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Publication Order of Jordan Poteet Books

Do Unto Others (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Only Good Yankee (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promises of Home (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Distant Blood (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Jordan Poteet” series written by author Jeff Abbott (who is author of book series like the “Sam Capra” series and the “Whit Mosley” series) is from the genre of mystery and thriller. The series began with the release of “Do Unto Others”, which was released in the year 1994. This novel, which was also Abbott’s debut novel, won two awards (the 1994 Agatha Award and the 1995 Macavity Award) each for best first novel. This book was also shortlisted for a Dilys Award in the year 1995.

Jordan Poteet, who is the star of the series, is a librarian in a Mirabeau, Texas (which is a small town). He left his life in the big city of Boston, Massachusetts and a high paying job to work this job. He does so, to help care for his mom who has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He does not like this new life, and complains about it. The series centers around Poteet’s eccentric family.

“Do Unto Others” is the first novel in the “Jordan Poteet” series and was released in the year 1994. Jordan Poteet had a few good years living in the city, then returns to Mirabeau (which is his hometown). His quiet domesticity is ruined when he runs into Beta Harcher, who is the religious fanatic that everyone in the town loves. The two of them lock horns over censorship.

Jordan finds her, murdered in the library, he learns that the woman is much more dangerous deceased than alive. Not just for Jordan, who the police are trying desperately to throw the book at, but for many others, too. Because of a cryptic list the police find near her fanatical heart, Beta now has the entire town in a death grip.

Fans of the novel like the sense of humor and community found in this story. Some like Jordan and the way he is able to play detective, actively and methodically working things out to solve the mystery. This counters a lot of other cozy mystery heroes, usually they have their friends help and bumbles their way to solving the crime. Some are now fans of the author, especially this series.

“The Only Good Yankee” is the second novel in the “Jordan Poteet” series and was released in the year 1995. They say that Mirabeau, Texas is simply a great little town. Even when doghouses, mailboxes, and tool sheds suspiciously start blowing up. So far, only Jordan, has been a victim, after being hit by a piece of his girlfriend’s mailbox. He gets a much larger jolt when Lorna (his ex-girlfriend) comes from Boston. She has come to Mirabeau to buy up everyone’s riverfront property, and try, if possible, to get Jordan, too.

Die-hard environmentalists and pro-development are all fuming about this, and the tempers are simply murderous. The unfortunate victim of the whole thing is the handsome colleague that Lorna had, who was garroted with a piece of barbed wire at Mirabeau’s bed and breakfast.

Dynamite, murder, as well as lust. What is next? Mirabeau has braced for the worst and it comes. Right when Candace (Jordan’s true love), Jordan himself, and Junebug Moncrief (the police chief) go after a killer.

Some readers enjoyed this book more than the the first one in the series. Fans of the novel enjoyed the witty southern chatter found in the book. The book is hard to put down, as the author made them just have to know what happens in the end. Your attention is held throughout, and you even feel yourself caring about these characters, like they were friends or family or something.

“Promises of Home” is the third novel in the “Jordan Poteet” series and was released in the year 1996. Murder brings back the past, that someone has not forgotten in a small town in Texas.

Two decades ago, during a hurricane, Jordan and his friends made a dare to each other. To ride out the heavy storm while they are in the tree house that serves as their group headquarters. They raced for safety, during the eye of the storm, and they tripped over a beautiful girl’s dead body.

The six schoolmates who were together when they saw the dead body are being killed off. One by one. Why? Who is doing this? Unless Jordan and Junebug Moncrief (who also made it through the storm) can make sense of what is going on, it will be their turn to be killed.

Fans of the novel like the way the characters are well drawn and do not stoop to the Texan stereotype. This is a great author writing these, and a wonderful series. With this novel, the story gets even more complex, and this one is a personal story for Jordan. You will feel like you know Jordan and his friends and family as things twist and turn to the finish. Abbott mixes together humor and murder that has hooked readers and makes them read every book as fast as they can.

“Distant Blood” is the fourth novel in the “Jordan Poteet” series and was released in the year 1996. Jordan is part of a wealthy Texan dynasty, all of a sudden, after he finds out about a new link with his biological father. He gets some nasty letters that tells him to steer clear from the family reunion that is taking place on a Gulf Coast island.

He quickly wishes that he had done so, because this new family (four living generations of them) hide secrets dark and deep enough that could taint a whole entire bloodline. Someone dies, unexpectedly, which makes it clear the anonymous hate mail that was sent Jordan’s way was not at all a joke.

Ghosts from the violent past are up and walking around. A murderer is moving around. A tragedy is playing out and it will spare absolutely nobody, not even Jordan.

Fans felt this was a lot darker and much more serious than the other books. This is a great series that features characters who stay in character and develop in each book. This had plenty of twists and turns and suspense to it, just like a good mystery novel should. Some wish that this series lasted a lot longer than just four books, that does not feel like it is enough.

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