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Jordan Rivet is renowned writer from the United States, who is famous for writing Dystopian, fantasy, and young adult books. She is known to have written three successful book series, which consist of three to five novels each. Author Rivet is particularly famous for writing the Steel and Fire novel series. This swashbuckling series has sold numerous printed copies all over the world and has succeeded in reaching out to a vast number of readers in each of the places of the publishing of its books. In addition to this fantasy series, author Rivet is also famous for the post apocalyptic adventure series called The Seabound Chronicles. She has done the setting of this novel series on a passenger ship.

Empire of Talents is the latest book series penned by her, which is a fantasy adventure series of young adult books. This series describes the story of a young girl having the ability of changing her appearance whenever she wishes. Rivet has shown the girl as using her special skills in spying for a beautiful princess and helping her overcoming her difficulties and obstacles as well as getting rid of her enemies. Author Rivet has said that she has received a great deal of inspiration for writing her novels from the popular works of some of the most prominent writers like Leigh Bardugo, Robert Jordan, Hugh Howey, Rachel E. Carter, Brandon Sanderson, Sarah Maas, Lindsay Buroker, Tahereh Mafi, and Sabaa Tahir. She believes that the works of these authors have greatly influenced her as a writer and have helped in improving her writing skills. Author Rivet is a native of Arizona. She is happily married and currently resides in Hong Kong along with her beloved husband.

Rivet feels very enthusiastic about getting lots of support from her family and friends for her writing career. She believes that it is the dedicated love and support of her close ones that keeps her going and produce interesting novels at regular intervals of time. Rivet is also grateful to her dedicated fans, who have liked all her novels and appreciated her stories. She hopes that they will like her future works as well and will support her like they have always supported her with her previous books. She knows that it is only with their continued support and love that she can continue to ride on the path of success and turn herself into a prominent author one day. Even though she has already established herself as a noteworthy writer, Rivet keeps trying to improve her writing and create exciting characters and stories so that many readers like her work and become her fans. She wishes to expand her fan following to a large extent and get herself listed among the top authors. Author Rivet is quite satisfied with the amount of success she has achieved in her literary career so far and hopes to continue being successful in the future as well. Many noteworthy critics and prominent novelists have praised Rivet’s novels and have appreciated her style of writing. They have also given rave reviews to her novels on various online platforms and literary journals. This has motivated her a lot and has increased her confidence in herself to a large extent.

The Steel & Fire series written by author Jordan Rivet is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2016 and 2018. Each of the books of this series consist of the chief characters in the form of Dara Ruminor and Prince Siv. Author Rivet has done the setting of all the stories in a fictional kingdom called Vertigon. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Duel of Fire’. It was self-published by the author in the year 2016. At the start of the book’s story, Dara Ruminor is introduced as an 18 year old serious duelist living in Vertigon’s mountaintop kingdom. This kingdom is known to be a land full of misty peaks and dramatic cliffs and being full of mysterious magic of Fire running in the stones similar to blood. For the past one century, Vertigon used to be very peaceful. Swords very used only for sport and athletes were loved by the crowds, making them live just like the kings.

Dara Ruminor wishes to look for a rich patron so that she can duel at professional level and get rid of working in the Fire Lantern shop of her parents. Dara’s dedicated efforts get disrupted when she is asked by her coach to train alongside Prince Siv. She sees the handsome prince as an infuriating person because he does not seem as serious about the sport as her. After a little while into the story, it is revealed that the life of Prince Siv falls in a great danger. When Dara Ruminor comes to know about it, she rushes to save his life with all her capability. As time goes by, she discovers many more dangers in the supposedly peaceful kingdom and realizes that it is not actually a peaceful place to live. Many more threats emerge from dark shadows, forcing Dara Ruminor to raise the sword not for sport, but to defeat the dangers mounting of Prince Siv’s life. While all this happening, Siv continues to irritate her, making it even more difficult for her to be in his company. This novel is full of sword fighting, Fire magic, cur-dragons, and several other interesting elements that make the readers very much intrigued and read it till the very end in a single sitting. It became widely successful and is still read by many readers with great interest.

Another exciting book of the fantasy series is called ‘King of Mist’. Author Rivet self-published it in 2016. Once again, she has depicted Prince Siv and Dara Ruminor as the main characters. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Dara Ruminor is hired as the Castle Guard for Vertigon’s King and she takes this job very seriously. She tries very hard to prevent her feelings for the prince come in way of her duty, but finds it very difficult to keep the distance from him. Dara tends to keep secrets from the king, and the most important one is about a newly found ability that feels too fiery. Later, Siv ascends to the throne and gets involved in council meetings, making plans, ambitious noblemen’s maneuverings, and strategic marriages. Some unknown enemies try to end Siv’s reign by developing complicated plots. When the situation appears to go out of control, Siva & Dara decide to take help from unlikely sources. Dara worries about her secrets as she can land in a great trouble if they get out. She tries everything in her capacity to make Siv keep trusting her, which is the only way she can save the lives of both of them and bring peace in the kingdom.

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