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Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure Books In Order

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Publication Order of Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure Books

Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure is a series of fantasy novels written by Gail Z. Martin. The books explore the origins of a great warrior with a powerful destiny.

+The Story

As the second son of King Bricen, Martris Drayke lived a comfortable life. Being a prince in Margolan afforded him many great privileges and Martris took full advantage of them.

But then his half-brother Jared changed everything. Accompanied by a dark mage, Jared planned and executed the assassination of the king, took the throne and forced Martris to go on the run.

With his perfect world suddenly upended, Martris was forced to discover his hidden strength and take his position in a battle that would determine the fate of the Kingdom.

That is the general premise of the Chronicles of the Necromancer series. The books began publication in 2007 and immediately threw the author into the spotlight, highlighting her ability to create decent fictional kingdoms filled with familiar creatures of magic.

The Chronicles of the Necromancer books matter because they marked Jonmarc Vahanian’s introduction to readers. When Martris and his friends go on the run from his half-brother Jared, they look to Jonmarc to guide them out of Margolan.

Chosen by Harrtruck as the most suitable operative for their mission, it doesn’t take Jonmarc long to become a critical part of Martris’ plan to stop his brother. And over the course of the Necromancer books, the character gets his own opportunity to shine as the Mortal Lord of Dark Haven – A Land of Vampires.

Jonmarc is tasked with rebuilding a realm that will not accept him because of his mortal status but which desperately requires his help in regaining its relevance in the world.

Jonmarc was such a popular character because of his antics in the Chronicles of the Necromancer series that Gail Z. Martin was met with nothing but delight when she revealed her intentions to publish a series of short stories based solely on the character.

The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure Series was marketed as the origin story of a rogue that must rebuild his life after he loses everything in a raid.

The first book –Raider’s Curse—was released in 2013. It introduced audiences both new and old to Jonmarc back when he was just the son of a blacksmith in a small fishing village.

The hero’s life changes when raiders assault his home. Attempts to beat them back fail. Everyone Jonmarc has ever known is killed and he is forced to flee to the next village to warn them about their impending doom.

The Chronicles of the Necromancer always presented Jonmarc as a bitter, sarcastic, self-destructive individual with a drinking problem. The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure series attempts to explain how he became that way.

Gail Z. Martin has said in interviews that Jonmarc is basically suffering from PTSD. The protagonist was only fifteen when he filled his first man. The victim in question was among the raiders who killed his family.

But the death still had an effect on him. It doesn’t help that the raider in question proceeded to curse Jonmarc, telling him that everything he loves he would eventually lose.

Jonmarc had already lost everything he had at this point, so the dying man’s curse held little sway over him. But then life took him out of the village. He acquired a few new skills, partook in all manner of illegal undertakings to survive. He joined a traveling caravan and made many loyal friends along the way.

It wasn’t long before he had a family of his own, with a wife and a baby in tow. Then the truth of the raider’s curse manifested, sending Jonmarc on a hellish journey from which he never recovered.

The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure books are pretty short, rarely longer than forty pages each. They are also very easy to read, the result of Gail Z. Martin’s straightforward writing style.

However, the books still throw plenty of light on the most transformative aspects of Jonmarc’s life. Characters from Gail’s Necromancer novels also make an appearance, though Jonmarc never loses his place as the primary protagonist.

By the time Martris Drayke meets Jonmarc in the Chronicles of the Necromancer books, he has plenty of friends and acquaintances amongst the prince’s followers. Gail uses these short stories to show how Jonmarc met all those characters and the adventures that built the bonds between them, so much so that they saw fit to recommend the mortal Lord to Martris when he was at his most vulnerable.

The books are not necessarily a deluge of tragedy and failure. Anyone that has followed Jonmarc’s exploits in the Necromancer books knows that he has been mentally and emotionally scarred. They have observed his habit of keeping everyone at arm’s length, clearly afraid of letting them get too close, lest he grows attached to them only to suffer when they are inevitably taken from him.

But while the Vahanian Adventure books don’t hold back on the tragic aspects of their protagonist’s story, they are also filled with epic journeys that pit Jonmarc against magical monsters and vicious men.

This is especially true for the tales that dip into his days as a mercenary.

+The Author
Gail Z. Martin is an American author that writes fantasy. Born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Gail got herself a degree in History and an M.B.A in Marketing and then she spent several years in the corporate field before she took to fiction writing.

The author is responsible for works like the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga and the Fallen Kings Cycle, not to mention a litany of standalone books.

+Raider’s curse
Jonmarc Vahanian is a fighter and a smuggler. He is also a Brigand Lord. But before Jonmarc got his legendary reputation, he was just a fifteen-year-old boy. Living in a simple village with his father, a blacksmith, Jonmarc’s world is shaken when sea raiders see fit to attack his home.

It will take all the strength Jonmarc can muster, all the cunning in his arsenal to keep his family safe.

+Caves of the Dead
Jonmarc is doing what he can to survive, selling whatever items he can find from ancient graves.

Jonmarc doesn’t give it much thought when a stranger offers to buy one particular relic. He doesn’t know that his nightmare has just begun.

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