. Martin’s Minotaur in the year 2005. This is a great, completely engrossing thriller and has managed to draw comparison to the masters of the genre such as Michael Connely and Dennis Lehane. With it, Brian Freeman weaves sex, revenge and obsession into a story that holds the reader, shocking plot twists and vivid characters from the beginning to the end. Jonathan Stride, who is a homicide Lieutenant has got an ugly case of déjà vu, that he is suffering from. A second occurrence in a year happens, where a surprisingly captivating teenage girl disappears from the face of Duluth, Minnesota. She disappears without a trace, just like a bitter gust of Lake Superior. The difference between the two disappearance victims is more or less the same. The first victim was Kelly McGrath, who was a bubbly, sweet sixteen- year old girl. The second one is now Rachel Deese, who was a strange, wild child who was sexually charged. The media on the other hand pushes the homicide lieutenant to get the serial killer. As Jonathan Stride is carried by the search from the northern wood that have icy stillness to Las Vegas with its erotic heat, he must learn to differentiate facts from mere illusions. Stride’s life changes forever, due to the hidden secrets he uncovers. Secrets that are passed over time in a web of death, illicit desire and lies. Secrets that are horrible and wintry immoral. For you to know and understand what lies and secrets stretched across time and what exactly claimed the life of the 2 disappearance victims, you need to go and buy this book. It is your time to uncover what Brian Freeman has in store for you.


This is a sequel of the genesis book in the series Jonathan Stride. It contains 356 pages and was published by Minotaur Books on 3rd October 2006. The book has 33 editions. The book is a stunning development of Brian Freeman’s compelling premiere novel, Immoral’. Jonathan Stride discovers there are just two ways to make an entrance in Las Vegas. The first one is to hit the jackpot, while the other one is to get stripped.

The two cases look isolated; a celebrity murdered during some private time with a prostitute and a hit-and –run. There is nobody who can think that they two cases can be connected to a brutal crime in the steamy past of Las Vegas. Also, the race against time to capture a determined serial killer would bring the discovery of secrets that were long thought buried with the dead. Jonathan Stride and Serena Dials are separately called to investigate, but they do not know what they are getting into. They are not aware of the world where loyalties know no bounds and where desperate ambition rules. They also do not know where their own sexual desires and unchartered emotions will reach a conclusion that is explosive. This is the edge-of-your-seat suspense book that has a shocking and twisted plot. Stripped keeps the readers turning over pages until the last plot twist and pushes the limits of its heroes. Buy the book today and be part of its surprised readers.

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