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Publication Order of Tomás Noronha Books

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About José Rodrigues dos Santos

The Portuguese writer José António Afonso Rodrigues dos Santos is well known as not only a novelist, but a journalist and live-broadcaster too. Highly regarded internationally, he’s worked for the BBC in various different capacities in the past, reporting on over a dozen wars. Teaching journalism himself now as well, he’s reports as well as tutors others alongside his writing novels. This has proven to be hugely successful for him, as he’s reached readers from around the world, resonating with an increasingly large audience.

Translated for readers internationally, he’s become a bestselling writer, as he’s transformed himself into a household name for many around the world. Teaching at university, he’s often found speaking on his craft too, imparting what he has learned over the years to others looking to follow in his footsteps. He’s also produced a number of different essays too, as he’s made a name for himself both in and beyond the country of Portugal. Working for Portuguese public television too, he presents the evening news for RTP, making him an instantly recognizable face for many.

Reporting on wars and numerous different conflicts, he brings his experiences over into his writing, as his past inspires his stories. This has seen him become hugely influential, as he writes with a high-degree of accuracy, creating authentic and grounded stories. His characters are also extremely well drawn, as they come to life off of the page for the reader, speaking in a manner that is direct and to-the-point. With a lot more to come yet, he isn’t a writer that’s stopping any time soon either, with his writing career growing from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 1st of April in 1964, José António Afonso Rodrigues dos Santos was born and raised in Beira, in Overseas Province of Mozambique. This was a Portuguese territory at the time of his birth, and he was then raised in Tete, the capital city of the Tete Province situated there in Mozambique. Living through the independence of Mozambique in 1975 and the Civil War in 1977, he would later flee with his family to Lisbon, and then live with his mother following his parent’s divorce.

Later he would go to live with his father in Penafiel, followed by Macau, which was also a Portuguese territory at the time. Moving back to Lisbon by himself to study at the New University of Lisbon in 1983, he would later marry Florbela Cardoso, his wife. Currently reporting and presenting to this day, he continues to write, living with his family consisting of his wife and two children.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel in 2002, Rodrigues would make his debut as a fiction writer with the title ‘A Ilha das Trevas.’ Later in 2005 he would release the novel ‘Codex 632,’ which would be his first English speaking novel for an international audience. The following year in 2006 he would publish ‘The Einstein Enigma,’ which would also be his fourth novel, as well as his second English translated novel.

Series wise, his ‘Tomás Noronha’ novels would follow an international collection of mysteries taking place all over the world following the eponymous professor. Essays would come out prior to his work as a novelist, which would be featured in a series of different publications. Winning awards for his work he continues to build his name as an author and as a broadcast journalist within Portugal.

Codex 632

Originally published in 2005 through the ‘William Morrow’ publishing outlet, this would also be the first in the ‘Tomás Noronha’ series of novels. With the following novels in Portuguese, this was the first to be translated into English and published for an international audience. It would also set up the series featuring the eponymous lead character, paving the way for a series of mystery thrillers to follow.

This is a fun mystery thriller novel which travels all over the world, creating suspense and tension every step of the way. The character of Thomas Noronha is well drawn, and it’s no surprise that he’s gone on to feature in a subsequent series of novels. With a strong mystery at the center of it all too, it’s well paced and intelligently told, keeping the reader guessing with every page turn.

After a elder scholar is mysteriously discovered dead in the room of cryptographer and history professor Thomas Noronha, he’s called upon to finish the investigation. This is when he finds the words ‘Moloc Ninundia Omastoos’ within the many enigmas and cryptograms surround the late professors murder. Travelling from Lisbon to Rio, and then on to New York followed by Jerusalem, Thomas begins to unravel the America’s past and the true identity of Christopher Columbus. Where will his journey take him? Can he solve the investigation surrounding the professor? What is the secret behind codex 632?

The Einstein Enigma

Once again published through the ‘William Morrow’ imprint, this would be the second book in the ‘Tomás Noronha’ series. Providing another adventure and mystery for the professor to solve, he would this time be accompanied by Ariana Pakravan. Drawing heavily from writers such as Dan Brown and Umberto Eco, this story is both inspired and creative in equal measure. Initially released on the 7th of September in 2010 to an English speaking audience, this would also be the second English translated book from Santos as an author. There would be an in-depth mystery keeping the reader engaged throughout, developing both the world and the characters.

Invited to lunch by Ariana Pakravan, eminent cryptanalyst Thomas Noronha is hired to decipher a secret cryptogram that was recently discovered in Tehran under heavy security. First penned by none other than Albert Einstein, the hidden cryptogram is found buried within his manuscript ‘The God Formula.’ Taking them both on a journey from Cairo to Lhasa, and then Princeton to Tehran, as they search for the secrets of the universe and everything within. Will they find the answers they’re looking for? Where will their journey take them next? Can they solve the Einstein Enigma?

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