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Jorn Lier Horst is one of the well authors from Norway, who likes to write Scandinavian crime fiction books, as well as mystery, children’s books, and thriller novels. He is particularly famous for writing the William Wisting series and the Clue series. Before the start of his writing career, author Jorn used to work as a Senior Police Officer in the Norwegian police department. After becoming an author, he uses the experience that he gained from his previous job to write the crime novels. In his books, author Jorn paints a perfect picture of the Nordic society and does not forget to include both the social and political aspects. He became an established author in the native Norwegian language in the year 2004 with the publication of his debut novel titled Nokkelvitnet. It was later published in English as Key Witness. The first book that he published in English is Dregs, which was published in the year 2011 after it was originally released in Norwegian a year earlier.

Author Jorn was born on February 27, 1970 in Bamble, Telemark. After completing his graduation, he went on to serve as an Investigating Officer at the district of Vestfold Police. After a few years, he got promoted the rank of a Senior Officer after which he left the police department to become an author. In the year 20014, author Jorn wrote a crime story based on a real murder case that he had encountered during his tenure as a police officer. The novel was published later in the year under the title of Key Witness. The main detective character introduced by him in the books is Willia Wisting. Author Jorn was born as the youngest among the two sons of his parents named Hildur Lier Olsen and Oddvar Olsen. He met and married Beate Horst in the year 1995. After the marriage, Jorn decided to adopt the surname of his wife and subsequently changed his name. As of now, the couple lives happily in Stavern, Norway, along with their 2 children. In his literary career, author Jorn has won several prestigious awards, including the Glass Key Award in the category of the bestselling Nordic Crime Novel as well as the popular Martin Beck Award. The other prestigious awards won by him include the Riverton Prize in the year 2013 and the Booksellers’ Prize of Norway in the year 2011.

Almost all the crime novels written by Jorn have extremely popular and successful throughout Europe. They are characterized by the commentary subtexts of the political and social elements of the Norwegian society. For the publication of his crime books, he is represented by the Salomonsson Agency. In the young adult mystery book series called Clue, author Jorn has described an investigating group of four people known as Clue, which is formed by the initial letters of all the 4 central characters named Cecilia, Leo; Unce, and Egon. The children’s crime fiction series written by him is titled as Detective Agency No 2. In this crime series, the main characters described are Tiril and Oliver, who live in a cozy small town called Elvestad. Whenever any crack is seen in the town’s idyllic surface, they take the stand to help solve the mystery. The two are aided by the hound called Atto. All the three indulge themselves in searching for unorthodox solutions and surprising revelations. Jorn has also described in the children’s book series the procedures of police investigation. To make the children understand the procedures and the plots of the books, author Jorn actively participates in giving talks in the schools. His intention behind do so is to create awareness as well as improve the community involvement. The William Wisting novel series follows the missions of a police officer named William Wisting. In this series, author Jorn has described William as a good and upright policeman. He is also shown as a sincere and kind hearted person. As an investigator, he is concerned and caring. William engages for the betterment of the society without thinking much about for individuals or his own safety. Being an experienced policeman, William seems to be pretty much aware of the human nature’s dark side. The society in which he lives posts a lot of challenges at him. But, with the dedicated support of the Norwegian police force, he gives his best in combating the crime present in the city. William shows conscience, humanity, and integrity. He believes that he can play an important part in developing a better world. To this belief, he holds a high regard in the eyes of the people around him.

The William Wisting series written by Jorn Lier Horst consists of 10 books in total, which were released between the years 2004 and 2015. All the novels in this series feature the lead character as William Wisting, who is depicted as the chief police inspector and the head of the CID in Larvik, Norway. One of the famous books of this series is titled as ‘Dregs’. It was published by the Sandstone publication in the year 2010. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that the police gets a report about the time and place of the finding of a training shoe that washed up to the shore and still had the victim’s severed foot in it. At this point, William Wisting is introduced into the plot and with him, his health worried. Shortly after, one more shoe gets washed up and just like the previous one, this one too has the severed left foot only from the body of the victim. William begins to wonder whether some terrible accident has taken place at the sea or there is a killer who has his unique way of killing the victims. He tries to establish a link between the killings and the numerous disappearances from the city in the past 3 months. In the end, William eventually gets to the mystery’s bottom with the help of his journalist daughter named Line, and some trustworthy colleagues.

The next book in the series was published under the title ‘Close for Winter’. This book was also released by Sandstone Press in the year 2011. At the start, Over Bakkerud in introduced as a newly separated and disillusioned man who looks forward to spending a quiet weekend. He goes to his summer home and prepares himself for the arrival of winter. After the tourists leave, several unwanted visitors arrive in the city. Later, Bakkerud finds that his cottage has been ransacked by some burglars. And in the next door, he discovers the dead body of a man brutally beaten and killed. William begins the investigation in this new again with his daughter’s help. Before this, he had never seen such a grotesque killing. Despite his wishes, his daughter does not agree to work on this case. Therefore, he goes on to solve it on his own.

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