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Publication Order of Olympus Bound Books

The Immortals (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter of the Gods (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Olympus Bound (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Wolf in the Whale (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jordanna Max Brodsky is bestselling American author of thriller, fantasy and contemporary novels. Her obsession with mythology sparked at the age of six when her parents awarded her a book titled D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. The book myths combined everything brilliant about magic, fairy tales, romance and adventure with something much deeper than she expected: the solutions to the universe’s mysteries. After all, to a kid aged six, the mythology of Persephone seems a better explanation for the earth’s seasons than the theory of orbit of the earth around the sun.

Over the years, Brodsky interest in myths manifested itself in both scholarly means- through studying of Greek heroes while at the Campus and in fanciful ways- creating a miniature set of Greek heroes as an 8th grade English project.

Besides, Brodsky’s passion for the fantastical world, she possesses an unending interest in the actual history. Spending her childhood in Northern Virginia, Brodsky was surrounded by historical museums, homes, and battlefields. Every summer, Brodsky would visit the Colonial Williamsburg or some other historical buildings.

Brodsky attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and later joined Harvard University where she majored in History and Literature.

When not writing, you’ll find Brodsky either hiking traveling around the globe, tromping through Central Park, exploring the mountains of Acadia National Park in Maine, watching movies, reading novels, playing Settlers of Catan or singly along to Broadway musicals.

Brodsky became a published novelist in 2016 when The Immortals, the first book in Olympus Bound series was published.

The Immortals

The Immortals is the first novel in Olympus Bound series. It is a novel that answers the age-old question of what exactly would happen if the gods we’ve lived to worship are no longer worshipped. In this remarkable debut fantasy novel by Brodsky, the Greek gods walk the earth. Even though these gods have been with us since the beginning of the world, the arrival of technology, science and new forms of faiths have degraded their powers throughout the ages to such a point that they take the human form.

Goddess Artemis assumes the Selene DiSilva as her name and adopts Manhattan as her home. While walking her dog one morning, the “former” goddess stumbles upon the body of a young woman washed up the shores of a river. The woman’s body is horribly maimed and wreathed in Laurel.

Additionally, this victim has all the signs of a ritualistic murder and recognizing the how the crime is of significance, Selene vows to seek justice for the young woman. Her investigations lead her to ally with Dr. Theo Schultz, a professor of mythology & classical studies.

The Immortal is a brilliant read- Brodsky has managed to something brand new, unique and exciting out of a hodgepodge of familiar ideas and themes. Apparently, the body that Selene stumbles upon is that of Professor Theo ex-girlfriend Helen. Selene hands him a card and lets him know that she will do anything to find Helen’s killer and that she was killed in a ritual sacrifice. At first, the professor thinks that the goddess is a tad crazy until when he starts to investigate into things. When the cops blow him off, and when another happens close to home, Theo knows that he can’t let this go either.

Theo and Selene join forces while the cult begins to perform the ritual of Elysium and it’s restoration of powers to some of the former gods. Soon Selene starts to regain some of her goddess powers and also discovers that her mother is dying and at the same time she is torn between protecting the innocent people and allowing the ritual to the gods back their powers. But with each second, the people leading the cults are closer to completing their ritual- and if Selene and Theo don’t act fast, more souls will be lost.

The Immortals is brilliant Private Investigative fantasy, with a combination of good old-fashioned feel-good romance. The relationship the novel hero and the heroine is quite satisfying. The other relationship that you’ll enjoy in the novels is between Selene and her sick mother- Leto- who is dying even though she is supposed to live forever. The author also adds a couple of handy items in the novel to aid her readers to understand better the concept of her story. First, there is a flowchart of the gods and their relationship to each other. At the end of the story, there is a glossary that provides more info about the ancient Greek.

Winter of the Gods

Winter of the Gods is the second book in Olympus Bound series by Jordanna Max Brodsky. The second book opens up several months after the first book- with the weather getting much colder and Christmas holiday fast approaching.

The Columbian professor Theo is enjoying a more quiet life since his recent run-in with a lethal religious cult. As a consultant to the New York Police Department, he almost died the previous summer, and now he is recovering nicely. Accompanying his is Selene, the beautiful and charming goddess he met during his previous investigation.

Selene is the present day Artemis, the daughter of Zeus- the protector of the innocent and the goddess of archery, hunt, virginity, moon and the animals. While it may sound so good to be immortal, Selene and her now extended family have found themselves in a strange situation. Their powers have faded, and they’re now coping living with the humans.

Selene is still desperate, but she uses her powers to protect and avenge for the innocent souls. Theo and Selene have survived the dangerous encounters in The Immortals, and now they can relax and work out their relationship. While Selene is the goddess of virginity, she must consider a modern lifestyle and her man may be the one to make her change.

However, the modern lifestyle and romance are put on hold when the cops call Theo to help with a murder investigation. A man’s body has been found on Wall Street’s Charging Bull Statue and the evidence available point to a ritualistic cult. When Selene and Theo discover the cult’s malicious intentions, they rush to decipher the evidence before the next murder happens.

Winter of the Gods is a brilliant follow-up in the Olympus Bound series. In this narrative, Brodsky’s characters take sides in the war between good and evil with a few of them caught in the middle. For the avid readers of fantasy adventure stories, Brodsky’s books are a brilliant match.

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